1. says


    I mean, come on. Anti-gay prejudice is still so alive here in North America that we have millions of grown adults who are terrified of Coming Out and having people know that they’re gay. So yeah, straight people are TOTALLY gonna be jumping at the opportunity to get a taste of the prejudice and hate that keeps untold millions from ever enjoying their lives. Yeah. Totally gonna happen.

  2. woodroad34 says

    I love when people say something like “I know I’m going to get in trouble for this”, but they go ahead and get in trouble for “this” anyways. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, people like Sue Everhart project their desires on others and they are so troubled by the amount of boundaries they have to apply to themselves, that they just Freudingly let little toads out like “I know I’m going to get in trouble for this”.

  3. SFRowGuy says

    And a heterosexual “couple” would never ever ever do something like that…

  4. Latino says

    Let me understand this. So two straight dudes could pretend to get married for free benefits. Using this logic a gay foreigner guy could marry a woman just to get a green card, for example. And this happens all the time. I’ve been witness of many gays who have done that just for a green card. At the end of the day they do this because current gay Americans don’t have the right to sponsor their partners with a green card.

    So this isn’t about straights getting a free ride on the system, this is about gays not having recognized the civil rights that they deserve and need.

  5. MPH says

    People do marry to get US citizenship. I don’t think two men would go the fudgesicle route just for marriage benefits. And leave Jeremy Irons alone. You’re no one Mike.

  6. Travis says

    Leave Jeremy Irons alone. Leave him aloooone. Why do you people keep messing with Jeremy. Whhhhhihiyyyy!!!!…..oh yeah, cause he’s an intellectually shallow bigot.

  7. Rees Cramer says

    This woman is just one more nut, it is sad. Colbert is at his best with satire and frank honesty. Ask a real straight man if he could for some financial benefit preform a sexual act that he finds awful.
    Over and over again for the rest of his life. Men don’t work like that. Trust me I have some experience.
    It is just sex and because I like it does not mean he should.