1. Akrontru says

    I used to wonder why mainstream news orgs. gave air time to morons. Now I’m grateful. They’re more valuable in promoting civil rights than the most erudite college professor. Let them babble on while folks smirk, and shake their heads in bewilderment.

  2. Geoff says

    Someday he might save enough from that collection plate to buy a brain cell. They’re not cheap. One (alone) costs eleventy trillion times four billion squared. He’d better start saving!

  3. Mike Ryan says

    Anderson is so good at this. This guy is doing all he can to squirm out of his original statements. We need to rid this country of all bigoted religions.

  4. melvin says

    Does any one find it curious that all these people who make their living by speaking in public have to constantly explain that what they said wasn’t what they meant and what they meant wasn’t what they said.?

  5. Jake says

    Anderson is a true master of making bigots look like the digusting fools they are with the right combination of questions and just letting them ramble on and dig their own verbal grave. And he always does it with graciousness and class in the face of ignorance and even hate. Love him!

  6. albertam says

    hmm this man must have bike faster in the tour de France only backwards, wow how ignorant can this man be. he standing in his own muddy quicksand and cant move on his beliefs if he does he just sink in deeper like all bigots will in the future.

  7. princely54 says

    I watched this live last night as this buffoon tried his best to backpedal as clumsily as possible.

    One thing he did do was hitch his wagon to the ‘Slippery Slope’ ‘argument’ that if gays get to marry they’ll come to churches DEMANDING to be married in a church and the govt will make them. Uh, hardly, tubbo. Nobody is asking for that. Plus, I would bet the Episcopal church would do it anyway (at least some of them) so other churches will just lose membership anyway — and that’s their biggest fear of all, losing asses in seats!

  8. DavyJones says

    Anderson’s face pretty much sums up my opinion on this, and most of these idiots to be honest.

    To those saying new orgs should stop giving them air time however; I think you should reconsider, every time these bigots get on TV (especially non-FOX shows) and spew their intolerance, it actually helps our side. For much of straight America it’s hard to recognize the amount of intolerance that LGBT people face in this country. It’s better to put these guys front and center and allow them to display their ridiculous ‘argument’ to the world, rather then pretend they don’t exist and allow those who don’t come in contact with them to think they really don’t anymore.

  9. Jake says

    @DavyJones: Well said, I agree 100%! And AC is particularly effective in making the average straight viewer aware of these intolerant bigots because he doesn’t get aggressive or polemic. He comes off as the greater man and exposes the hatred, ignorance and craziness of the other side.

  10. Rich says

    Att: Pastor Luter

    The states of the USA have been granting divorces for centuries. To the best of my knowledge, the Catholic Church has yet to be forced to marry divorcés. Your being forced to perform same-sex marriages is less likely than my asking you to perform mine.

  11. Marc says

    What an idiot. I don’t know why anyone would take this joke of a man seriously after seeing him completely flip-flop and lie through his teeth.

  12. dcinsider says

    @Gus, thanks for admitting our role in earthquakes and hurricanes. Its about time some gay admitted what we all secretly know, we have control over the weather. Along with the gay gene comes the weather gene. Occasionally, I’ll rain out a baseball game just for laughs.

  13. db says

    Churches aren’t forced to marry heterosexual people who aren’t members of that church. Churches aren’t forced to marry heterosexual people who don’t conform to their views. These people may genuinely be afraid that they will be forced to abandon their bigoted ways–but they will retain the right to be bigots.

  14. DW says

    If you listen to the original radio interview, it sounded like the right-wing host led this blowhard along and he just parroted it. Clearly he hasn’t had an original thought in his life, bigoted or otherwise.

  15. Canada says

    Something has been completely missed!
    Any solid biblical scholar will tell you that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was the sin of in-hospitality – not welcoming the stranger.
    It has nothing to do with sexuality.

    The word “know” (in verse 5 of Genesis 18)is the same word used over 900 times elsewhere in the Hebrew Scriptures. That same word is only used 1% of the time to denote anything sexual – and even then doesn’t apply to homosexual ‘knowing’.

    But people prefer to remain ignorant!

  16. Hector Garcia says

    If Fred is preaching the truth, how come he sound so different from one preaching to another? Also, Now I know that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they were changing the definition of marriage. Guess Jesus had it wrong when he talked about Sodom.

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