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Anderson Cooper Confronts Baptist Leader Over Remarks Linking North Korean Threats to Gay Rights: VIDEO


On Moday I posted about Fred Luter, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, who said there is probably a connection between Kim Jong-un's sabre-rattling against the United States and the Supreme Court's consideration of marriage equality and the debate over gays in the Boy Scouts.

Said Luter:

“I’m not that strong in prophecy but I would not be surprised that there’s not a connection there simply because of the fact we’ve seen it happen in scripture before. I would not be surprised that at the time when we are debating same-sex marriage, at a time when we are debating whether or not we should have gays leading the Boy Scout movement, I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that we have a mad man in Asia who is saying some of the things that he’s saying.”

Anderson Cooper wanted to ask him if he stood by those remarks. Luter, of course, won't take responsibility for them.


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  1. this man LEADS ...anything ? Why do we give this trash ANY airtime ?

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 5, 2013 11:08:50 AM

  2. @Gus, thanks for admitting our role in earthquakes and hurricanes. Its about time some gay admitted what we all secretly know, we have control over the weather. Along with the gay gene comes the weather gene. Occasionally, I'll rain out a baseball game just for laughs.

    Posted by: dcinsider | Apr 5, 2013 11:50:22 AM

  3. Churches aren't forced to marry heterosexual people who aren't members of that church. Churches aren't forced to marry heterosexual people who don't conform to their views. These people may genuinely be afraid that they will be forced to abandon their bigoted ways--but they will retain the right to be bigots.

    Posted by: db | Apr 5, 2013 12:13:54 PM

  4. If you listen to the original radio interview, it sounded like the right-wing host led this blowhard along and he just parroted it. Clearly he hasn't had an original thought in his life, bigoted or otherwise.

    Posted by: DW | Apr 5, 2013 3:57:13 PM

  5. Something has been completely missed!
    Any solid biblical scholar will tell you that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was the sin of in-hospitality - not welcoming the stranger.
    It has nothing to do with sexuality.

    The word "know" (in verse 5 of Genesis 18)is the same word used over 900 times elsewhere in the Hebrew Scriptures. That same word is only used 1% of the time to denote anything sexual - and even then doesn't apply to homosexual 'knowing'.

    But people prefer to remain ignorant!

    Posted by: Canada | Apr 5, 2013 5:23:54 PM

  6. Coward. Good job done by Anderson.

    Posted by: Francis #1 | Apr 5, 2013 7:01:38 PM

  7. hypocricy still speaks!.......

    Posted by: charles | Apr 7, 2013 9:36:13 AM

  8. If Fred is preaching the truth, how come he sound so different from one preaching to another? Also, Now I know that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they were changing the definition of marriage. Guess Jesus had it wrong when he talked about Sodom.

    Posted by: Hector Garcia | Apr 8, 2013 3:58:49 AM

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