1. Ben Nevis says

    This sort of reminds me of a story by George Saunders in his collection Pastoralia. Seem to remember it involved donuts and the floating elite. Very nice story also about a male stripper and his ghost aunt.

  2. Dback says

    Well, at least it’s not “Oblivion” or “AfterEarth” or “Pacific Rim,” none of which interest me and all of which look like variations on the same movie. At least this has got a little class discussion, just as “District 9″ was at heart a dissection of a new kind of apartheid.

  3. Josh says

    “Not so much” is a phrase that can induce vomiting. I love Matt in “Candelabra”. Jodie’s new hair is great. Dollar house movie theaters suggest Portland is not for me.

  4. Alfred says

    Jodie’s new movie? I’m afraid to watch it just because I don’t want her to get another life achievement award that warrants a non-coming-out coming-out speech and she’ll blame it on me, again.

  5. stranded says

    For me sci fi is at its most powerful when it speaks to contemporary social and cultural issues. The ideas in this aren’t new, but coming from the director of District 9, it looks really interesting.

  6. The Sarcastic Medved says

    So, they turned Matt Damon into a Borg and Jodie Foster into a elfin muppet.
    The movie should be hilarious just with those two facts.

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