Do-It-Yourself Rainbow Crosswalks Popping Up All Over Sydney in Response to Shameful Crossing Removal


Yesterday I reported on the shameful action by NSW Roads and Maritime Services in Sydney, which stealthily removed a much beloved rainbow crosswalk in the middle of the night.

Now, rainbow crosswalks have begun springing up all over Sydney in response to the removal in a kind of chalk and paint revellion.

The do-it-yourself demonstration even has its own Facebook page.



  1. Homo Genius says

    I am still with the Gay from Sydney who posted yesterday that 1) many of them just dont care and 2) it was all the dumb tourists laying down in the busy street taking pictures that caused its removal.

  2. Mike says

    Am glad to hear this story. The original Rainbow Crosswalk in Sydney should be rebuilt. This time on a permanent basis! (It was originally conceived for Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.) It has already been highlighted in the news around the globe. In a half hour news show that can only cover six or so top news stories deeply B. B. C. news anchor George Alagiah said on the London GMT news shortly after the insidious destruction of the original, that the Rainbow Crosswalk in Sydney, Australia was hoped by many to be on its way to become famous like the zebra crosswalk originally used by the Beatles as a cover for the “Abbey Road” album several years ago. It was already known internationally by many. It would be a shame if some homophobic twit got away with stealing this with a crew used illegally and immorally in the middle of the night. Symbolically this is important to both Australia and the gay movement. It should be rebuilt for many reasons! Pride, tourism and uniting people are just a few. It was important to almost everyone gay or straight. As one local group wrote “let this not be the end of the Rainbow”.

  3. dj says

    “Yesterday I reported on the shameful action by NSW Roads and Maritime Services in Sydney, which stealthily removed a much beloved rainbow crosswalk in the middle of the night.”

    In Sydney they do all major road work in the middle of the night.This way it doesn’t affect traffic. This crosswalk crosses a fairly major road. They weren’t trying to be insidious. They were trying not to affect traffic. Stop trying to make controversy where there isnt any. Thats the news media’s job. There are so many more stories that we should be focusing on.

  4. Zlick says

    I think this is rad. If you can’t beat ’em, out-do ’em.

    And of course the original was removed in the middle of the night for logistical reasons, but also in the proverbial middle of the night for – from what I understand – short-circuiting the ongoing civic debate on the subject.

  5. Stufromoz says

    The real reason this was removed was an on going battle between a pro gay lord mayor and and a mostly anti gay state government. The roads minister used safety as an excuse to annoy the Lord Mayor, who the current state government passed a law aimed at her, preventing her being both lord mayor and a state rep in parliament. They wanted to get her to give up the mayorship, but she actually chose to give up her parliamentary seat, where she could do less, owing to the majority they held. Instead, she is still annoying the business interests which they were trying to help by removing her…

    So, its just another strike in an on going war against someone who has a long history of being pro gay, and pro local residents…

  6. UFFDA says

    This site is glorious! Full body blows everywhere. And the Aussies…the tipping point has been reached. Democracies keep changing as the public does. Public action, reported by the press, results in change. There WILL BE a permanent Rainbow crosswalk somewhere prominent in Sydney. In other cultures gay people mounting such a protest would be literally shot, or stoned, in the street.

  7. Betty Treacle says

    If there’s one thing that would get me to take the 24 hour flight to Australia, it’s a rainbow street crossing. Oh it’s gone. Well I’ll spend my tourist money in New York instead. Your loss Australia.

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