1. GB says

    Madonna’s impact is already cemented in 1980’s history. This outlined in the recent National Geographic special: “The 80’s: The Decade That Made Us.”

  2. Whatever says

    He’ll just do it again in the future. The first time he bashed her was in 2004, and then later sent a Christmas card “apologizing”. So if he was really sorry the first time, why did he bash her again last year?

  3. Alex N says

    Furnish also attended Madonna’s Oscar bash. He has no backbone. As much as I have a fondness for a lot of Elton’s music in the 1970’s, they are an embarrassment with their loudmouth bickering.

  4. Darrell says

    Two bitchy queens (one US and one UK) fighting out with a wussy Canadian in between playing referee…LOL

    Thats what we Canadians do best is calm people down….LOL LOL

  5. John D says

    I second the Bond tune request, but what I’d really like to see is a return by Elton to really good pop–The Union was great, but as his only substantial album in two decades, it’s hardly a comeback.

    As for the apology… it seems less like they get that they were heinous and more like they get that she won. Calling her uber-successful tour a disaster while simultaneously accusing her of jealousy toward an artist who now goes to Starbucks in a golden wheelchair and poses for pictures for attention… probably looks pretty foolish in retrospect.

  6. Macguffin54 says

    You know I have to say I do understand his comments. Gaga is a huge M fan and it shows in her work. But M is a bit threatened by Gaga encroaching on her territory, and probably pissed that she isn’t getting the success Gaga is getting when Gaga is channeling M in the first place. M could be a little more sensitive to one of her biggest fans, but I also understand her side. People like the Madonna-ness when it comes from Gaga, but no one pays M much attention when she is being herself anymore. Just collaborate on a GOOD single and let the “feud” die.

  7. David Hearne says

    I was in the check out at Winn Dixie tonight and looked at the tabloids. I have no idea who most of those people are. I’m guessing they are on soaps. Prominent was one magazine that seemed to be celebrating the fact that some vapid ken doll was no longer a virgin and this was a matter of some importance. Who flugging cares?

    Same goes for Madonna, Gage, John and anyone else who makes millions of dollars and has nothing better to do than kvetch. Seriously, you are slightly more important to the culture than a pro basketball player. Quick, someone name the Madonna or Elton equivalent for 1870 or 1900. See.

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