‘Empire State Pride Agenda’ Launches $250K Ad Campaign to Push Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)

New York's Empire sTate Pride Agenda is launching a multimedia ad campaign to push for passage of GENDA, the Times Union reports:

SchaeferThe Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act has been stalled at the Capitol for years, but after the 2011 legalization of same-sex marriage, it has become the "top legislative priority" of the Empire State Pride Agenda, according to Nathan Schaefer, the organization's executive director. The bill would add "gender expression" to a list of factors in state law — including race and sexual orientation — for which discrimination is expressly prohibited.

"Transgendered New Yorkers can be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes —they can be denied public accommodation," Schaefer said. "We are hopeful we can bring it to the floor based on the reality of very real discrimination that transgender New Yorkers face."

His group is partnering with others to fund the media campaign, which will include radio spots as well as display ads in newspapers and websites. This is the first time a significant advertising campaign has been launched around the bill. Schaefer said it would be a major part of the Pride Agenda's April 30 rally at the Capitol.

Listen to one of the new radio ads HERE.


  1. LovinMeHRS says

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  2. Homo Genius says

    well its good to know trans have issues aside from which bathroom to use….

    Maybe this group can adopt them and the rest of us can go back to being Gay instead of whatever acronym someone has made up today

  3. Jack says

    Although I support protections for trans people, the term “gender expression” is too broad and vague.

    Also, it makes no sense for this to be a major cause of a gay rights group. What portion of that $250,000 do you think came from non-trans gay people. I’ll say 100%. But not only will trans activists not express any gratitude for this expenditure of a small fortune on their behalf, they will viciously attack gay groups and gay people if and when this bill fails to pass. (And it is not going to pass.)

    At the end of the day, trans people need to make their own case for their rights and place in society, just as gay people have done. The problem is that trans activists (as distinct from regular trans people) are so unlikable that when they do lobbying and public outreach, support declines.

  4. says

    I agree Jack. Transpeople don’t do anything for us so we shouldn’t help them at all. Just like straight people shouldn’t help gay people with gay rights because straight people are not the same as gay people. Transjackers transjack our movement because they are violent crossdressers.

  5. MateoM says

    Where do these transphobic gay men come from? They certainly don’t speak for me or the gay community I’m acquainted with, which cares about equal rights for all members of the acronym.

  6. says

    Mateo, it’s the same one idiot with his billion sockpuppets. Pathetic, eh? Of course they’re anti-trans. They’re the cowards in our community. They need someone to hate on so they can feel a little bit less inferior. It’s like the dude who has a bad day at work so he comes home, kicks his dog and beats his wife.

    where they come from, and where they go back to, is the same place: the closet

  7. says

    Awesome! However, I am a bit surprised that this kind of law didn’t already exist in New York state. I guess that I am not as aware of transgendered issues as I thought I was…

  8. says

    Kiwi, I hear everyone say that, does anyone have any proof that the trolls are all one person?

    This is awesome, trans rights are human rights baby.

  9. says

    What a joke. Advocating rights for trans people without ever mentioning trans people in their ad. Would this have worked with gay marriage, and if not, why does anyone think it would work here?

    This is what happens when rich white gay men think they have all the answers and don’t believe they have to consult with those they’re supposedly advocating for.

  10. Patty says

    It is remarkable that ESPA thinks the way to advocate for a transgender law is to remove transgender people and even the word “transgender” from it. What lost opportunity.

    ESPA has never been a transgender organization and it still isn’t, despite this large investment in passing GENDA. This ad campaign clearly show their internalized transphobia.

    New York needs a statewide transgender organization so the community is actually represented and empowered.

  11. Anne says

    ESPA is only willing to make ads that are politically palatable by removing the word “transgender” from their ads. “Fired for being yourself?” WTF. PEOPLE ARE TRANS, ESPA. Go out of business already–you do nothing for the transgender community but give empty promises.