Family Research Council Caught Stealing, Lying: PHOTOS


Does the Family Research Council believe thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal?

Is their character morally straight?

Apparently not, because supersleuth Jeremy Hooper at Good As You caught them lying and stealing in a video attacking the idea of inclusive scouting. The hate group apparently needed a visual for its video, so they found one and said it was of Boy Scouts officials holding a policy meeting.

Hooper writes:

FRC simply Photoshopped a Boy Scout logo and a "2013 Policy Meeting" placard onto an existing picture that they lifted from another site. The picture in question is actually from the website and is described as being from the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts:



  1. says

    Well, that’s what the GOP does. Santorum, Bachmann et al will lie lie lie, then when called on it give an excuse that the lie they told isn’t “really” a lie because it’s something they needed to say to make their bigger point.

    of course, when you need to lie to make your point you sorta prove that your point is….well… you know.

  2. Bill says

    The FRC could be in a lot of trouble if the person or organization that owns the copyright on that photo finds out and wants to do something about it. It would be pretty hard to claim “fair use” or “parody” on that one, particularly given that the DMCA was written to further the corporate interests of the movie industry.

  3. Craig says

    Whenever power is at issue people will do whatever they need to regardless of the moral implications….especially the right because the issue isn’t really the issue being discussed at the time, it’s the fact that the white christian right is losing power in the country and THEY CAN’T STAND IT.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Are they nuts or just lazy? One can actually go to the BSA headquarters in Irving, Texas, see the facilities, and conclude that it’s not as-pictured. It’s not like they had to come-up with a photo of a “real” unicorn or something.

  5. Caliban says

    What a bizarre thing for them to do. I don;t mean lying, because these “Christian” groups do that all the time, but lying for no apparent purpose. They’ve used crowd photos from other events (including an Obama rally) to make it seems as if lots of people attend their rallies, for example. It’s a lie but there’s a discernible purpose behind it.

    This? What’s the point? Why did they “need” a photo of the alleged BSA meeting in progress so badly they’d fake it? It doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Mona says

    I’m with Caliban. This deception doesn’t do anything to promote their cause. Unless they thought the actual Boy Scout HQ wasn’t “anti-gay” enough, I don’t see why they would go to this trouble.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    The facade is quickly eroding from organizations such as the Family Research Council. More and more it seems the only reason for their being is self promotion and attempts to gain donations through manipulation of the facts (actually fabrication of the facts, as here) to their favor. They use propaganda against their donors in order to gain donations, by any means necessary obviously. I wonder if these images aren’t imagined not to sway the public but instead to sway or prove their might to the poor sucker donor.

  8. ThomT says

    God how I love Jeremy Hooper – I haven’t a clue how he accomplishes as much as he does but he is truly one of the best combatants for all things LGBT.

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