1. says

    I’m old enough to remember people not wanting women sports reporters because they may be “shocked” at what they see in the locker room, distracted or maybe even molested.

    Let’s get real.

  2. bambinoitaliano says

    Well he can keep himself cover to the eye balls in the shower as far as I’m concern. There are literally millions of balls i rather oogle at before laying my eyes on a piece of wrinkle turd sac like him.

  3. Clayton says

    Interesting that Fisher was only worried about an out, active homosexual eyeballing teammates. Apparently, when the closeted ones do it, that’s okay.

  4. Sean in Dallas says

    Ooooh yeah, the old predator in the shower ploy.

    If you’re that worried a gay man might tempt you, guess what–you’re queer too.

    But I guess Brian already knows that about himself, doesn’t he?

  5. BigGuy says

    For pro athletes, this is not an issue at all. Men who earn over a million a year expect greater privacy and respect than occurs in high schools.

    Most locker rooms for pro teams have private showers for the players, not group showers like at the Y or in high school. Their bodies are how they make their living. They are concerned with protecting and owning their bodies, not showing off at all. These are adult men who shower to get clean. They are not showering and getting naked to show off to each other.

    Most pro athletes will object to another player on the team taking their picture outside of the locker room, when everybody’s fully dressed in suits. If a clothing line or watch company will pay you over $100,000 for your picture, you don’t give your image away.

    Gay athletes flirting in the shower and even getting it on is a FANTASY from porn movies. That’s not reality.

  6. Adam says

    Brian Fischer is right about one thing: his wife wouldn’t want another man eyeballing him in the shower. That’s because women can’t compete with men for the affections of a man.

    This explains why many women are only OK with male homosexuality if it is clearly segregated and does not interfere with her ability or desire to control men.

  7. Rowan says


    Of course and unlike them, Bryan has an agenda Hopefully other teammates will smack them round the head and they will realise how stupid and pathetic their ugly arse are.

  8. says

    if you don’t want to shower with gay men you need to never enter any gym in any city at any time in your life. ever.

    also, openly-gay men dont’ lust after straight men. that’s just what grown-adult pathetic closet cases do. they end up going mad and wondering if anyone else is Living a Lie too. so, with an Out guy it’s not an issue.

    my straight friends have no issues being in gym shower with me, or on a beach, or changeroom, or whatever. why? i’m gay. i’m into gay dudes. duh.

  9. Kerwot says

    How does he get through the day not thinking about the things that comes out of his mouth? Oh right, he gets paid to be a talking head. Fischer projects way too much on hypothetical sock puppet people, who only say revealing things about his own twisted thoughts.

  10. Mary says

    Has homophobia always looked as silly as this? Over at Free Republic, which I also read, the conservative men have such an obsession with anal sex (and they probably have more euphemisms for it than gay men do) that even some of their hetero regulars got sick of the references to it. “If you’re that curious, experiement” one of them finally blurted out in frustration. Even if you’re hetero and conservative you can only hear the term “fudge-packer” so many times before you have to wonder if these conservative guys are just trying to cover up the fact that they’re really bicurious.

  11. Adam says

    Little Kiwi ,

    If you’re gay, it doesn’t mean your lusts are reserved only for gay men. If you see a man in the street, are you going to ask him if he’s gay before you fall in lust with him? I think not.

    Face it – men who find other men sexually hot don’t discriminate on the basis of sexuality.

  12. Homer says

    It appears that Bryan Fischer has thought this one out thoroughly. Being irony-free, though, Mr. Fischer failed to grasp how his diligence in connecting Jason Collins’ homosexuality to a propensity for voyeurism will likely cast doubts on his own preferences.

  13. Rick says

    Old Man, your time has passed. Precious few younger men OR women would give you a second glance, unless you’ve got your wallet out and open. Your next sex will probably come from an Alzheimer’s patient at the nursing home you end up in.

    Does Fischer honestly think some young stud is interested in his tiny, dried-up, shriveled, old-man junk? Or his flabby, untoned butt? He should do us all a favor and stay out of the showers altogether. Just hire an attendant to hose him off, and put strap him back in his bed.

  14. Taylor says

    This argument didn’t work when it came to repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…and it isn’t going to work now. Bryan…needs to get some new material…his stuff is getting pretty stale.

  15. Rob says

    Ugh……Predictable homophobic, Nazi rhetoric from the ignorant white supremist who makes his money from the poor, uneducated, and easily lead idiots.

  16. EM says

    I’d love to know where this ‘predatory gay male’ in the showers of sporting history has been all this time?

    You just don’t hear about gay men getting a hard time (excuse the pun) for molesting or making other uncomfortable in the showers…

    Shouldn’t this wrinkly be more worried about folks killing one another with guns on the street? Oh no, wait…

  17. DMiner says

    If they don’t like eyeballin’, then they shouldn’t be playing on the court in front of millions. The trust is that Mr Fisher is obviously insecure about his own sexuality and is just projecting…

  18. DC Arnold says

    Why is this nutbrain given space here? We all know this idiot and his BS. His backers point to Towleroad as one of the reasons to be given more air time. Stop abetting him and his ilk.

  19. Peter Hargmier says

    So he presumes to know the mind, and speak on behalf of God, and now he presumes to speak on behalf of all NBA players?

    Never before have I encountered such arrogance.

  20. ty says

    Adam- face it, Kiwi has better gaydar than you and doesn’t want to get punched in the face, so he is not randomly checking guys out on the street without dark sunglasses…

  21. Jerry6 says

    Come on Bryan, when are you going to come out?
    No Strait man would ever be as obsessed with public Homosexuals as you imply you are. Strait men are too busy earning a living and taking care of their wives and children. They simply do not have the time or inclination to obsess about how other men may live their private lives.

  22. mmike1969 says

    Oh please Mr. Fischer. WTF do You know about the NBA or showers in general?

    Sounds like you and your ilk have this obsession of seeing naked males in the showers.

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