Four Teens Beat Calgary Woman While Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs


An attack on a 17-year-old lesbian in Calgary, Canada is being investigated as a hate crime, CTV reports:

The 17-year-old lesbian was jumped late Thursday night, shortly after getting off a transit bus near her home.

The victim says a group of four teenagers attacked her, punching and kicking her several times, while using homophobic slurs.

She says one of the attackers recorded the beating on his phone.

“(I’m) pretty shaken up, it's hard not to be scared,” says the victim.  “This is my neighborhood and I’ve always felt safe in it and now I don't. I've had people throw things at me and play ‘pick on the lesbian on the bus’, and put gum in my hair but nobody has physically assaulted me until now.”

The victim says she has a black eye swollen so tight she can hardly open it, a split lip, her mouth and forehead are cut open.

Watch a video report on the attack HERE.


  1. says

    and we Canadians were told to be “respectful” about the fairly-recent passing of Ralph Klein, whose time leading Alberta was dedicated to not just offering its butt up to Big Oil, without lube, but a steadfast dedication to keeping anti-gay prejudice alive.

    there’s a lot of work to be done in the prairies, and shame on the failures of parenting that raised those teens. congrats, not only did you teach them to hate gay people, but to also hate women. seriously. attacking a woman? your kids are despicable criminal sociopaths.

  2. MikeBoston says

    As an ex-pat Canadian I am truly appalled and heartbroken. That a young woman in Calgary would come to accept having ‘people throw things at me and play ‘pick on the lesbian on the bus’, and put gum in my hair’ as somewhat acceptable.

    For all the progress we seem to be making, there is a long way to go.

  3. Klien says

    sadly, anti gay hate crimes are increasing here in Canada and it’s absolutely demoralizing.

    I think the LGBT community need to come together and join forces for a campaign as well as event.

  4. David Hearne says

    But , but , Canadians are so enlightened and tolerant, unarmed and nonviolent. Kiwitwat said so.

  5. says

    i’ve never claimed that Canada was free from piece-of-s**t bigots. We’re just lucky that we have the law(s) on our side, up North.

    And Alberta has a sordid history of anti-LGBT prejudice. Years of Ralph Klein spouting anti-LGBT prejudice for the province to soak in.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    I’m not sure if she’ll visit this page or not but if so I wish her a speedy recovery.

    Don’t lose faith in others due to the inhuman ones. The trash that attacked you will always have to live with and think about their actions. I hope they are caught and punished.

    Know that it really does get better as you blossom in your life.

  7. bambinoitaliano says

    Forget about jail. Force them into the army and shipped them out to Kandahar for 2 years. They want violence, we’ll give them violence. Let them feel their lives are in danger every minute. How else can they feel for their victims if their own lives are not in jeopardy.

  8. Francis #1 says

    Anti-gay hate crimes are increasing in many countries. Canada, USA, Australia, France. For the progresses we’ve made as a community worldwide, it still isn’t safe to be openly LGBTQ (or be perceived as LGBTQ/associate with LGBTQ community) in this world and as Mike put it, we’ve got a long way to go to be valued as human in this world and actually accepted for who we are, let alone be embraced and be treated equally. It’s INFURIATING to me to see people in our community with their faces broken because they just happen to exist. Infuriating and tragic.

    My heart goes out to the victim and all victims of hate crimes.

  9. says

    @Francis, it’s like when Obama won the election in 2008 and suddenly all the inbred redneck bigots of the USA, and their faux-dignified country-club counterparts, suddenly came out of the woodwork and freaked the Eff out.

    the more the world progresses, the angrier and more hateful the remaining bigots become, because “their world” is revealed to be crumbling away. thank god.

    what’s needed is unity – it’s not enough to “not have taught your kids prejudice” – we need to actively teach children to be INCLUSIVE and suppotive, of all.

  10. Francis #1 says

    I’ve read Calgary actually is a pretty conservative place. Doesn’t Vancouver have one of the worst hate crime rates in North America? I’m pretty sure it does. Every single country on this planet has issues with homophobia. Canada is still clearly one of the most progressive countries and exponentially better than the USA on this issue.

  11. says

    I live in Calgary and am the Civilian Co-Chair for the Sexuality & Gender Diversity Chief’s Advisory Board for the Calgary Police Service.

    Calgary is a more conservative city than many others in Canada but a lot of great work is being done. We have a dedicated Diversity Resource Team that houses both our Hate Crimes officer as well as a Liason Officer to the LGBT community. I know they are both working on this case.

    When we see the increased numbers in hate/bias motivated cases, it isn’t always a negative. Considering that most cases aren’t reported to the police, often due to fear or distrust, it proves that the Police are doing their job when it comes to building relations with the community as well as creating awareness and education within the service.

    Having been a victim of a similar incident, I feel for this young girl. It is a long road to recovering from an attack like this, more mentally and spiritually than physically, and I hope she is able to receive the support she needs to deal with it.

    Despite the name, we don’t have justice systems, we have legal systems. To heal, you need to look within yourself and your community.

  12. GregV says

    @Francis #1:
    Hate crimes statistics are very deceptive. When a police force has the trust of local minorities that it will deal with incidents, the number of reports will be closer to an accurate number of hate crimes (though some will always remain unreported).
    In other jurisdictions, the police and justice system are notorious for ignoring violence against certain minority communities. If they refuse to classify hate crimes accurately, the number of “reported” hate crimes csn be zero even where such crimes are most rampant.
    According to hate crimes statistics, Alabama and Mississippi would look like the two most safe and accepting ststes in the USA, while states like MA and DE look quite dangerous; I believe this is more indicative of how seriously the respective locsl justice systems treat such crimes.
    Vancouver has about 6 reported hate crimes per year, and about one-quarter of those are anti-gay. But I would challenge you to take a 30-minute walk along Vancouver’s seawall on any summer evening and count the number of same-sex and different-race couples walking past you hand-in-hand. How does that compare to how many couples feel similarly safe in Biloxi or Tupelo? There is no comparison.

  13. GregV says

    Sorry, I need to clarify my last paragraph about Vancouver statistics: I meant to say those numbers are per year per 100,000 people in the metro area.

  14. ratbastard says

    This poor girl should never accept people teasing her on a bus and putting gum in her hair as normal or acceptable. I hope she can move to a more pleasant environment where she can live in peace.