1. Bollux says

    Way to sound like a complete politicking douchehole by rambling on about tax cuts and governmental funding when people have lost their limbs and lives. Barney Frank is an opportunistic slobbering knob.

  2. David says

    How is it opportunistic? It’s reality.

    These people didn’t run from the explosion, they ran into it to help those who were being injured and killed. That volume of amazing people would not have been there without government funding.

  3. WhatWhat says

    Do I understand his point? Yes. But it seems tacky to throw politics into this before the bodies are even cold.

  4. says

    Anyone seen how far the Freepers and Malkin’s band of dingbats have gone? This is absolutely polite by comparison…he’s trying to beat *those* people back!

  5. John Farmer says

    To take the opportunity of a huge tragedy and use it to make a political stump speech is slimy in the extreme. When you have been a political whore for as long as Frank has, everything essentially becomes about the partisan fight.

  6. CVP says

    Sorry, but all of the criticism that good ol’ Barn is describing is aimed at fat-cat politicos like him. No one is looking to decimate any of the first responders except maybe fat-cat politicos who are desperately trying to deflect from the obscenity of their own pensions and golden parachute bennies.

  7. ratbastard says

    Yes, it’s tacky. But dude’s a tacky guy.

    Mr. Frank has no problem with out of control $ spent on law enforcement O.T. and other gubmint employees. He has no problem with the miserable manner VERY WELL PAID AND COMPENSATED gubmint employees here at the city level especially are hired [two words: nepotism and affirmative action]. Finally, ironically, yesterday, marathon day, is a state holiday.

    State holiday = municipal and state workers a paid day off, ‘essential’ gubmint workers are probably getting holiday double time.

    The most of the rest of us slobs who don’t work for the city, state or feral gubmint it’s just another daily grind day. Not even holiday double time.

    People who like to call themselves progressives and love all things gubmint do realize why many people get p*ssed off over what I wrote about above? You do realize it’s legitimate anger?

  8. Jonathan OZ says

    I see how some folk view Frank’s video as opportunistic, but given the general tenor of tea party rhetoric, the need to point out that government emergency response is something that is threatened by the tax cuts folk are calling for. The folk calling for cuts in spending may show up for a photo-op with first responders, but they will also vote to cut programs that fund the paychecks for those self-same first responders. That said, I think Barney could have waited a couple of days to make his point.

  9. woodroad34d says

    I see nothing wrong with what Barney said. It’s true…he’s not minimizing the event and what happened; he is, in fact, pointing out how wonderful the first responders are–how well trained they are, how professional they are, and how they were able to respond so quickly. Given the hype over the “fiscal cliff” and the Bush crash when so many fire departments around me were forced to close and the hype of conservatives now, Barney is pointing out the obvious (well to normal people…ultra conservatives are tone deaf)that this is what you get with a well-financed government that’s actually able to help it’s people. What a greater tragedy it could have been otherwise.

  10. says

    I think, when you’re naming yourself “ILoveCapitalism,” you give a quite clear indication of just which golden calf you’re worshiping…

    Can we kick them out of the community? ^_^

  11. says

    @Cody – they’ve already annexed themselves, thank god.

    “oh, typical intolerant liberals from the gay left!”

    yeah. we rock, btw ­čśÇ

    Frank’s comments may strike some as “too soon” – but…um.. he has a very valid point.

    there’s much to be angry about in today’s responses to yesterday’s tragedy. this isn’t one of them.

    already, the internet and twitterverse are awash in xenophobic, racist, gallingly bigoted ugliness.

  12. says

    LK: I’m gonna post something on my FB page tonight (or tomorrow, depending on how much initiative I have!) re: a few things I’ve been reading from your blog :) It won’t be taking issue, per se: it will be more a teasing out of the arguments re: gender constructs coming from the perspective of someone who lives in the middle of Teabagistan, Ohio ­čśÇ

    Was thinking about doing this mainly because I’ve been thinking about some of the things that people like Rick/RB/David have been going on about in the past and, while I might not agree with them on *principle*, there seem to be a few points of minutia that do seem like they hold for these sorta farm-areas…

    (Just thought I’d alert ya to it…*shameless self-promotion?* ^_^)

  13. Pete N SFO says

    I don’t have a problem with it at all.

    Frank, has represented Massachusetts for most of his life and is no longer running for any office. I’m going to trust him, to best know his constituency, even though, as some have pointed out, in MA some of the practices (State Cops at every roadside construction sites & obsolete holidays) are a little absurd.

    And besides that, even with those misgivings aside, the man is absolutely correct.