1. Chris says

    Something about gay Christians, just rubs me the wrong way. It’s like Jews for Jesus. Or the Jewish SS assisters/workers. Like grow a pair and stop depending on your imaginary friend for validation, at the price supporting something that views us worthy of death, has killed us, and taken our rights away.

  2. Gaiboi says

    Demeaning someone because of their religious views is uncool. This should be obvious when a lgbt person comes from a spiritual background. He deserves our support and not our criticism. For his age, he seems well grounded and his spirituality is important to him. It makes you look as small as those right-wing hatemongers anytime you hear religious and christian in the same sentence.

    Not everyone subscribes to your “non” belief…so commenters who have an issue with lgbt Christians, need to think twice before publicizing your disdain!

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    What a brave young man. Like Jeff, I wish him the best.

    I’m not sure it’s a practical policy to go up against 1 billion Earthlings who call themselves Christians, and 1.2 billion Earthlings who call themselves Muslims. That’s a lot of Earthlings.

  4. Not that Rob says

    People cling to their religion because they lack the critical thinking skills and self awareness to realize everything they were taught to believe as a child is not actually true.

  5. UFFDA says

    Insubstantial as it is to me, a belief in Christ can powerfully strengthen the will and resolve of people who choose any path under the sun. His beliefs are giving him great courage to come out much earlier and further than most.

  6. Jlavoy says

    @Chris I understand your frustration. I am an out, gay pastor (Moravian), and I do not have stockholm syndrome. The evangelicals who have amped up the hateful culture wars represent only 1/4 of American Christians. I myself am out, hope to marry a man (im 25), embrace scientific research, and hold leftist political views. I see myself as a spiritual guide and justice advocate. When you talk about an “imaginary friend”, that does not at all correspond to my image of God. I believe that most things can be explained empirically, but peoples emotions and spiritual selves – just as important as their physical selves – need care and community. Not everything is explainable empirically; sometimes thats rather shortsighted. I know that some Christians are hateful, but as far as Im concerned, they and I are talking about two very different things. Please dont lump us all together.

    As for this for Gendreau, I may just start watching football!

  7. Mike Ryan says

    I cannot wrap my head around anyone claiming to be a Christian, much less a gay Christian. It is akin to Log Cabin Republicans. How can ANY gay person be a Republican?

    Nice kid. Too bad he is relying on the Christian faith.

  8. Dan E says

    Dunno why this turned into Christian-bashing. Don’t let the evil Christians color your whole perception; there are some thoughtful, kind Christians out there. Talking about Christianity as if it were some kind of monolithic, homogenous religion is, frankly, just stupid. And I say this as a lifelong atheist.

    Good for this kid. I hope he makes it.

  9. says

    We are never, ever allowed to point out how ridiculous religion is, because that might hurt the feelings of religious people.

    Meanwhile, atheists are the most hated people in America, hated even more than gay folks.

    When was the last time an atheist knocked on your door and tried to convert you? NEVER HAPPENS.

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I don’t understand why his religion is used to label, mock and criticize him. His being Christian is merely tangential to this story of a *gay player aspiring to play in the NFL*. If he displayed any self-loathing based on his religion, or was opposed to gay rights based on his religion, then it would be an issue, but that is not the case here.

  11. Rick says

    I can think of nothing that would be WORSE than for the first openly gay player on an NFL roster to be a KICKER. This would only serve to REINFORCE stereotypes rather than to bust them.

    Kickers are the only players on the field that the rules protect from violent contact, so jokes would fly from all quarters to the effect that that is the reason a gay guy chose to play the position (because he was afraid of the violence associated with being a REAL player).

    The only girls that have made high school football teams have been kickers and kickers have long been ridiculed in a tongue-in-cheek way by other football players as “sissies” and “not real football players”.

    I would rather have no out players at all than to have a kicker be the only one. Having a kicker among a group of 4-5 players that came out together would be OK, but not a kicker and only a kicker.

    He probably won’t make a roster, anyway.

    As for the anti-Christian stuff in the thread, it is more often than not Jews who surreptitiously perpetrate it, behind their anonymous user names….so take that into account.

    Christianity is not inherently homophobic and those of you who reject it simply because fallible human beings have distorted its true teachings (e.g. trying to use Scripture to justify homophobia) are just playing into the hands of the distorters. Take the high road and point out that their claims are theologically wrong–as some gay people have done–and you will get much better results than throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Most Americans are Christians and believe in God, so railing against the religion, itself, will only further isolate gay people from the cultural mainstream.

  12. Francis #1 says

    The truth of the situation is, this guy, you can call him self-loathing and whatever else which I think is over the line, but he’s religious, self-deprecating and he’s a kicker. That’s the type of guy whose going to get a shot at making the NFL.

  13. Skeptical Cicada says

    Christianity is an ideology, and it is perfectly appropriate to criticize anybody’s ideology. Christians can defend their views if they want. What they will never do is bully critics into silence by claiming that their ideology is somehow above criticism. It most certainly is not.

  14. Skeptical Cicada says

    P.S. I reject Christianity from top to bottom as an absurd mythology formulated by ancients who were deeply ignorant, superstitious, and infantile. I couldn’t care less whether someone’s trumps up a pro-gay version. It’s still intellectually shallow and child-like.

  15. Jerry says

    All the best to him in his quest to make a NFL roster. And no, it’s not “gay” to be a kick his being a Christian – there are thousands of gay Christians.

  16. Dastius Krazitauc says

    But, Skeptical Cicada, why is criticizing this man’s “ideology” the focus here, when the story is about a gay man wanting to play in the NFL? Were the man Jewish, would the headline say, “Jewish gay man wants to play in the NFL”? It is not relevant.

  17. Jerry says

    Correction: It’s not “gay” to be a kicker, and as to his being a Christian – there are thousands of gay Christians. Let’s be careful about our biases that rule our associations. Remember how often we’ve been judged by others.

  18. Skeptical Cicada says

    I look forward to all those screaming that no one is ever allowed to utter a peep about Christianity to similarly attack anyone who criticizes other ideologies, like conservatism, Libertarianism, or Republicanism. Sticking a deity in your ideology doesn’t suddenly ban all criticism of you.

  19. Skeptical Cicada says

    There are thousands of Libertarians too, Jerry. Criticizing their ideology is no more “bias” than criticizing Christianity.

    And for the anti-Semite above, I’m not Jewish and find it just as baseless as Christianity–if slightly more thoughtful.

  20. Rick says

    “P.S. I reject Christianity from top to bottom as an absurd mythology formulated by ancients who were deeply ignorant, superstitious, and infantile. I couldn’t care less whether someone’s trumps up a pro-gay version. It’s still intellectually shallow and child-like.”

    Do you reject Judaism for the same reason? Are you a Jew, yourself?

    “It’s not “gay” to be a kicker”

    No, it isn’t, but it’s about perception. If there has never been an openly gay player in the NFL and the first one turns out to be a kicker, the perception would be that gays can only play non-violent positions because they are too sissified to play those that involve subjecting yourself to physical violence.

    Of course, that is ridiculous. The four former NFL players who have come out, so far, and the one that was recently outed involuntarily, were all non-kickers and three of them were, in fact, linemen……but because they were retired when they came out and none were household names, not many people were paying attention to that.

    They WOULD pay attention to an active openly gay player and it would be disastrous if that player–if he was the only one to be out–were a kicker.

  21. GregV says

    The label “Christian” should theoreticslly be applied to a follower of “Christ.”
    Jesus never said an anti-gay or anti-black or anti-woman or anti-left-handed or or otherwise hateful word on record, despite the fact that millions of people throughout history have misappropriated his name to deny women basic rights, keep blacks enslaved, kill “unbelievers,” etc., etc.

    You can’t even blame Hiim for the Old OR even the New Testament, except for the parts accurately quoting his actual words. His teachings contrast strongly with much of what is contained in books like Leviticus, and He never even saw letters like those now referred to as “Romans” or “Corinthians,” let alone recommended them as required reading. (In fact, the guy who wrote those letters was, in Jesus’ lifetime, fighting AGAINST him!)

    There is nothing inconsistent about believing in Jesus’ words and believing in compassion and kindness and respect of the diversity in ourselves and others.

  22. Scott says

    To all the anti-Semites and racists on here, screw you.

    As to the anti- Christian talk, get your panties out of a twist. There’s a lot of gay Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, pagans, Muslims, and whatever else. And yes, there are a ton of religious extremist and fundamentalist assh*lea if every stripe, and a lot of horrible horrible atrocities have been done in the name of every god. But that doesn’t mean you should trash talk a (to all appearances) great, courageous young man with good talent. Save it for the real weirdos and wackos. We’re all in the same boat together against them.

    Good on you, Alan- keep going man 😉

  23. Marty says

    Christianity (or any religion) and queerness are not mutually exclusive. Never will be. The *majority* of christians support gay rights, even the right to marry. (I was raised Catholic and am now a resolved atheist, btw) So don’t be fooled by the haters, on either side. And most importantly don’t listen to hater Rick, who is best envisioned as Ignatius J. Reilly in the flesh – he is a useless, unloved troll who hilariously tries to perpetrate there are secret Jews trying to corrupt us… holy delusions, batman. Rick, you do understand that not a single person on this entire earth gives a hot damn what you think, right?

  24. Rick says

    “Rick, you do understand that not a single person on this entire earth gives a hot damn what you think, right?”

    Yeah, that’s probably why my comments generate more discussion by far than those of any other individual (LOL)……(not that that is the reason I make them–I just say what I honestly think, like anybody else does)

  25. Brian says

    If the LGBT community wants to be accepted more and treated equally, perhaps they should lead by example. Bashing someone because they are different from you while wanting to be accepted from others is pretty hypocritical and only makes you look ignorant.

    Regardless of whether I agree with his religious beliefs or not, I think he seems like a very grounded, intelligent and insightful young man and I hope his aspirations of going to the NFL come true some day.

  26. Sam Maloney says

    If he has managed to resolve the paradox of being a Gay Christian, more power to him! He’s not preaching celibacy or self hate here, so he is definitely NOT THE ENEMY.

    As a group, we should work on convincing Christians that they can let go of the anti-lgbt words in scripture in the same way they’ve let go of its myriad endorsements of slavery.

    We have a better chance of winning support if we don’t denigrate their faith or insist they abandon it.

  27. Chitown Kev says

    20-25% of LGB’s are exatly that.

    The GOP can count on getting 20-25% of the gay vote every presoidential election.

    been true since Clinton’s first term.

  28. FFS says

    1. He’s hot. I’d hit it.

    2. Here’s some discussion: Shut up, Rick.

    3. I wonder if Cyd Zigler ever called that one guy (not the kid from the article) back after he sucked his face off in front of every single attendee of Gay Bowl.

  29. Andy says

    What is the deal with all the putrid comments regarding his religion? It’s his damn business he is free to have faith. Stop projecting your fears of the religious radical right onto him.

    I’ve met a lot if Christians who are more pleasant and nicer, not to mention giving, then a lot of urban liberals. It depends on the person.

  30. Merv says

    Have you ever read the Bible, Andy? By declaring himself Christian he’s saying that slavery and genocide are OK, and that gay people should be executed. You don’t think that such views should be condemned?

  31. Steve-ATL says

    From my experience, religious gays always tend to choose one over the other (their church over the gay community) and usually choose the church, and anti gay commentary comes out here and their to reveal their prejudice. They can’t coexist the two.

  32. Junior says

    Religious gays are so indoctrinated against gay people and the gay community that regardless of how much they come out, they still can’t shake off all the ignorance they’ve been taught from birth. Not always the case….but usually if often is.

  33. Utopia says

    I always think the religious gay community has a bigger responsibility to fight homophobia and fight for gay rights than others. I mean, they align themselves with an institution that so actively fights against our existence and yet, we very rarely see religious forces actually call each other out. They simply are mute when it comes to tackling homophobia within the church. That’s why I feel gay religious individuals owe it to themselves and our community to lead that change within the church

  34. Fallen4G says

    @ Utopia…sadly, from my many experiences with religious gay people, they are more concerned with calling out the gay community for not being hetero-normative and taking issues with everything in regard to gay culture, and basically trying to school gay people; far more so than I see religious gays schooling their own church crowd. When I bring up the churches hypocrisy to religious gay people, they get very defensive and it all just makes me feel like they are very hypocritical

  35. Reality 101 says

    It’s funny because the same people here posting martyrdom for Christians and painting Christians as victims are the same types who want to pick and choose which people are Christian and which aren’t…in other words, when someone does something good…these Christians here come and say “see look! wwhat a good Christian” but when someone does something bad…these same Christians are the ones who say “no that person is not a TRUE Christian”

    Sorry…doesn’t work like that. A religious person is a religious person and when they do something bigoted and hateful, they are still part of your religion. You don’t get to pick and choose which members belong based on who can make your church look the best. But then again, everything about religion is a façade!

  36. Hugh Riendhart says

    Gay Christians and Gay Catholics don’t mind bashing gay pride, gay clubs, gay rainbow flags, or various aspects of the gay community. Seen way too many “openly gay” Catholics, Mormons and Christians bash everything about the gay community to not know many suffer from self hate and thinking if they hetero wash themselves, they’ll be able to join their religious ilk in hating on the rest of them f-gs. Experienced it.

  37. Jefferson First says

    Why so often are the ones demanding tolerance are the last to offer it?

    Some of the comments on here make me positively ashamed to be gay.

  38. says

    Wow you people need to get over yourselves the majority of gays and lesbians are religious to some extent, I’m a Jewish gay man and I’m proud to be both gay and follow g-d, only someone who is foolish or blinded by prejudice would think one could not be a Jew, Muslim, Christian, etc and openly gay. Btw plenty of religious groups accept gays including most non orthodox Jewish groups.

  39. Booker says

    I haven’t read ALL the posts on this thread which somehow morphed an article about a gay NFL hopeful into a religious war, so I don’t know if this has already been said:

    For those saying the guy is embracing a religion that hates him and wants him dead, there is a considerable body of Christian scholarly thought that believes that the traditional, institutional interpretation of the Bible vis a vis LGBT people is incorrect, through misinterpretation, mistranslation, and failing to consider passages that actually suggest acceptance rather than condemnation.

  40. says

    @merv wrong only the orthodox, chassidic and a few conservative branches of Judaism follow that teaching reform, reconstruction, and the majority of conservative synagogs and rabbis do NOT feel that way and welcome gays and lesbians not only as worshiper but even as rabbis. And plenty of jews and Jewish groups fight to have same sex marriage legalized.

  41. Nick says

    Ironic thing how quickly so many gays reject and dismiss Chritians while expecting those same Chritians to accept and respect them. It’s a good thing that a few of us Gay Christians are around to knock some since into all of these close minded people.

  42. Tim says

    homo’s love pulling out pages of the bible…. as do devote christian mafia guys Attending church every Sunday but murdering after they leave church. Look how the homosexuals systematically undermined the Catholic Church sending gay after gay into the church for the last 50 years.
    Then we hear that they were born that way. That theory is still out to Jury… What science is convinced of is that pedophiles beastiality and also Alcoholism Are genetic. Hey, your born that way its Ok.
    Most people on this site are morons but maybe some of you know that if you research history, your greatest empires ,just before they fell ,okayed homosexuality .

  43. Rich says

    Personally, I have no use for Christianity, but it will probably serve Gendreau well should he make it to the NFL. Having a common cultural reference will make it easier for him to bond with his teammates.

  44. EchtKultig says

    “Christianity is not inherently homophobic”

    Rick, just when I think you can’t get more moronic, you do.
    That being said, his Christianity shouldn’t be the issue in the way that it IS being the issue in this thread. There’s a more interesting dimension to this that I doubt anyone will touch upon, but, I’m too tired to write it up at the moment. I’d have to start back in the industrial revolution and write several paragraphs. In any case, good for this cutie!

  45. EchtKultig says

    “Ironic thing how quickly so many gays reject and dismiss Chritians [sic] while expecting those same Chritians [sic] to accept and respect them. It’s a good thing that a few of us Gay Christians are around to knock some since [sic] into all of these close minded people.

    Posted by: Nick”

    So much intellectual rubbish to fend off! No gay person is saying Christians should be stoned to death for their beliefs. We don’t follow a “Book of Dorothy” that says Christians are lost souls who will go to an unfabulous, midwestern place after death. You have a completely false equivalency there, kiddo. We just say the Abrahamic religions are antiquated, useless hucksterism, because THEY ARE. Even if you do try to water down the meaty bits like the condoning of slavery, stoning children for talking back to their parents, 24 honey coated virgins for blowing up airplanes, etc.

  46. EchtKultig says

    “Personally, I have no use for Christianity, but it will probably serve Gendreau well should he make it to the NFL. Having a common cultural reference will make it easier for him to bond with his teammates”

    This is correct, and was something I was going to touch upon in my multi-paragraph post.

  47. EchtKultig says

    Tim, good to have an angry lone closet case here tonight. It’s always fun to laugh at posts from people like you. Have you jizzed off to this guy yet? “THE WOMAN EMPIRE, THE WOMAN EMPIRE, WE’LL FALL THE (R)OMAN EMPIRE.”
    You forgot to mention Jesus coming back real soon now.

  48. DannyEastVillage says

    @ Jefferson: this thread – like so many of them – demonstrate the sad truth that homophobes are superfluous: nobody is nastier and meaner to gay men than other gay men. One can see it on this blog every single day.

  49. Ambrose says

    A lot of gay guys are fiercely bigoted about Christianity, to the point that the mere mention in passing of the church one attends prevents them from hearing out thinking about anything else. A sad , caused by some terrible religious abuse. They were told fundamentalist bigotry was the only”real” Christianity, and they continue to accept it as a matter of dogma, even though they think they’ve outgrown religion.

  50. EchtKultig says

    Again, pointing out the absurdity of organized religion isn’t “bigotry”. If I say that I find Verizon’s data plan restrictions absurd, nobody would say I’m showing “anti-Verizon bigotry!” As I said earlier his Christianity is probably an important part of this story in a way some people don’t realize, but to just superficially condemn him for his so-called faith in commenting here is RUDE, but not bigoted. I’m not condemning him at all; this is a very courageous young man who happens to be misguided about something. Lindsey Lohan is misguided about some things to; doesn’t mean she can’t act, nor does it keep teh gays from loving her!

  51. EchtKultig says

    And, it’s so tedious to have to go into this, but it might be a good place to point out that if you think you can just water down religions and suddenly they are a good thing, you’re wrong. As long as Abrahamic religions exist, they WILL have right wing factions, and left wing factions will always be a gateway to get people into them. Obviously that happens all the freakin time in the Islamic world. Do you think in the south some mainline protestant hasn’t read the homophobic passages of the Bible and decided, “that sounds about right” and switched to a Baptist church? (point is, I don’t give a hoot how YOU interpret them as long as millions can interpret them the way that they do)

  52. Chris says

    I see no issue with criticizing a particular ideology, but there is a difference between criticism and contempt. If someone has a rational, logical, venom-free criticism to make about Christianity, then certainly make it.

    Also, a few points to consider:

    (1)Christianity is not the main subject of the story, it is simply a factual aspect of this man’s life. It is no different than if the story had made a quick aside that he was a gay kicker who happened to be Vegan, or Muslim, or Libertarian.

    (2) He is comfortably out and is not using his religion as a justification to condemn anyone, nor is he trying to proselytize anyone.

    (3) Saying hateful comments about someone is neither intellectual nor justifiable. Saying “Eww, Christian,” is really little different than saying, “Eww, some stupid queer.”

    (4) Regardless of what some misguided people do, it is never a justification to sink to their level or lower, and especially not when you direct your deplorable behavior toward individuals who have done nothing to you.

    I think the people posting some of these stupid comments on this site know in their hearts just how wrong their behavior is. You can be true to your own principles and beliefs without resorting to ugliness. And, if you find you cannot do it, then perhaps it is time to reflect long and hard on what type of person you want to be.

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