1. Jake says

    It’s not that he wasn’t selected in the Draft; he’s not eligible for it. His only shot at making a team is through the tryout process. He was never eligible for the Draft in the first place.

  2. bandanajack says

    thank you, jake. i’m not even a team sports fan and i knew that. he was never in this draft round.

  3. AriesMatt says

    Thanks for posting this article, as I was very interested in whether or not this guy will at the very least get a shot at a kicking spot in the NFL.

  4. KT says

    While I wish him luck, I think a lot of people are making a bigger deal of this than it is. His chances are very slim and he was never going to be part of the draft. His best chance are the tryouts later this year but he has a lot of work to do. And frankly, it Chris Kluwe was let go because of his gay rights activism, then I doubt a team is willing to take on a gay player right now. The NFL sucks.

  5. Francis #1 says

    KT is right but I do think the attention is warranted, albeit a bit less than it has received. It warrants attention because of Alan’s story, what he’s been through in terms of religious/family rejection and overcoming that, and his success in college.

    It is pretty clear, though, if Chris Kluwe is about to get cut because of his advocacy work, the NFL isn’t anywhere near ready for a gay player. But that comes as no surprise, to me.

  6. Bryan says

    Certainly LGBTQ people can be anything. Anything at all. It’s time we understood that in addition to more laudable efforts, equality includes the opportunity to become lobbyists, junk bond dealers, televangelists, reality tv puppets, liars, cheats, thieves, and morons.

    It’s crucial to understand that there are areas where equality constitutes a step down.

    Football is a violent war game that destroys bodies and brains. Gay men used to have far better, far more honest things to do with our surplus testosterone. This continues to be an area where we have a lot to teach our hetero neighbors. Imitating them at their worst shouldn’t be part of our agenda.

    You’re a fool, Mr. Gendreau, and so are all your teammates. I don’t admire any of you.

  7. landale says

    While I appreciate everything Chris Kluwe has done for the LGBT community the Vikings more likely drafted a new punter because Kluwe was one of the weakest punters in the league last year. Additionally he is due almost $1.5 million next season in base salary on a team that has little salary cap room. A rookie punter would save them over $1 million in cap room, most likely perform better and give them extra money to improve the team.

    I realize this isn’t a sports blog but before everyone gets up in arms over this they should realize there were much more likely reasons for this then anything he has said off the field.

  8. Matt26 says

    I don’t watch NFL (I am not American), I can only write he is very handsome and every openly gay sport man is a huge step for gays.

  9. Belthazar says

    @Landale – that is exactly right. When it is all said and done, the NFL is a BUSINESS. Like corporations, if they can get someone younger and as good, if not better, and get that person cheaper, they are going to do. Take a look at Urlacher in Chicago, he was release and never spoke out about LGBT rights.

  10. Rich says

    The NFL seems to be fairly blind to the public relations value of some of their players. Chris and Brendon could do for their teams and the NFL what Branch Rickey did for the Brooklyn Dodgers and MLB.

    But it’s not just LGBT issues that encounter this myopia: LaDanian Tomlinson was very active in San Diego civic affairs, and while his best playing days may have been behind him, the Chargers blundered by letting him go.

  11. Mike V says

    Bryan your comments are so misguided. People are allowed to do whatever they want in life. Alan is not trying to be like a straight man, he is simply following a dream he has had since he was a kid. If a gay man wants to play football then that is his right. Just like if a straight man (i.e. Eddie Izzard et al) wants to wear a dress and perform in drag than that is his right as well. The world is way too full of stereotypes for people like you to turn against the community just because you don’t understand their personal dreams and desires. I hope you are doing what you want in life and not allowing anyone to tell you differently.

  12. Chitown Kev says

    OK< I’m looking up his stats.

    2011- 8/14 FGs 31/32 on PAT’s- Longest FG made was 42 yds.

    2010- 10/12 FGs 44/45 PATs Longest FG made was 55yds (!).

    2009 18/22 FGs PATs 50/51 PATs Longest FG made was 48. In FG’s longer than 40 yards he hit 3/5.

    Based on the numbers alone…I could see it..

  13. alex says

    As an industry, the NFL is the epitome of self-serving. Their business model allows extortion from local fans through the TV blackout rules. And, whenever they want a new stadium, the league and owners collude to start rumors that teams will move if they don’t get what they want.

    Can you imagine Target, Walmart, or any other retailer threaten to pull out of a city unless the tax-payers build them new stores and rent them back to the retailer at below-market rent? That’s essentially what happens with the NFL and MLB. (And, to a lesser degree, airlines that demand tax-payers build/renovate terminals to accommodate larger planes like the A380.)

  14. Markus says

    I googled contact the NFL and sent them this…

    Been a Niners fan for 30 years, did not watch the super disgusting bowl this year because of the Chris Culliver issue regarding his ranting spew about gays. The media slap on the wrist was not good enough, last week he went on to insult women as well, that dude needs serious help. Now in the draft an openly gay man (Gendreau) that SHOULD have been drafted as a kicker was left out, and a kicker was selected for eventual replacement of Kluwe because of his support for gays. Do you think gays do not support you? Do you think we do not have allies in the straight world because you are the “NFL?” Coors learned the hard way and it might have taken a few years, only after they lost about a billion dollars in a decade did they realize how they stabbed themselves in the back. Here is my phone number, 5415001108, call me when you catch up to the 21st century, till then I boycott not just you but every sponsor that advertises during your games and I will be writing them to make sure they know why.

  15. says

    I have heard from people that know the football industry and how it works that kickers rarely get drafted. Besides which, Alan was a ware that his chances of making a team for the upcoming season were/are slim purely because of timing. The next season is a whole other situation.

  16. says

    As we all know there are already NFL players in the league, they are just so far in the closet a bloodhound couldn’t find them. But they are closeted because of the NFL’s homophobic, and a lot of football fans, anti-gay feelings. When a pro football player comes out it won’t be with a lots of fanfare, it will just be sudden and catch everyone by surprise.