1. johnny says

    Normally I’m not that big a fan of comic-to-movie franchises (usually a let-down), but this one looks to be pretty damn good and also seems like a sorely-needed serious, dramatic take on the Superman story, unlike many of it’s predecessors.

    And Mr. Cavill with a beard is pure icing on the beefcake, IMO. 😉

  2. Howard says

    When I saw him on the Tudors, I thought he was quite possibly the handsomest man I have ever seen. Time has passed and he has gotten even better looking. I, on the other hand, have just gotten older. James, you’d have to stand in line, but apparently the line is moving quickly!

  3. says

    Favorite comment of all time! “I’d gladly give Cavill the most disappointing 3 1/2 minutes of his life…”

    Just sad that the character had to be clean shaven when he became Superman.

  4. says

    Actually, in Superman canon, he does not shave because his hair doesn’t grow on Earth – thus no beard.

    But I’d take Cavill shaven or not.

  5. UFFDA says

    Shaving’s fine. Unshaven’s just a fad. Mr. Cavil has a special sweetness which is much better than mere handsomeness. Plus there are clearly lots of explosions. LOL, it’s got to be good.

  6. David Hearne says

    They don’t write them like this anymore:

    Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird!
    It’s a plane!
    Nooo! It’s Superman!

    Superman, I love you Superman
    Do it to them, Superman
    We love you, Superman
    Superman, we love you Superman
    Do it to them, Superman
    We need you, Superman

    Superman, you make me feel like the queen of the world
    Superman, you make me feel so special when
    You’re zooming up and down around
    You’re flying oh so high and wow!
    You lift me up your super bad
    I wanna shout again and again

    Superman, we love you Superman
    Do it to them, Superman
    We love you, Superman

  7. Seattle Mike says

    Good lord, Henry Cavill is just all kinds of sexy. That chest hair!!!!! I just hope he doesn’t shave that as well.

  8. Ryan says

    I’ve got to admit… I’m usually not into the hairy-chested look, but WOOF!

    That shirtless shot is incredible. Superman can save me at any time!

  9. Bryan says

    He’s much too old, way too fat, and that hair! OMG, like… Get off my screen… old, ugly, creeper! So not hot. You can’t even see his ribs, and he has, like, wrinkles!

    That’s like, soooo 1950, and it’s like OMG, two thousand something already! Superman should be in middle school, nice and smooth like a real boy, weigh 85 lbs, and wear pink and orange microfiber briefs with little yellow dogs and green chickens on them. He should marry maybe Aquaman and use Wonder Woman as an incubator for a little Chinese girl.

  10. CH says

    He runs funny cause he’s far too bulky. Sleep with a man like that some time and you’ll notice they have very little flexibility.