In New GLAAD PSA Campaign Created by Brett Ratner, Allies Come Out of the Closet for Equality: VIDEO

Back in February, GLAAD announced that Brett Ratner, who was ousted as Oscar producer last November after his Tower Heist Q&A in which he made anti-gay remarks, would be producing and directing a campaign in collaboration with the group.

RatnerRatner called working with GLAAD "a positive and enlightening experience" in the wake of his remarks, and his PSAs have just been released. They feature a number of well-known celebs and allies "coming out of the closet" for equality.

Jackie Chan, Tamala Jones, Giada De Laurentiis, DeRay Davis, Hudson Taylor, Jaime King, Jason Alexander, Kristen Johnston, Sarah Shahi, and Pauley Perrette are featured in the first set. I've posted four of them above.

According to GLAAD, "Comcast and NBCUniversal will serve as a leading media partner for the PSA campaign, contributing $1.5 million in national airtime on its Xfinity TV cable systems and bringing this important message to more than 20 million homes over the next year."


  1. MaryM says

    These people are NOT ‘coming out’.

    They are simply being decent human beings.

    Coming out is scary, risky and a leap into the unknown.

    I wish Towleroad would stop belittling the process.

  2. says

    this is great, because it *is* a coming out.

    my mum often says, when a gay person Comes Out, the whole family needs to Come Out, too. because what we often see is the LGBT member coming out of the closet, and the rest of the family suddenly going INTO it – the whole “oh, we’re fine with it. we just don’t discuss it. or tell anyone. and try to avoid any mention of it from ever coming up. because we don’t tell people our other children are straight, so why should we now tell people _____ is gay?”

    it happens all the time. and yes, this is needed – when people still pander to the bigotries of the religious-right, it’s very important that our Allies come out AS allies – to make the effort to say that they stand in solidarity with us.

    for people who are still learning what it means to have an LGBT family member, or what it means to be an Ally, it CAN be scary for them – in terms of what they know “scary” to be – ie, “What will happen to ME when people find out i have a gay family member or that i support the LGBT Community?”

    in younger people, or when dealing with bigoted older people ,there’s the possible stigma of people saying “well, you must be gay since you support gay rights”

    when anyone with any experience in the real world will tell you that the Closeted are oft the finger-pointing anti-gays in society.

    so, kudos to this campaign. yes, allies, come out and show yourselves, stand strong arm in arm with your brothers and sisters of the diverse and thriving LGBT communities.

  3. brian says

    Mary, coming out in support of LGBT people in many parts of this country is often a courageous thing to do. Don’t belittle other people’s courage.

  4. brado says

    When will GLAAD “come out” about the fact that Herndon Gradick is on a “leave of absence” (rehab) and will not be returning to his role as President?

  5. MaryM says

    Towleroad needs to show more respect to the process of coming out.

    These stories of celebrities supporting equality are nice, but it is very insulting to the courage of those LGBT people who are taking major risks by the process.

    These guys are risking NOTHING.


  6. says

    MaryM, ease up.

    Seriously, girl.

    they’re putting a face to Equality, while you, frankly, aren’t.

    stop being angry that these non-gay people are putting their names and faces to a movement for social (not just legal) Equality while far too many people are flatly refusing to do so.


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