1. jjose712 says

    The film is based in a spanish theatre play. The author is a teacher, and wrote the play based in a work of one of his students who disturbed him a lot

  2. Mike TTG says

    I saw it back in September. It’s a fun movie – think of Woody Allen doing a mystery – Kristen Scott Thomas is great, as she almost always is when she works in French.

  3. Randy says

    I am mostly familiar with Ozon’s from short films:
    Action vérité (1994) (Truth or Dare)
    Une robe d’été (1996) (A Summer Dress)
    X2000 (1998)
    La petite mort (2000) (Little Death)

    There’s a good collection of shorts:
    Scènes de lit (1998) (Bedtime Stories)

    I’m looking forward to seeing some Ozon features now that you’ve reminded me to seek them out.

  4. jaragon says

    Ozon has already made some great haunting movies- including “Time to Leave” (2005), “Swimming Pool ” (2003) and “Under The Sand”(2000).

  5. iban4yesu says

    Ozon Trivia:

    The acto who played the boyfriend who has a thing for the Sylvie Vartan’s French cover of Cher’s Bang Bang in Une robe d’été (1996) (A Summer Dress) was the choreographer for the 8 women cast’s dances.

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