1. johnny says

    Playing it safe there, JLo? You aren’t exactly speaking out for marriage equality, just speaking out for “the children”.

    That straddles the line quite nicely, doesn’t offend your fans that hate the gays, doesn’t offend the fans who are gay. She must have an awesome PR staff.

  2. Dback says

    Lopez has had some harsh press in the past, and her “diva-esque” demands are legendary. However, give the lady her props: she’s going out on a limb big-time with this–more than many of the other past gay icons have in terms of producing results. Bravo.

  3. Adam says

    J-Lo can’t sing or act, so what makes you think her show is going to be good?

    She’s one of these no-talent people who gets a pass simply because she’s female and ‘looks good’ in a tight dress. Barf.

  4. Pete N SFO says

    People often don’t use the exact words I might choose, but she’s delivering a message that most will understand… children of gay families shouldn’t be penalized by our own government, and that’s what’s happening now.

    I welcome her voice of support.

    With only a few notable misses over a long career, this girl nearly always hits a bulls-eye. I’ll definitely check it out.

  5. Ryan says

    Adam, go watch Selena and get back to us on wether she can sing or act. She may not be the best at either, but she’s pretty good at both … and given the right role or song, can do some pretty entertaining stuff. Whatever she is, she’s not Paris Hilton

  6. rico_ysl says

    Bravo Jennifer lopez.. this is called putting your money where your mouth is… she has stated numerous times her support for LGBT issues, and marriage equality. What she hasnt done has been insincere or pandering as other starlets would do ..

    she cant sing or act.. watch Selena, Out of Sight and El Cantante and get back to me..
    while she may not be the greatest singer in teh game, she can sing and at least does more live singing the others read the reviews of her tour.. i rather hear a Artist hit a couple notes and know they are singing live… i look forward to this show

  7. AriesMatt says

    How anyone can spew ignorance and say JLo has not talent is beyond me. Dumbfounded…

    Think it’s great she’s producing such a GLBT-friendly show. I hope it has great success!

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