1. Mike Ryan says

    What a handsome guy and fine politician. If marriage equality somehow lessons your marriage then your marriage was in trouble in the first place. Great thought and statement.

  2. StevyD says

    That this action is still profound, necessary and newsworthy is sad. I year for the day when I can respond with a yahn and reply…slow news day.

  3. Cd in DC says

    knew that, he was hugging on a lady colleague when they kicked out another senator for attempted murder and such and i said “that dude’s family.” Glad he is.

  4. megan says


    Genderfluid is not the same thing as “being a closeted or latent homosexual who had, at one time, been forced to act to live the life of a straight man because of religious and/or societal pressures” which, at one end, was transitionally bisexual, and at the other, he discovered himself *after* having married.

    he *obviously* looks, dresses, and behaves in a male manner, with no intentional attempts at androgyny- he is *not* “fluid”.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    There is no indication that he had sex with a female to produce the daughter. She could be adopted. She could be a result of surrogacy. Looking into his background I see nothing indicating he was previously married (to a woman) or had a child from an intimate relationship with a woman. There is no reason to presume his daughter is a result of a heterosexual coupling but even if so, many gay males are capable of having sex with BFF’s for the purpose of having a child. That doesn’t make him less gay nor change his sexual orientation. He doesn’t say that he is bisexual. He says he is gay.

  6. Merlon says

    Adam aka bigot

    I was married for 14 years and had two children and the ENTIRE time, I knew I was gay but due to severe homophobia around me…I had to hide it. There are many closeted men who have children with women but are STILL gay. Homophobia forces that.
    You need an education.

    As for this brave, amazing, strong, loving politician in Nevada…politics could use more people like him in it. THANK YOU sir for helping your fellow LGBT! from the bottom of our heart

  7. Ryan says

    Coming out and openly living our lives is what helps change minds. If every gay person were to come out as bravely as he did, I assure you homophobic, ignorance and bigotry would be far less of a problem.