1. ChicagoR says

    Imagine what she would have said about civil rights activists in the 60s doing sit-ins at lunch counters. If they were more tolerant, they would have gotten up when nicely asked!

  2. johnny says

    Well, gee, Megyn, I’d bet the totally-warranted verbal attacks happened BEFORE the son killed himself, but let’s not let any facts get in the way of painting all gay people as intolerant jerks, OK?

  3. says

    Kelly went on to complain about those intolerant Northerners who just couldn’t not be hypocrites and respect the rights of others to own slaves.

    no – it’s not intolerant to not refuse to tolerate someone else’s intolerance.

  4. Rob says

    Hmmmm. Preconceived reporting at it’s best. Megan shall we bring up Uganda’s Kill the gays bill which has Southern Baptist Pastor Rick Warren’s dirty hands all over it. Although I don’t agree with people attacking he and his family during this awful time and find it in poor taste. Rick Warren does preach hate to a whole section of the population.

  5. Michael says

    Sorry but I’ve already bet my farm Warren’s son was gay and had mental issues stemming from having a HUGE homophobic bigot for a father.

    btw, this whole “you’re so intolerant of my intolerance” line is going down in history as one of the most pathetic aspects of this.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    Kelly is but one of innumerable reasons why I cannot and will not watch anything at anytime on the Faux Noise channel. This warped product from Rupert Murdoch is bereft of contemporary intelligence, fair play and actual trustworthy news.

  7. says

    i think there’s room, Rob, for a nuanced mention that Rick Warren has utterly contributed to a culture that has led to many LGBT people being disowned by their families and many more to take their own lives.

    he has actively played a role in creating a prejudiced culture, which has driven many young people to suicide.

    and now he knows the sting of losing your own. alas, he’ll likely not learn a bloody thing from it.

  8. says

    the issue with the Warren suicide is this – the family is dismissing it as a “lifelong battle with depression”.

    yes. sure. much easier to dismiss it as some chemical thing that a cocktail of pills either can or cannot treat. much harder to sit and be honest about the psychological factors and compounding triggers that exacerbate the experience.

    in truth – it doesn’t even matter if he was gay or not – warren and his family need to simply wonder IF he was. and IF he was how THEIR years of intolerance and prejudice were compounding factors. and how those factors have led to the deaths of countless people from, you know, OTHER families.

  9. says

    Yeah, let’s be tolerant of being officially designated “intrinsically defective ” in the Catholic doctrine catechism;
    let’s be tolerant of the gay-bashings in Greece and elsewhere this week;
    let’s be tolerant on Margaret Thatcher’s infamous Clause 28;
    let’s be tolerant of the bullying of Tyler Clementi and the killing of Matthew Shepherd;
    let’s be tolerant of DADT;
    let’s be tolerant on discrimination in the work place,ENDA;
    let’s be tolerant of gays married in the Netherlands not having the same rights as straights who married in the Netherlands all of whom live here with their American spouses;
    let’s be tolerant of the hanging of two gay boys in Iran and the stoning to death of another gay;
    let’s be tolerant of the evangelical poisoning of Uganda;
    let’s be tolerant of the pathetic pricks who quote Leviticus;
    let’s be tolerant of the Evangelical Preachers who denounce us as sinners but take rent boys on vacation, or send out for muscle sex and meth……..Reckers and that other clown.

    Megan Kelly, the stupid, know this :
    I for one am more than willing to pass judgment on you and the dumb viewers who “tolerate” your second rate garbage.

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Who are these intolerant people they are talking about? Are they actually making a news story out of random anonymous postings on the internet, or has any actual gay rights leader said something *intolerant* about the Warren suicide?

  11. says

    i think what they’re getting at, Dastius, is “it’s so intolerant that those gays and liberals are drawing parallels to the suicide of a man whose bigotry has been the cause of other people’s suicides!”

  12. Caliban says

    My guess is this is Faux News throwing a sop to the Christian Right after O’Reilly called them “Bible bangers” recently with Megyn Kelly sitting right by his side and not saying a WORD to refute it.

    They *might* have a point if “opposing gay marriage” was ALL Perkins and Warren had ever done but that is far from the case. Look at the things they have ACTUALLY said and done, not some revisionist history. There are very good reasons why the SPLC has called Perkins and the FRC a “hate group” when many others who have spoken out against gay rights were not.

  13. PeteG says

    I love how right-wingers always spin things and make it seem like they are the victims. “Why aren’t gays tolerant of our hate and ignorance towards homosexuals?” LOL!

  14. antb says

    Are we supposed to be intolerant of smart people now DH?

    When Kiwi writes he usually shows us how smart he is – and I don’t have a problem with that.

  15. Kyle says

    @Michael I have the same suspicion. There are licensed psychiatrists and psychologists part of the Christian counselling industry, which has strong ties and a lot of overlap with the ex-gay industry. Homophobic households and anti-gay “therapy” can create and/or exacerbate depression, bipolar and other illnesses. The licensed clinicians medicate the symptoms that they’re in large part responsible for and–voilà–you become part of the mainstream mental health system. This is exactly what happened to me.

    Even if he wasn’t gay, it’s implausible that his family’s fundamentalist Christianity didn’t worsen, if not create, his mental health problems. He might have recovered if he had broken away from his family and any inadequate and destructive Christian prescriptions for his real or imagined problems.

  16. says

    as a follower of Jesus Christ My heart goes out to rick warren and his family over there loss.

    as a follower of Jesus Christ I know that God loves us all and that he would walk besides us in our fight for marriage equality.

    One has nothing to do with the other

  17. Caliban says

    I have nothing nice to say about Rick Warren but I’m not going to comment about a situation I know little about, his son’s suicide. No matter his sexuality it’s a tragedy for his family.

    But seriously, how do you differentiate between Evangelical Christianity and mental illness, hearing voices that AREN’T Jesus? In either case you’re seeing the world through a lens that doesn’t match objective, observable reality.

  18. RMc says

    Awe poor baby, I’m “sorry” that I am not tolerant of your intolerance. I’m “sorry” that I choose not to bend over so Tony Perkins can bash me with his “Bible” no matter how much it pleases him the f@#k people over. GROW THE F@#K UP!!!

  19. RK says

    Let see Meghan, why don’t you ask all the parents whose gay kids committed suicide because of the hate spewed by FRC and ass wipe Perkins. I just don’t know why the LGBT movement does not do more to expose this hate organization in the mainstream.

  20. Jake says

    My prayers and thoughts are with Pastor Warren during this very difficult time. Only God can console anyone who has lost someone through such a horrific manner.

  21. zeddy says

    Sigh… auto correct. Should say:
    Should I be tolerant of her cocked head and concerned puppy dog look like she is trying to appear compassionate?

  22. says

    And of course this all started because those bad gays at Stonewall did not tolerate being harassed by the police.

    If only they had been more tolerant of police intolerance none of this current intolerance would have happened.
    those gays undermined the very thing they sought; tolerance.

    Dear Megyn, Tolerance is the last thing I’m seeking and/or giving to those who deprive me of my rights.
    “No freedom ’til we’re equal.”

  23. PAUL B. says

    In my last conversation with my very nasty sperm donor who considers himself my father, he pointed out to me how “arrogant” my community is. Same mindset as this lovely pair of christians…we think you should be grateful for the crumbs we dole out to you and quiet down. Thankfully, that will never happen again !!!

  24. Kevin says

    Funny,Perkins has said that LGBT youth kill themselves because they know they are abnormal and against god’s design.
    Where’s the compassion for them?
    And I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again,the only difference on Faux is there no counterpoint against Perkins.
    The reporters at MSNBC,CNN etc do a poor job of calling him out as well.

  25. Gerry says

    I also think that Warren’s son was gay… and it is a tragedy he killed himself, but what does that have to do with FRC and Perkins. Personal tragedy is not a golden ticket to be a bigot. The media is complicit when they egg on this nonsense narrative that gays need to be tolerant of inequality. It is just pathetic.

  26. graphicjack says

    It’s a shame those uppity gay folk think that it’s okay to be upset and criticize people who are opposing their basic human rights. Just who do these second-class citizens think they are? Megyn, let’s cut your salary and force you to be barefoot and pregnant while not allowing you property rights or a say in who you can marry… oh, and you have to grin and bear it and hey, don’t criticize us for stripping you of your rights.

  27. Zell says

    I don’t really understand Megyn Kelly, who has been at times, it must be said, a progressive voice on gay rights (for Fox News anyway). But then she says something stupid completely out of left field like this. I wonder how much of Fox News is the genuine opinion of anybody on air, if any.

  28. simon says

    They are now playing victims because of some anonymous online comments? The internet is full of insane comments both from the right and the left. They don’t seem to have anything more meaningful to discuss.

  29. emjayay says

    Wow, Rick Warren has put on ten or twenty pounds a year since Obama’s first inauguration. I thought there was something about gluttony somewhere in their Bible.

  30. emjayay says

    Rick Warren’s statements are a smokescreen to divert attention from several aspects of his son’s suicide. First, this just might show that America’s Best Christian Family living a Purpose Driven Life might just have had some problems. And as many have suggested, maybe one was that the son knew he was gay. He doesn’t want any attention directed to any kind of problem in his family. He stated that it happened in “a momentary wave of despair” after “a fun evening together with Kay and me.” So the family was all together having a lovely Ozzie and Harriet and the kids evening and the son went off and did it. No connection: happy loving family, suicidal kid.

    And second, what access did Matthew have to a gun? If he had lifelong mental problems, was he able to buy a gun anyway (how old was he?) or did Rick have one lying around where he could get to it?

    Rick Warren’s statement and complaints about hateful comments (because he is a hateful person and the internet makes it easy) are self serving diversions. He has a multimillion dollar business to protect.

  31. Acronym Jim says

    David Hearne has already relinquished his credibility by posting under several different sockpuppet nyms on the earlier Paris assault thread.

    I’m cross-posting my comment about that here:

    We now know that David Hearne/DHearne/Oh dear/bobby/DH/Hagatha/Sean are all the same person.

    We also know that NOM’s tactics are to establish a division between equal rights for GBLT movement and the ongoing African-American community’s continuing struggle against stereotyped discrimination.

    I suspect that David Hearne et “al” is a NOM crony.

    He and NOM generally, fail for one reason. We as GLBT citizens are comprised of every race, nationality, gender and sex.

    NOM just doesn’t get it. Sexual orientation is ubiquitous and unchosen across every community regardless of race, nationality OR sexual “preference”. The cluelessness of NOM continues to astound.

  32. ratbastard says

    Truth is SOME gay ‘advocates’ ARE intolerant. All you have to do is read TR posts, to see that. I grew up in environments surrounded by especially so-called ‘progressives’, and always have found many self-described ‘advocates’ be extremely rigid in thinking, neurotic and intolerant. By the time I was a teenager, my personal impression of many people who got off lecturing others [subject doesn’t matter, ‘radical’ environmentalist, Jesus freaks, PC freaks, etc.] is most are contrary to the image they attempt to project, highly narcissistic individuals who project their own ‘bad’ inner thoughts. Many also just enjoy the attention and ability to have influence and power over others.

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