1. says

    Chris Kluwe always talks such common sense. It’s always direct, without the BS.

    The idea of any NFL player having a problem with another player because he is gay is so absurd as to be laughable…..
    “Boo hoo hoo…..he’s looking at my a$$…”

    If any NFL player did have or express any reservation about a gay player then his team mates should just give him a good kick in the hole until he “grows the f**k up”.

    It’s the sheer stupidity of this whole topic that gets to me…. the idea of not mixing with gays is an old absurd hang-up from an old era.
    Everyone ( except the delusional) has moved on.

  2. Geoff says

    Yes, indeed, it bears repeating: losing one’s ability to oppress others is NOT oppression! There are even more martyrs in the wings waiting to whine and screech. We shall see.

  3. Preludes says

    What an awesome guy!

    As for Anderson: Everywhere I look. I so sick seeing his frosty mug on Towleroad and the Huffington Post, it’s become just too much over the years…

  4. stan says

    Kluwe, these players with concerns have the same rights to their opinion as the homosexual players. If you do not like that, you need to be quiet! I won’t use such low class word as you, a so-called professional of the NFL. Oh, and by the way, I have homosexual friends, who I hug and love in spite of our differences. Just a poor representation of tolerance, Chris.

  5. Gabe R L says

    While I admire Kluwe and thinks what he said is mostly spot-on (a lot of his fellow players behave like they are still in middle school)still I have an objection. After all, given all the unnecessary ‘jock’ worship in American gay male life it is not implausible that a gay player will look at a teammate’s body with desire. What is important is that he not openly express that desire besides looking if there appears to be no sign of interest. I have to agree with Stan that players with objections have a right to express those objections, so long as they do not make threats of commit acts of violence. And Chris using vulgar language so much makes him look common. He should be mature enough himself to be above that. Still, I do greatly admire Chris, and hope that I am as brave as he is.

  6. Spectra says

    Thank you, Chris Kluwe, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I wouldn’t be worried about being in the gym locker with a lesbian. Why would I worry about that? The likelihood is she wouldn’t even be thinking about me. Like everyone else, she’s probably too busy thinking about everything she has to do after she leaves the gym, like putting gas in the car, what to make for dinner, family obligations, that sort of thing.
    And if a woman hits on me, all I would have to say is “I’m flattered, but I’m straight.” It’s hardly a traumatic incident.

  7. vwdavy says

    Men are men. Gay or GLBTQ, if there is another guy around, clothed or not, we check him out and compare ourselves to him. It’s a primal urge that men have. Deniers are purely liars. Chris Kluwe and Brendon Abijindao in football, and Brandon McCarthy in baseball, et al, are the future of national sportsmen. Their views of equality for all people is where the rest of the US is evolving to. Wake up, join up, or be left behind to your ever shrinking world of acceptance of your beliefs.

  8. Bill says


    You want other people to be tolerant of the homosexual choice, but in saying so, you are being more intolerant than those you criticize. You don’t respect their choice to have moral beliefs on the topic. The hypocrisy is laughable.

  9. Brandon says

    I truely love when morality is brought into this arguement. Since when is hating a person, or even not liking them, for doing nothing to you moral? This country was built on something greater than any religion. Equality for all is at the core of the Constitution and is the reason you can pray to whatever god you choose openly. Why deny someone who doesn’t want to hurt anyone and probably has the same religious beliefs as you, albeit no longer in the dark ages, the right to be happy? Denying any American equal rights to the happiness you get to have makes you the hypocrite. Hate is immoral. Unjustified hate is a sin.

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