Log Cabin Republicans Take Out Full-Page Politico Ad Demanding GOP Stop Being So Anti-Gay


The Log Cabin Republicans took out a full-page ad in Politico today demanding the GOP widen its tent for LGBT Americans. The ad proclaims:

“Reagan’s Big Tent Isn’t What it Used to Be…”

“If the Republican Party wants to win future elections and set this country back on sound financial footing, it must put an end to its obsession with opposing equal rights for LGBT Americans. The GOP’s focus should be on bringing together existing members, reclaiming former Republicans, and attracting new voters. According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, the freedom to marry is supported by 81 percent of adults younger than 30. If you don’t make the tent bigger, you might as well fold it up and go home.”

AngeloSaid LCR executive director Gregory Angelo:

Some Republicans just don’t get it. Despite widespread and growing public support for marriage equality and the need to focus on increasing our numbers in the wake of the crushing electoral defeats of 2012, an element of the GOP remains hell-bent on emphasizing exclusion over inclusion.

Make no mistake: as Log Cabin Republicans, we want to win elections, and if the Republican Party wants to do the same it needs to take a stand against anti-gay rhetoric in its ranks and welcome the increasing numbers of Republicans who support the freedom to marry. Our ad today in Politico should be a wake-up call to Republicans and a reminder of the words of President Reagan, who, in describing his ‘big tent’ conservative philosophy, declared, ‘It is not your duty, responsibility or privilege to tear down, or attempt to destroy, others in the tent.’ Let’s make the tent bigger. Let’s get the Republican Party back on a path to victory.


  1. Wilberforce says

    Years ago at the rally after Pride, I stopped by the LCR booth to chat. They were obsessed with tax cuts and government conspiracies and all the other GOP talking points. I got the impression that they didn’t care two straws about gay rights.

  2. Bill says

    Nice try, boys. I know every Republican likes to invoke the name of Reagan but he and his administration were no paragons of gay-supportive virtue. It was his and his handlers’ flirtation with the Moral Majority and others in the Christian Right that got this former Republican to switch party affiliation in 1980 and never look back. And don’t get me started about the Reagan administration’s silence and neglect during the early and darkest days of the AIDS crisis. Good luck getting today’s Republican party to repent of their homo-hating ways but citing Reagan as an exemplary reason to do so is just plain wrong.

  3. e.c. says


    Ok, you do understand that even Saint Ronnie wasn’t talking about “The Gays” (except for Nancy’s besties maybe) when he talked about inclusiveness. Face it, as long as the religious reich is the core base of the GOP – and they spent the last couple decades making sure that was the case – they will never ever ever support gay rights in any form.

  4. anon says

    They would have to undo the Buckley-Nixonian “Southern Strategy” used to such great effect to elect Reagan, Bush and Bush II first, and I don’t see that happening. Essentially, we’d need a third national party.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    It’s inevitable that the only way for the true Republicans to get the party back on track is to separate from the Religious Right. They have been allowed to completely decimate and ill advise what could have been a political party worth being a member of. The viewpoints of the right have carried the Republican party, as it stands, to the finish line.

  6. excy says

    Pack up the tent, throw it in the trunk and head for the hills. This is a horrible expensive ad…an image of two old white guys looking like losers.
    Since when was Ronald Reagan so supportive of LGBT citizens in the USA? 21,000 Americans had already died as a result of health issues related to AIDS before he even mentioned the word in public….and at that time a huge percentage of people with HIV/AIDS in the USA were gay men.
    I just don’t get this obsession to be invited to the party when you are clearly not wanted.

  7. Thomas says

    This country needs a serious libertarian party (not the Rand Paul/Ron Paul/Paul Ryan model, either). Republicans long ago became obsessed with social rules as others have noted already, and while they give lip service to fiscal restraint it’s only when that restraint applies to programs that provide a social safety net while serving the interests of elites. If the people at LCR or GOProud had brains they’d throw their efforts into supporting a viable third party alternative.

  8. Kenny C says

    Being a Log Cabin Republican is like being an African American Mormon! READ your history people! You are being played like a violin!

  9. mike says

    Saint Reagan did and said nothing about AIDS while thousands were dying. Any LGBT group that uses him positively in an ad is irrelevant to the community it pretends to represent.

  10. David Hearne says

    You guys are hilarious. You remind me of “gay rights activists” who live in San Francisco, LA, DC, or NYC. Yeah, because that’s where the heavy lifting is.

    One more time: exactly which year are you claiming as the watershed year for Democratic Party support and acceptance of gay people and gay rights issues? Come on, answer the question. It shouldn’t be difficult if you are truly certain that the Democratic Party has been our best friend for, like (gum snapping) evah! What year? Come on, what year? Last year? Two years ago? Ten years ago? Surely you have an answer.

    In the House, 118 Democrats voted for Doma. Two voted “present” and 13 did not vote at all. To this you would counter with how many Republicans voted for it, but that’s not really relevant to my question is it? When did the Democratic Party start supporting gay rights? Obviously, it wasn’t 1996.

  11. Mary says

    Given the realities of politics and the constituency he appealed to in the 1960s-1980’s it isn’t likely Reagan could have done much about gay rights even if he wanted to. However, he DID oppose a California bill which would have made it legal to fire public school teaches simply for being gay. LCR recognizes that this was a LIBERAL position back in 1977 and rightly gives Reagan credit for holding it. No doubt Reagan influenced other conservatives and gay teachers in that state had safety from job discrimination.

    But my guess is that Log Cabin’s real purpose is not to be a Republican equivalent of the gay groups that work within the Democratic party. It’s goal is to provide respectability to heterosexual Republicans who want to make the party pro-gay or at least less homophobic. When I switched from anti-gay to pro-gay in my views,I was glad that there existed a Republican organization that supported equality and called on other Republicans to do the same. I never bothered with GOProud because they weren’t liberal enough. Although I’m not sure it would be wise to wear an LCR pin at a meeting of social conservatives!

  12. says

    The Republicans need to dump the right-wing social conservatives if they want to survive. Right after the election it seemed like they were open to change…but now it seems like they are backtracking. They may be digging their own political graves…

  13. mike says

    “One more time: exactly which year are you claiming as the watershed year for Democratic Party support and acceptance of gay people and gay rights issues?”

    This administration. So, probably 2011, 2012… but even better 2013. Yeah, it’s recent, but you are being dishonest if you are proposing that the Democrats have been more hostile to LGBT people than the GOP. Don’t even try. No one buys that.

  14. David Hearne says

    I think that the real size and power of the evangelicals is over estimate both by the party and the nation. Yes, they are out there in force, but haven’t we also been told that Iraq had the world’s second largest standing army and that N Korea has some immense army? Meaningless statistics, because power isn’t simply numbers, it’s deployability.

    When the Mormons count their ranks, they include everyone who has ever set foot inside their church up to age 115 or something like that. In short, they lie. The same is true of Southern Baptists. If someone joined the First Baptist Church of Anniston at birth, they count him as a member even though he’s now thirty and living in the Castro.

    The GOP panders to the religious right for the same reason that the DNC panders to black bible thumpers. Because the churches can generate turn out. The only reason the black churches support the Democrats and not the Republicans is because Democrats promise to maintain and expand welfare, social services, and housing assistance.

  15. David Hearne says

    Mike – I didn’t say that the Democrats have been more hostile than the Republicans, but thanks for playing your DU game. My point, obvious to all but an idiot, is that it took work and years of putting up with anti-gay BS inside the DNC to get to where we are there. These idiots say, “The GOP is mean, so don’t bother.” That’s because these people are dishonest. Their objection to the GOP isn’t that it’s hostile to gay people, their objection is that the GOP is for secure borders, immigration control, the Second Amendment and other issues.

  16. rick scatorum says

    Even if repubs stopped being homophobic, their policies are still about helping rich people and corporations, and screwing the remaining 90%, the environment, non Americans, women…

    Evil and soulless

  17. rick scatorum says

    A repub once complained about Kerry to me because he didn’t support marriage equality. Meanwhile bush wanted to amend the constitution against it. Truly delusional nonsensical fools

  18. David R. says

    The Reagan Revolution has been a disaster for this country (and others): pay less taxes but keep demanding civilized services. It’s still voodoo economics.

  19. TonyJazz says

    I would never be a member, but I somewhat admire the LCRs. I agree that they are associated with a party that is homophobic, but they are no where near as bad as GOProud.

    GOProud would more likely run an ad about why we should be ashamed to be gay.

    At least, the LCRs have come out in favor of gay marriage (though it took them long enough).

  20. dommyluc says

    Yes, PLEASE dry up and blow away. Or go get laid – there are plenty of closeted Republican senors who need a covert blowjob.

    And BTW, that pic of the guy looks like he’s auditioning for the role of Mama Rose in “Gypsy”.

    “I had a dream! A dream about Newt, baby!”

  21. mike says

    @David. Thanks for elevating the conversation and calling me an idiot. Regardless, you’re wrong. The GOP is partly defined by its conservative social agenda, whether you like it or not. At worst the Democrats have been defined as fairweather friends. You can rattle off Bill Clinton’s betrayals, but even with that, the scorecard is pretty clear. Any “idiot” can see that.

  22. MateoM says

    Mike, that’s what David does on this site all the time. His responses frequently feature calling other commenters “idiots.” He’s a troll, and has numerous aliases with which he uses to spew homophobic, misogynistic, anti-femme, racist and generally bigoted bs. Just ignore him. Don’t feed the troll.

  23. XoMoDe says

    Crock of sh!t. If that’s how the LCR’s feel, then they should just be Democrats. I’m tired of seeing all of these attempts to make the Republicans turn Democrat-lite. Doing that won’t do anything but make them lose their identity and base, which will REALLY empower the Democrats, while groups like the Tea Party become stronger. If you’re a Republican BE a Republican. If you don’t like what’s in the Republican platform (traditional marriage), then move along to that other political “tent.”

    As far as “81%” goes…historically, young voters have been the least likely to get out to the polls. They only vote when they’re forced to or feeling especially energized. It’s the over 35 crowd who have always made it their business to vote every time…and the over 35 crowd is much more mixed on gays marrying.

    Furthermore, lets stop acting like the Democrats have gained a sizable lock on the country over Republicans. Obama didn’t beat Romney in a landslide victory. It was very, very close and not all of his supporters were rich old white men who were 5 minutes away from death. He had young supporters, female supporters, poor supporters…and even gay supporters.

    That ad is both patronizing and silly, and in the end won’t do nothing but make the greater Republican party take the LCR’s even seriously than they did before. Again, if you want a Democratic style leadership, then vote Democrat.

  24. David Hearne says

    XoMoDe -Your post appears to rely on the belief that the only issue a gay person should care about is gay rights. At this point gay rights is near realization and more likely to be topped off by the courts than the legislatures. There are more pressing issues at the moment, most of which the Democratic Party has wrong, because the Democratic Party is currently being disproportionately influenced by so-called “progressives” and others in line with international socialists including most of the black Democrats.

    The security of the America border and population is more important than gay marriage.

    The invasion of America by 12 million illegal aliens is more important than gay marriage.

    The invasion of The West by Islam is more important than gay marriage.

    The Democratic politicians spending states like California into bankruptcy is more important than gay marriage.

    Preserving the right to keep and bear arms without infringement is more important than gay marriage.

    Stopping the endless and wasteful government nannyism is more important than gay marriage.

    For all the whining and kvetching about marriage discrimination, the simple truth is that most gay couples neither need it nor benefit from it. Ask any gay couple in business or anticipating a bankruptcy if they would be better off married, the answer would be “No.”

  25. mike says

    That’s a lot of words, David, just to say “my bigotry is more important than you’re bigotry”.

    (Sorry Mateo… had to throw the troll one more biscuit)

  26. mike says

    David Hearne… not your blog… not your place who to tell to shut up. I get from your rant that you fear brown people more than gay rights and you resent gay people who don’t. Cool. We can move on now. See you in a different thread. No doubt you’ll have the last word here.

  27. FFS says

    Leave it to the LCR to always get it wrong.

    We’ve finally turned the wedge issue of gay rights around on the a-holes that used it against the dems to get Shrubby #2 re-elected, the party of hate is imploding upon itself and these nudnicks want to get in the way of all that. Braintrusts!

  28. northalabama says

    republicans don’t need to separate themselves from religious right wing extremists, they simply need to ignore them and do what’s right for voters. why? where else are religious zealots going to go?

    the mistake the republicans keep making are with their efforts to pander to a small, fringe group of religious nuts that need the republican party much more than the republican party needs the rhetoric.

    go ahead, form a third party, and the battle is over – the democrats win. it would be political suicide.

  29. David Hearne says

    So note that again Mike offers no substance. He simply calls me a racist and declares victory. Let me guess: You think Howard Zinn was “simply brilliant!”

  30. David Hearne says

    Mike – As far as I can tell, the color of ones skin does not change when he becomes a legal resident. By the same token, he does not necessarily become an American patriot when he becomes a citizen as we recently saw in Boston. Funny then, that when I complain about illegal aliens which is a function of national origin not race, or when I complain about the invasion of Islam which is largely by caucasians, you make the leap to a racial accusation. And yet, I made no disparaging remarks about Puerto Ricans or Cubans or legal Mexican-immigrants, did I? Of course those are nationalities, not racial designations and surely you knew that as well.

    So Mike, you’re pretty much just a whiny little liar, aren’t you?

  31. Brad Naksuthin says

    As long as Republicans seek the support of the Christian evangelicals….Log Cabin Republicans will only be tolerated during election time.
    The rest of the time they will be considered an abomination to God and a perversion of the “natural order”

    Repent! change your ways!

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