1. steve says

    …a celebrity needs a kickstarter? Alec Mapa doesn’t have $25,000 to fund his own project with? There’s a part of me that just feels like he’s cheap and wants to get the public to fund his own creative projects.

  2. Duration & Convexity says

    @ steve…and there’s a part of me that thinks you have an innate distrust of gay people, and use stories like this to reaffirm your own disdain and prejudice against the community. Might want to iron that out before getting preaching about the social volunteerism of other folks.

  3. jj says

    I agree with Steve. Why can’t Mapa finance this himself? True, he’s a minor celebrity – but he certainly has enough of his own money to bankroll his various vanity projects, of which this clearly is.

    If he were straight, I would say the same thing. And I feel the same about Zach Braff.

    Of course, there’s nothing to stop anyone from giving Mapa their hard-earned cash should they choose to do so, but I would caution those who think that it’s “prejudice” if you don’t. Just because a project is gay, doesn’t automatically mean you’re phobic by not handing money over to Mapa. It may mean you’re smart.

  4. Ed says

    Fame seems to supercede family in this case. Mapa has been a struggling comedian for years. Everyone has a story. This one may be better told in one liners.

  5. steve says

    haha, I feel the need to apologize for my first comment here…I dunno…just feel kind of guilty. I’m sure their heart is in the right place…and I’m sure it will be an amazing film…not interested in being a internet troll.

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