1. Michael says

    I love your work/site/articles, Andy, but considering that Jacobs sells dog fur, and sells it mislabeled as Fake Fur because this dog fur is cheaper than the faux fur…and the difference is by only a few dollars a coat…and OH YES he’s already a billionnaire so he doesn’t need that extra profit…and OH YES he’s stealing money from people who would NEVER by REAL dog fur by mislabeling it as Faux Fur….it is hardly surprising that Marc Jacobs is very, very convincing as an utter lowlife scumbag.

  2. john says

    He’s a sad little rich man. Take away the wealth and fame and he sad little 50 year old doing too many drugs and hanging with porn stars and paying for pros. Not my scene. Gold love him.

  3. Bollux says

    This clown has some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen outside of a trailer park. Any man who gets stars inked on his body needs a crack in the mouth with a tire iron. Then if the Red M&M, Spongebob and Kermit weren’t juvenile enough, he has an image of his own caricature from The Simpsons, and a horrific ragdoll version of himself on his forearm, replete with the same crappy tattoos. Then there’s the classy ‘Bros before hos’ motto. Stay classy, you aging gay millionaire.

  4. mario says

    Marc Jacobs is the most cruel person in the world! He tortures a talented young girl. He’s been stalking her since she was 16 years old. He fool loed her with love and sexually harassed her. He stole her designes and uses her talent. She is called Angel Barta. Read the details on: styleangelique. blogspot. com

  5. Brad says

    Wow. Bitter…party of 50. Easy to tear down a man you only know from information culled from gossip rags and paparazzi pics. Sheesh, let him live his life.

  6. keating says

    Marc Jacobs is a great talent. He should live his life the way he wants. But his association with all things porn is getting a little tired. As a fashion designer he should realize he needs to freshen up his image.

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