1. Robert says

    Xtina queen in a club: OMG IT’S XTINA GET THE F OUT OF MY WAY BITCHES

    Mariah queen in a club: OMG is this Mariah? OMG IT’S MARIAH. *flails arms*

    Both of them are so over, but I gotta say, the Mariah queens are a lot more fun than the Xtina queens.

  2. graphicjack says

    #POW… A+mazing, dahling. Lawd, she can’t judge on American Idol, but there’s no denying she can sing. Only issue… I find a lot of her music boring, and her personality insufferable.

  3. Robert says

    Mariah is very talented. For me, she peaked with the fantastic album ‘Music Box’ – it’s a classic album. Anything after that were clearly to keep her in the spotlight. she amassed an amazing 20 Billboard Hot 100 # 1 singles (tied with The Beatles for the most # 1 singles).

    Her last single “Almost Home” from the soundtack to OZ: Great and Powerful was under-rated and pretty good.

    I am not a big fan of Mariah but am looking forward to some good new tracks and remixes.

    Can’t wait.

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