1. Profe Sancho Panza says

    I’ve always appreciated actors willing to tackle all kinds of projects: here are two great King Lears (Kings Lear?) doing a sitcom! (It’s hard to imagine some American actors of equivalent stature doing a half-hour comedy.) And Frances de la Tour is invariably wonderful. I hope the writing is good.

  2. Strepsi says

    I Loooooove these two actors!

    Also hilarious: when I saw Ian McKellen on ALan Carr’s “Chatty Man”, the show was called VICIOUS OLD QUEENS.
    They’ve tamed it back to just “Vicious”

  3. David says

    It won’t be sold for syndication in the US. As usual, the rights will be bought and someone will do a lame US version that pales to the original.

  4. emjayay says

    They are playing it with a traditional British stagey sitcom adjustment. I’d watch it anyway. Maybe PBS will buy it because it’s progressive and in that style and you can only run Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances for a certain number of decades.

  5. UFFDA says

    It appears to me that these are disheartening creatures, sarcastic, snarky stereotypes of unwholesome gay men self-imprisoned in a dismal airless relationship. Bleh I say, there’s much better company almost anywhere.

  6. says

    Ummm…why do they fan their hands about and talk in this queeny fashion?

    Many British straight folk will adore it, not just for the actors involved, but for how the show maintains a stereotype of gay men that utterly unrepresents how we live nowadays.

    Frankly, I’m bewildered by McKellen and Jacobi prepared to take on something so homophobic and tiresome and old-hat.

    And I loathe the title. Some gays, like anybody else, might be vicious, but that excludes all those others of us who aren’t.

  7. says

    This does not look good. Top-drawer actors (McKellen, Jacobi and de la Tour) having to deal with such tired tropes and stale stereotypes.

    I’m of their generation, and I’ve lived through that time, but, gawd knows, it’s no longer funny, and certainly not cutting-edge comedy.

    But then again, I no longer find golliwogs funny either.