1. says

    except for when it’s not. like when all those infertile straight couples marry.

    or those stories local news likes to report about about two octogenarians who meet again, after 60 years, in an Old Folks Home, and marry.

    unless he thinks they’re gonna consummate their marriages and procreate….

  2. Bill says

    Why is it that marriage is ‘all about procreation,’ ONLY when a gay couple wishes to marry?

    There’s a reason you’re a grown man paid to play-act the words and ideas of others, Mr Irons.

    Stick to that, you putz.

  3. Ted says

    “Irons added later that he wishes he’d “buttoned [his] lip” about the issue.” Me too!!!!

  4. Markt says

    Some people are so self-involved that they are rendered stupid. Whatever marriage was about for Him is what marriage is about. The institution of marriage can be “debased” by others (gays) but not by the mess He makes of it. People should be allowed to smoke because He wants to smoke, etc. If he “hates rules” so much then why not change the marriage rules? Oh, because it confuses him – especially when he looks at his handsome son and thinks about having sex with him. If I were him I’d want to pretend to be someone else too. He’s in the right line-of-business.

  5. Jack M says

    I plan to avoid watching any films or TV shows in which he appears. The very sight of this ignorant man makes me sick at this point. I wonder what his fellow Brits think of him.

  6. Jay says

    Mr Irons –

    You have been married twice. The first marriage produced no children. Why is that?

    Your second marriage to 30-year-old Sinead Cusack in 1978 only produced 2 children: Sam (1978) and Max (1985). Seems like there were a number of wasted years of marriage where children were NOT being produced. Can you account for your not procreating?

    And now, the rumor mill has it that you have an “open marriage”… Doesn’t THAT change the defintion of marriage? Or did you change that part of your wedding vows?

    Move on, you self-inflated nothing!

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Disingenuous much, Jeremy? No one who thinks gay marriage is *wonderful* would ever say it debases anything.

  8. Rob says

    Sad that some people never know when to just shut it. I join the, I expect, growing chorus of those who wish he had just buttoned that lip. His argument is specious, yet he thinks it profund. Sad really. I used to admire his craft. I don’t know that I can anymore what with being aware of the smug and smarmy twit behind the words.

  9. Rob says

    Sad that some people never know when to just shut it. I join the, I expect, growing chorus of those who wish he had just buttoned that lip. His argument is specious, yet he thinks it profund. Sad really. I used to admire his craft. I don’t know that I can anymore what with being aware of the smug and smarmy twit behind the words.

  10. Randy says

    I’m a non-smoker, and I want to get smoking banned from apartments and condos, but I totally agree with Jeremy on smoking outdoors (or for that matter, in designated smoking shops, which is illegal here for some ridiculous reason).

    But as to the rest, it’s kind of funny watching this meltdown continue and expand. I don’t think I’ll be seeing his upcoming films or whatever. His stupid is just going to burn through the character (or narration etc) and ruin it.

  11. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    We know that marriage hasn’t *always* been about procreation because the first two Christian wingnut emperors, Constantius II and Constans, outlawed same-sex marriage in 342 CE. Obviously, same-sex marriage was part of society before that year. If not, why would the these two Christian emperors have outlawed it?

  12. Wilberforce says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is what you get when you value people for looks over brains.

  13. GregV says

    According to his own (Catholic) religious tradition, his first (childless) marriage is the only valid one, and his two children are born of an adulterous relationship which he continues with his now-past-menopause mistress.
    Almost invariably, the people who criticize gay relationships (Maggie Gallagher, Newt Gingrich et al) have failed to live up to what they proclaim as their own standards. They seem to try to absolve themsleves of guilt by projecting their own relationship failures onto other people even when those others may be completely happy and able to maintain integrity in their own relationships.

  14. Janice says

    I just threw away any movie I owned that had this pompous, smug, self-congratulatory twit in it. I can’t stand to look at the little jerk. Hope he stops getting hired for his stupid sounding uppercrust accent now that he has revealed himself to be such a conservative, small-minded a-hole.

  15. Demian says

    Obviously he’s got many gay friends given his profession. They should all throw him a party to celebrate his coming out as a colossal git.

  16. Bernie says

    and I wish he would have buttoned his…………at least we know now where he stands and why he sounded so iditotic about fathers and sons marrying………

  17. says

    What an insulting little bollox he is;
    so my brother and his wife who would love to be able to have a kid are somehow less married than couples with children ?

    This prat should stick to his one dimensional performances, whether Brideshead or The Borgias; his opinions on social issues are equally one dimensional, and ignorant.

  18. Markt says

    To Wilberforce – Thanks for that small piece of very personal wisdom. I’m sure you’re valued for much more than your brains.

  19. CAnaivePeter says

    When my mother married my stepfather, they were both in their late 50’s. Procreation was the furthest thing from their minds and I don’t think they thought they were changing the definition of marriage one iota. I guess it’s time for me to throw out my poster from “The Rover”.

  20. says

    We can certainly agree on that, UFFDA. 😉

    Seriously, someone needs to introduce his mouth to duct tape or, better yet, Krazy glue.

  21. peterparker says

    I wish there was a way to tweet at this moron, but none of the twitter accounts with his name in them actually seem to be owned by him.

  22. JONES says

    ‘Smug and smarmy twit’

    ‘Specious, yet he thinks himself profound’

    ‘Uninformed moron’

    ‘Self-inflated’ ‘pompous a-hole’

    and might I add … whose now thrice revealed ignorance is just too loathsome to bear.

  23. lock says

    apparently this paragon of virtue sees nothing wrong with going up to any woman and fondling her buttocks if he thinks she’s good looking!
    I earnestly hope and pray the next one is a “big ole’ lesbian” that smacks him so hard in the mouth he has to sit on his food to eat!

  24. Fenrox says

    Oh, you moron, IT HAS NEVER EVER BEEN ABOUT THAT, INCLUDING NOW. Also, as an aside, why do so many people think we need more babies? If these crazies think the world is this horrible chaotic sin filled place, just wait until refugees fill every city on the planet due to over-crowding wars. Oh wait, they will just flip and become the crazies that push genocide (Read a book!)

  25. Ish says

    He’s lost me at procreation. Really? This one gets the Grade A senile stamp of approval.

  26. Seattle Mike says

    What a stupid, smug, self-righteous little prick. Good luck with your career. Maybe he and Mel Gibson should make a movie together?

  27. RMc says

    No it isn’t. My sister’s infertile marriage proves it. My post menopausal third marriage proves it. Lastly, my heterosexual besties who have chosen that they never want to have nor raise children but are married proves that marriage is not now nor has it ever been about “procreation”. Bristol Pailn and Maggie Gallagher still procreated without getting married to the fathers of their bastards.

  28. Andrew says

    Marriage has always been about an man owing a woman so he can legally rape her when he likes and the children are legally his heirs. Never forget marriage was the original slavery.

  29. says

    About procreation? What about sterile couples? Furthermore, as other posters have pointed out, your first marriage produced NO CHILDREN–so why were you married, then?

  30. Roman Bolliger says

    What is the difference between Jeremy Irons and the Iron Lady?
    Margaret Thatcher is dead.

  31. Billy Crytical says

    Jeremy Irons was in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” One of the producers, Perry Moore, was gay. He killed himself a couple years ago.

  32. Mike W says

    This is the man now into a third season of playing the Borgia Pope with marriages arranged for sealing power deals not procreation. Has he not been paying attention?

  33. scollingsworth says

    No Jeremy, historically it’s been about the transfer of property, namely the woman, from one man, her father, to another, her soon-to-be husband, so that he can be assured that any property she may begat, her children, can be ascribed to his list of acquisitions. Procreation happens regardless of marriage.

  34. Dan Cobbb says

    Wow, what a moron. This guy is a total and utter moron. And no, lung cancer cases have gone DOWN for men. Sorry Jeremy, you’re a total and utter moron. So vile. What a bully! Markt’s comments have it right.

  35. Skeptical Cicada says

    I stopped listening after the first insulting “clarification.” To hell with him.

  36. Jim says

    Does this man never stop? He wants to button up but keeps on talking nonsense? Is he that desperate for publicity? Your career gone rocky, Jeremy? Will you do anything to get your name in print? Putz.

  37. bambinoitaliano says

    Some actors are not smart enough to form a thought. Case in point Jeremy Iron. What he needs not only on set but in his regular life, a script. Because that’s all he is good at reading someone else words.

  38. Bill (not the same one who posted above) says

    @Mike W: Irons doesn’t have to pay attention. He’s an actor. He has to recite his lines convincingly. He doesn’t have to really understand them, although that presumably helps.

    BTW, Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia has a scene in which two men liked each other so much that they swore never to be parted. The San Francisco Opera production (2011) staged it by including a same-sex kiss.

  39. Michael says

    Marriage has always historically been about procreation.

    Since when is “3 or 4 weeks” considered “always historically”?

  40. integral says

    Guess we’d better outlaw straight marriage then, wouldn’t want fathers marrying their daughters for tax purposes.

  41. Jaxtall says

    So he wouldn’t mind if I patted his bottom as we all need to touch when we feel like it….who knew he was such an Idiot?!?

  42. Fahd says

    The 3rd season of the Borgias at least episodes one and two are awful …talk about jumping the shark.

    As George Will has remarked the opposition to gay marriage is literally dying out.

    Jeremy Irons is no spring chicken.

    Oh and just to hurl a hurtful gratuitous insult at him (really his son) – his son’s head has a funny shape!

  43. BamaGuy1024 says

    No idiot Jeremy Irons, it is NOT about making babies. If it were only for procreation then we should not allow anyone who is infertile to marry, and we should require anyone who applies for a marriage license to be tested to prove fertility and to sign documents swearing to procreate on pain of losing their marriage certification. If its all about procreation we should not allow anyone over the age of 47 to marry. Jeremy Irons you imbecile, you have lost me as a fan forever. Shame on you, idiot

  44. Carolyn says

    So basically the man isnt allowed an opinion. However much you dont agree with something I am afraid he is entitled to it. Also isnt it a bit stupid throwing away his films Janice, you are watching them for the character he is playing, not the man.