Michelle Shocked Tells Piers Morgan She’s Not Homophobic, Audience Couldn’t Accept Her ‘Reality': VIDEO


Singer Michelle Shocked joined Piers Morgan last night for her first interview since her "God hates fags" rant which caused cancelation of her entire tour.

ShockedMorgan asked her about the rant, and she gave a (surprise) nonsensical response:

"I admit I made a mistake, Piers. If I had the chance to do it again, I don’t think I would have taken the audience up on their choice. I had presented an entire performance, and I framed it as ‘truth,’ and then I came out back for an encore, and they requested ‘reality.’ What has consequently taken place ever since then is my manifestation of how little I think of reality. I know that it’s a stock in trade for a lot of the media to present things like that’s how it really is. But I don’t think the audience was ready for the consequences of that, and I surely have not been happy with it.”

Later Morgan asked her if she is homophobic and she began giving a dumb explanation that somehow her words would have meant something else if the whole thing hadn't been recorded:

"On the surface it sounds really bad. It's not really a point worth making but the show is supposed to be live, not recorded...To me, it's an important difference but I don't think I have time to go into it right now."

Then, pressed:

"If you want to keep this simple for the audience, let me just give you a straight, 'no, I'm not homophobic'."