1. Razor says

    She just got on Piers Morgan. Would she have EVER been on Piers Morgan had she not done what she did during her encore? There is no such thing as bad publicity. Mission Accomplished.

  2. Jay says

    I absolutely hate it when “artists” tries to explain their incoherent, idiotic thought processes as “art” that isn’t understood.

    She’s not an intellect; she’s not an artist. She’s a moron and a hack, who’s only managed to fool a very specific, foolish niche market of individuals for a microscopic amount of “success.”

    An artist trying to make a statement UNDERSTANDS that statement and can articulate and defend that statement — even if the art itself is a caricature or an abstraction.

    Ugh…She needs to go away.

  3. Todd says

    I know my opinion will run counter to most, but I actually feel sorry for her. She is obviously deeply disturbed and uncomfortable enough with who she really is to be open to manipulation by some extremist religion. I saw her once in concert and thought her music to be quite moving (not exactly to my tastes, but I understand why people would get passionate about it). I’m obviously a gay man, and I was at the concert with an obvious lesbian friend, and we spoke to Ms. Shocked afterwards and she was really lovely to both of us. I guess that is why this saddens me more than anything. She is not a person in a position of power whose words have a great real-world impact; she is just an extremely confused woman having a public meltdown on a level that far exceeds any fame she already had.

  4. Henry Holland says

    The key line for me is “the show is supposed to be live, not recorded”. What rock has she been living under? Musicians have been recorded by fans since at least the 1940’s when recording tape was introduced, in this day and age of digital devices that can record anything, she thought no one would hit Record?

    Translation: I’m sorry I got caught.

  5. jd says

    Look, lady, people aren’t confused by what you’re saying because they’re too stupid to get your artistic vision. They’re confused because you’re too inept with the English language to string a sentence together. Somehow you were able to muster just enough grammar to make an incredibly offensive statement, and it looks like the effort blew out your Broca’s area.

  6. Joey says

    Onnyjay, if you listen to Short Sharp Shocked you would understand why anyone cares. Plus, this is really entertaining at this point. That condom suit she wore at Moe’s was a blast!

  7. Charlie says

    My guess is that Ms. Shocked is a Lesbian and cannot come to terms with it. So she went off on this rant to ‘affirm’ her heterosexuality. The people who are most anti-gay frequently do that before coming to terms with it. It is this deep conflict that renders her incoherent on this issue.

    If this is the case and she comes out then some people will find some compassion for her. And some people will never be able to let go of their anger. As the saying goes ‘Love the bigot but hate the bigotry.’

  8. Homer says

    If her explanation was meant to elicit some clarity or context into her rant – she failed at it. Admitting that she made a mistake was a good start but then she obfuscates and ends up sounding arrogant by stating that the audience wasn’t ready for “her reality”? While some people inspire fascination as they metaphorically crash and burn, Michelle Shocked isn’t one of them. Strangely, I agree with @Todd – I feel sorry for her too.

  9. steve says

    she reminds me of people I went to highschool with, and with co-workers who consider themselves “artists” but are just kind of…crazy…and bratty.

  10. bobbyjoe says

    Many of the people who heard the live show– not the recording of it– got up and walked out and/or yelled back at Shocked for being a hateful idiot.

    So what was that she was saying about how the taped version left a different impression than the live version?

  11. Fahd says

    Her utterances are nonsensical gibberish – I hope she has someone to care for her – otherwise she’s going to wind up as a bag lady very soon.

  12. jamal49 says

    Sorry, Michelle, but your “reality” is my nightmare. You’re an evangelical christian which means you are a royal flaming @$$hole.

    You’ve had your say. Now sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck up.

    Your career is still over and praise Jesus for that!

  13. Craig S says

    I’m willing to entertain the possibility that she just phrased herself badly and wasn’t really intending to make a homophobic point, as she claimed in her initial statement about the incident. However, even if that is actually the truth, playing the “misunderstood artist” card isn’t the way you’re going to get past it — that only serves to bolster the initial perceptions and undermine your efforts at damage control.

    You’re not entitled to the benefit of the doubt just because you ask for it, lady. You gotta earn it by walking the walk.

  14. andrew says

    I think she said: it doesn’t really matter because the springs are coming out of the floor boards anyway. She couldn’t have made it any clearer!

  15. Nelson says

    I’m gonna make this as simple as I can, and pardon me Sweet Brown for lifting your signature catch phrase, but nobody has time for this. On one hand, she can easily be dismissed as just being a crackpot, while on the other… this woman is clearly mentally ill. She’s pretty much done. Sorry.

  16. Marc says

    I still can’t name one song with woman has ever sang. Do I dare even look her up? I’ve been following this train wreck since a couple weeks ago, and my god, it keeps on getting wreckier and wreckier.

    I know. Wreckier is not a word. But I think she’s a pretty good candidate to try it out.

  17. Mabel Hodges says

    Having two gay sisters I’ve always known who she is, but I couldn’t pick her out of a line-up or identify any of her songs. She is obviously a person with a fan base of sorts. The only good thing I can say of this is at least she was being authentic–she spoke her truth (of the moment), although it is entirely ironic since she is denying her *actual* truth, which is that she is a lesbian. I feel sadness for her sake that she believes Christian dogma. Too bad for her!

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