Mormon Church Approves of Boy Scouts’ New, Unimproved Gay Ban

The Mormon Church has given its seal of approval to the new Boy Scout proposal to allow gay scouts but continue to ban gay scout leaders, the L.A. Times reports:

MormonIn their statement Thursday, Mormon officials gave their OK to the compromise — without ever mentioning sexual orientation.

"While the church has not launched any campaign either to effect or prevent a policy change, we have followed the discussion and are satisfied that BSA has made a thoughtful, good-faith effort to address issues that, as they have said, remain ‘among the most complex and challenging issues facing the BSA and society today,' " the statement said.

The statement, noting the strong ties the church has kept with the Scouts for the past century, added, "We appreciate the positive things contained in this current proposal that will help build and strengthen the moral character and leadership skills of youth as we work together in the future."

Eagle Scout Zach Wahls Speaks Out Against Boy Scout Gay Ban: VIDEO [tlrd]
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  1. Atticus says

    Allowing young gay teens into scouting just gives hate groups like the Mormons and other religionist abusers access to try to ‘change’ them.

    You need responsible gay adults in scouting to protect kids from abusive treatment by so-called ‘straight’ Mormon and Catholic pedophiles, and fundamentalist evangelicals who would damage these young people by trying to change them.

  2. GB says

    I think it’s time for some bigger guns that Zach Wahls. He seems to be your multi-purpose weapon of normal for any occasion. Any other gays in the Boyscouts? What about scout leaders? Since you’re taking the “all or nothing” posture you need to do more, or you’re losing this one.

  3. Wayne says

    As ridiculous as this new policy is, this type of acceptance from the LDS church is quite monumental. Just a couple years ago, the official church policy was ‘same-sex attraction is a trial in life and can be changed through therapy and God’s help.’ Now they teach homosexuals are most likely born homosexual, and we need to love and accept them, but not the behavior. This is a huge change in Mormon teaching.

    So now for the next vein of logic. If homosexuals are ‘born that way’, God intended for these souls to be gay. So if God doesn’t make mistakes (Mormons believe God ‘created man that he might have joy, and no one is designed to be celibate’) then the church will eventually have to explain why God creates homosexual souls.

    Just as with blacks being excluded from full acceptance in the Mormon faith until they started looking like bigots and antiquated by the educated world–so goes the church with LGBT equality. They will slowly change so the general church population forgets they ever said, just years ago, that homosexuality is equal to pedophilia.

    As someone who grew up gay/Mormon/boy scout. This is a step in the right direction even if it is still laced with homophobia and bigotry. (The younger Mormons are much more open to their gay family and friends)

  4. UFFDA says

    The Mormon church has been screwing itself into the ground since its founding in the 1830’s thereby getting both more flaky and more substantial with the years. Money, real estate and longevity have made it more substantial while it’s transparent opportunistic adaptation to shifting social values have made it more flaky: first polygamy, then repudiation of polygamy, no blacks, then allowing blacks, no gays, now tolerance of gays…God, with no aplomb at all, just keeps changing his mind. So laughable. I joined when I was 19 (fell in love with a missionary lol (with pain), was through with it at 26 and now view it as merely interesting theater. But there are lots of very nice Momons out there, however bizarre their beliefs may be.

  5. says

    Yeah, let an adult faggot in with the young boys to teach them morailty. I’ll take the Mormons over GLAAD all the time.

  6. JONES says

    So bigotry and discrimination are parts of that ‘moral fiber’ that you want Boy Scouts taught by Mormons ?

    Go away Frank. Your hatred is noted.

  7. Young says

    “…this type of acceptance from the LDS church is quite monumental.”

    This is no change at all. It’s just a cosmetic rearrangement of the fig leaf to cover Mormon bigotry.

    Mormonism registers more instances of pedophilia (categorized by religion) than any other religion except Catholicism. (And on a per capita basis, it’s ranked #1.) Mormon opposition to gay scout leaders is just a diversion to cover up the real problem of sex abuse occurring ELSEWHERE in Mormon ‘society’.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    The Mormon Church should be shut down. It is one of the most destructive organizations in America.

  9. mic says

    Jay and GB:

    Here is the problem; The scouts will allow gay kids into the ranks, which is supposed to teach them to be the leaders of tomorrow, including future Scoutmasters.

    Unless your gay.

    Beause Gay people can’t posssssibly be leaders.


    That’s what this policy creates: More Illogical ‘moral’ superiority justifying and continuing the reinforcement of Intolerance towards gays.

    It also teaches gay scouts the biggest lie of all


    So take your soft apology for your churchy friends and shuvit.

  10. Geoff says

    Mormonosity is a revolting cult. Religion = Death…of the body, mind and soul. I knew this (intuitively) at ten. I’m nearly sixty…and nothing has changed.

  11. GB says

    The world is not a Boy Scout troop. Please provide some names of gay “leaders” who were Boy Scouts. Can’t you understand that the Mormon view is based on sex. They don’t want gay men around boys, regardless of the hetero child molester statistics. If you can’t see that as the primary issue, you’re deluded. They could care less about intolerance toward gays.

  12. Jay says

    @GB I really don’t follow you here. It is not as if we’re unaware of the intent of the policy.

  13. MIkey says

    Who gives a damn? Like anyone with a brain in their head would believe that trilians of years earlier, the earth was colonised by aliens (and it has conclusively been proven to be only around 6 billions of years old)…
    Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology fits right in with Joseph Smith. Jesus, give me a break.

  14. Chrissypoo says

    “Can’t you understand that the Mormon view is based on sex.”

    Based upon a slanderous image of gay men being child molesters.

    We could do the same stereotyping against Mormons — that they were started by sex crazed leader who married 14 year old girls in his 30s, married and had sex with other men’s wives (who he sent overseas on missions) and basically started David Koresh type incidents constantly.

    “They could care less about intolerance toward gays.”

    Absolute lie. GB your church has failed you and you defend it still.

  15. andrew says

    What do the Mormon Church and the Church of Scientology have in common? They were both founded by nut cases who were total frauds and fabricators.

  16. dillet says

    But trying to influence malleable heterosexual teens toward homosexuality wouldn’t “damage these young people by trying to change them”???

  17. andrew says

    @dillet: Who is “trying to influence malleable heterosexual teens toward homosexuality”? Give us some names. They will have as little success as those trying to influence “malleable” homosexual teens toward heterosexuality. The Reason: Sexual orientation isn’t malleable. It is inborn and unchangeabe.

  18. Leo says

    GB is a Mormon posters on here.


    Creepy, evil, lying souls.

  19. Randy says

    I’m going to buck the trend and say that theis compromise from the BSA is a good thing. Currently, they ban all gays, but even the BSA doens’t stricktly enforce it’s ban. If a troop has a gay scout and doesn’t want to oust him, then the national isn’t going to do it for them. (Unless it become very public).

    The new policy will allow all gay scouts to remain as scouts. Yes, I know, some troops will try to turn them into ex-gays, but that is going to happen even if there are gay scout leaders allowed. We can’t have a perfect world.

    But the reality is that it will allow many many troops out there to be allow openly gay scouts and be supportive of gays for the first time. In the long run, this will only be good. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    No matter what policy the BSA has, there will always be some troops that will remain anti-gay — should we then go on a witch hunt to root out all anti-gay sentiment? I hardly think so.

    So let this be a first step. We know it’s good because the religious right is angry about it and wants it stopped. They know, like we do, that the more people see openly gay and lesbian people, the less power they have to portray us as spawn of satan.

    it may take another ten years before the BSA allows gay scout leaders. But I’d rather they at least allow for gay scouts in the meantime.

  20. Jose says

    No, it’s not good. We should never settle for blatant forms of discrimination against LGBT just to compromise. There is no compromise when it comes to prejudice and discrimination. You’re either a firm believer in everyone being treated equal, or you’re not. This is wrong on so many different levels based on how it treats these gay kids once they turn 18. And more importantly how it makes them view themselves.

  21. Kev-TX says

    Shame on anyone who thinks this is appropriate. You’re slapping our elder gays in the face. The gays who fought for us to be where we are. You are essentially saying that it’s reasonable for older gay folks to be shunned and it’s not. We are a community in this together and when any of us is forced to sit on the side lines, we’ve failed our mission.

  22. J.J says

    I really don’t even need to read any other comments. Kev-tx……you nailed it buddy! Thank you for that.

  23. Scott Johansen says

    @ Randy
    A few things you stated made me raise an eyebrow regarding your motives, but the clear moment to question your intentions was that you view combating homophobia as a “witch hunt” against homophobes and you hardly think it’s appropriate.
    Please step aside as the rest of us unapologetically seek to achieve full equal rights & respect for every member of our community. Sorry you see that as a witch hunt, but then again, your religious ilk has playing martyr down to an art.

  24. Jerry6 says

    Am I glad that I was in Scouting in the early 1940’s when Scout Troops were sponsored by local Business Groups – NOT Churches or other Religious entities. It did not matter if a boy was Gay or not; or if the Scout Master was Gay or not. It only mattered that the ideals of the Scouting experience were followed. What people did in privet was not important. It was how we treated and respected others that truly mattered.

  25. FFS says

    Come up with some hair-brained idea that completely fails to hold up under scrutiny of logic and you can bet Mormons will eat it up.

    @andrew: Mormonism and Scientology both have that in common with every other organization humanity has ever called a religion.

  26. Mike says

    Just what i am looking forward to, my son camping with a fag a trying convince myself this is normal. Hope they don’t try to procreate.