1. disgusted american says

    I still find it amazing that we have pictures from a regular day on Mars….wild.

  2. SayTheTruth says

    Well, that confirms that part of Reddit is conformed by 12 y.o. (and the usual mentally underdeveloped adults). My gosh.

  3. james says

    Perhaps we are misinterpreting this symbol. Perhaps it is an invitation to beings from another planet, to land on Mars rather than on Earth. Perhaps it is a greeting symbol known to NASA but not made public until now, a symbol meaning “Come, come, come! Let us take a look at you!” Yeah. That’s it.

  4. Yaoi says

    People are saying the robot is gay, but obviously the robot is a robosexual.

    Oh wait, I think I did the joke wrong…
    Screw it, go watch the first episode of Futurama instead of my clumsy jokes.