1. Darrell says

    What a load of crap in that video, Being from Alberta where that crude flows from I know for a fact nothing is perfect. But both my province and country are stable, democratic continental trading partners to the US that provide petroleum to the US in a far safer way in regards to enviroment, economic stability, and investment from US companies than places where other oil products come from such as the Gulf of Mexico or importing product from the un democratic Republic of Venezuela.

    If Americans hate Alberta crude that much then simply stop driving and learn to walk. If we cannot sell it to you that powerhouse across the Pacific will be more than happy to purchase it at the global price rather than the reduced price you pay for oil from your closest neighbour, friend and largest trading partner.

  2. Opinionated says

    Oh get your head out of Harpers oil filled and crude arse Darrell. I get it, Alberta is nothing without oil but we don’t have to accept the horrible environmental consequences anymore and are finally taking a stand against it and that stupid pipeline so please, sell sell away to China and have fun with China as your new best friend.

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