News: Keith Haring, Gus van Sant, Boston Bomber, Comet Ison

RoadDemocratic strategist Nation Hahn's wife dies after couple stabbed at home.

HaringRoadKeith Haring retrospective opens at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris: “A subversive, militant Pop icon, Haring was committed to social causes throughout his life: even when very young, he was driven by an urge to change the world.”

RoadAmerican Idol tried to replace Mariah Carey with J Lo mid-season.

RoadDissenting Boy Scout groups submit alternate proposals for ending ban on gay scouts and leaders: "The Los Angeles Council proposal, according to a press release it put out on Tuesday, would 'expressly implement a policy of nondiscrimination' and change the policy to read 'membership and adult leadership positions are open to persons regardless of their sexual orientation.'"

RoadGavin Newsom to receive GLAAD Award in SF.

RoadPennsylvania trans student denied chance at prom king: "With his friends around him last Wednesday in the cafeteria ready to vote, they realized his name was on the ballot, but on the wrong side. Issak was listed as Sierra Wolfe, prom queen candidate."

RoadAndré Balazs opening hotel on Shelter Island for the summer.

RoadGeorge Bush, a good man?

RoadDarren Criss announces solo album, summer tour.

PettyferRoadGus van Sant shoots pitch tape for 50 Shades of Grey with Alex Pettyfer.

RoadBoston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev influenced by Alex Jones' conspiracy theory site Infowars. "I've seen this before," Jones said. "The federal government trying to connect me to tragedies. That's the media and the government's own conspiracy theories."

RoadSuspected bomber gets all-star defense team: "No, he could not afford an attorney. As a result, Tsarnaev, 19, who is facing the possibility of the death penalty for his alleged role in last week's terror attack, will be represented by one of the most experienced and well respected public defenders in the country, Miriam Conrad. Conrad heads the Federal Public Defender Office in Boston and her resume includes defending 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid in 2001 for trying to blow up a Paris to Miami jetliner."

RoadKylie Minogue working with Pharrell.

RoadTanzania's elephants being killed at record pace.

IsonRoadComet of the century on its way.

RoadSenator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) bullish on ENDA: "“Part of the reason it’s exciting to me is I led the fight in Oregon for basic rights,” Merkley said. “It was a huge honor to have Sen. Kennedy ask me to carry the torch on this bill. And I want to fulfill the responsibility he gave me of getting the bill passed in the Senate. I think we’re going to be a lot of closer. We have a chance of getting this done, and getting it done this year.”

RoadThe most beautiful woman in the world?

RoadGroundbreaking bill on the table in Philadelphia: "We’re very optimistic of it’s chances of passing. If the bill’s unanimous bi-partisan support of the Labor & Civil Service Committee on April 11 … and an endorsement of the Equality Tax Credits by the Chamber of Commerce [is any indication], tomorrow will mark a major leap forward for Philadelphia’s reputation as one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the U.S."


  1. ratbastard says

    Alex Jones sounds to me like a classic text book example of an intelligence agency[s] disinformation operation. There are in fact perfectly sane ‘conspiracies’ that many people believe are true or partially true, on the left, the right ,and middle, that are routinely mocked most effectively by having a professional troll and dis-info operation.

    TR has it’s share of trolls [and obvious shills] who make patently ridiculous over the top posts with the desire to those who in fact have perfectly reasonable concerns, and paint everybody with a ‘leftwing’ view or ‘rightwing’ views as batsh*t crazy. This is of course a tactic as old as the hills.

  2. Voet says

    IMO, Mariah Carey is an ineffectual judge for two reasons. First, she never wants to say anything negative. Second, what she does say is so convoluted that it is difficult to know what she means.

  3. joel says

    Paltrow the most beautiful? Are they kidding? Not that she’s unattractive but her bland prettiness is nothing next to Aishwarya Rai, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz’s or many others knockout looks. But even to pronounce them most beautiful is foolish since beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. jaragon says

    The only people who take Alex Jones seriously are the weak minded…to him EVERYTHING is a conspiracy- it’s a world view which only leads to paranoia

  5. David Hearne says

    The Left is desperate to paint Islamic terrorism as anything but. This is because “islamophobia” requires that the fear be irrational, and of course it isn’t irrational.

    We could almost understand these folks jumping through mental hoops if they didn’t’ have the experience of every European country with a significant muzzie presence as a warning.

  6. agendaWHAT?! says

    islamophobia… muzzie presence… that’s RIIIGHT! the innocence & ?truth? of christian america despite relentless meddling/manipulation & warmongering abroad–these people have NO right to resent & despise americans
    what have we ever done but bring daisy chains & kittens to those who have less?

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