NYC Pride Pier Dance Moves Back to an Outdoor Pier

NYC Pride's Dance on the Pier, moved indoors last year because of a pier that was not structurally sound, is now back outdoors, organizers announced today, and will now take place on Hudson River Park's Pier 26 in TriBeCa on Sunday, June 30.

PierdanceWrite the organizers:

NYC Pride is very excited about the move back to an outdoor venue. While last year’s Dance and
Rapture were a great success and Pier 57 a phenomenal host, producing the event indoors was a detour from
tradition necessitated by the loss of Hudson River Park’s Pier 54. Dancing unabatedly in full view of this great
city is something that many of the events’ attendees have come to love and expect. It is with great pride that
we bring the Dance and Rapture back outside to their rightful place in the sun.

“We wanted this year’s dance events to be more than just memorable; we wanted them to be historic.
With Supreme Court decisions looming and major changes on the horizon, we felt it was our duty to bring
these events back in line with their original intention: to be a celebration of acceptance, love and community,
outdoors, for all to see! We look forward to creating another world-class dance experience that our attendees
will love,” said Chris Frederick, Managing Director of NYC Pride.

“Not only are we thrilled that the event will be back outdoors, but the space is roughly forty feet wider
than our previous outdoor venue. Hudson River Park Trust is currently wrapping up massive renovations on
Pier 26 and it’s still in close proximity to Christopher Street and the many historic locations that are so
important to our community. We are very happy with the move and look forward to a host of future events on
this amazing new pier,” said Mo George, Dance Director of NYC Pride.

Dance on the Pier DJs this year are Dave Audé and Oscar G. with an opening set from Luis Perez.


  1. DK says

    Its nice that its outside again, but the organizers must use the same measurement math ( to say the pier is ‘close proximity to Christopher St.’) that people use on grindr for endowment…

  2. rocker says

    Ahh, so the parade of infectious diseases moves outdoors again. Make sure you bring your penicillin and antiviral prescriptions along with your condoms and your lube!

  3. ATLJason says

    “The parade of infectious diseases”? Yeah, not for you buddy since with that kind of bitter old queen attitude I’m pretty sure you’ve never gotten any sex in your life.

  4. Chris says

    @mike – Yes the fireworks will still happen.

    @dk – It’s essentially the same distance from Christopher Street to Pier 54 as Christopher Street to Pier 26.

  5. Adam says

    Pride? Yeah, right. These dance parties are simply excuses to indulge and have nothing to do with pride. The motive for holding them is money, not pride.

  6. MateoM says

    People like rocker and Adam wouldn’t know a damn thing about pride celebrations, because they’re ashamed of their own kind. Self loathing gays are the worst.

  7. Matt. says

    I don’t even bother responding to people that bash Pride, because they are ignorant and coming from a FOX NEWS talking point. Plain and simple. Don’t even bother.

  8. Matt. says

    This is the only blog I see mercilessly bashing Pride and what it stands for (complete unity, diversity, liberation to be yourself no matter who you are, and celebrating ALL lgbt. But count on the commentators here to twist it, like some do with every story and their negativity.

  9. Duration & Convexity says

    Pride is a coming of all our community, non profit organizations, PFLAG, local heros, politicians, LGBT elected leaders, parents, and yes….a camp, festive parade and parties too. But if the festive parade is ALL you got out of pride, then you walked in WANTING it to be negative and walked out getting exactly what you sought. Don’t blame pride for that. Blame your own lack of range, and intolerance.

  10. Alejandro says

    I met my partner of 14 years at a booth during Pride. I met my best friend at a fundraiser at Pride. I have never felt more like part of our community and seen the vast diversity and beauty of our community than attending then Pride event here in Los Angeles. My first time attending, I actually cried. I still feel excited to attend. If you walk in with an open heart, you walk away meeting some incredible people.

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