1. Mike W says

    A bomb won’t beat you, but a culture of violence and weaselling representatives will ensure that it’s business as usual in supplying weaponry and ensuring that media talking points are about abstract enemies.

    “Our faith in each other, our love for each other, our love for country, our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences there may be — that is our power”

    Wishful thinking sadly.

  2. TYed B. (Charging Rhino) says

    I thought the speech was trite.

    Did his staff just throw their cardfile-box of speech-writing clichés into the air and copy down the results that landed face-up?

    Public-speaking in moments of National Crisis has certainly gone down-hill since the death of Sir Winston S. Churchill.

  3. aj says

    I was present and the President was as eloquent and sincere as anyone of you would have been had you the responsibility of moving this city racked in pain, suffering, death, fear!! Say what you will, and some of you are obviously not fans of POTUS, but this man did what a President MUST DO. I sat there reflecting on the presence of Mitt Romney and realized there was no way he could have done with the emotion and care what President Obama did today!!!!

  4. uhhhhhh...huh says

    My thoughts and prayers are still with the fine folks of Boston who were affected by this awful act. I’m glad the POTUS finally deigned to show up in Boston. Andy, where’s your post on Obama’s “petulant cry-baby speech”, you know- the simpering, whine-fest he sobbed out after the drubbing of that misguided gun bill?

  5. ELI says

    I see the right wing hatemongers are here to rejoice in the the murder of the the bombing victims and sh!t on the graves of the children slaughtered at Sandyhook.

    But they have only proven themselves to be the worse that the human has to offer.

  6. MaryM says

    I’m praying for the people of Pakistan who will be murdered by US terrorist drones in their country today.

    I am praying for the victims in Boston as well today.

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