1. paul says

    um he actually cant lipsynch for his life !!! he keeps forgetting to sing silly thing !!! and its a disco about at least jigging around a bit !!! sorry Pharrel…like the song but you really faxed in this performance.

  2. Adam says

    Why does Andy Towle keep promoting singers who have been accused of being homophobic, such as Pharrell? I remember Andy being on Tim Tebow’s case due to Tim’s planned appearance at an anti-gay church some weeks back, so it comes across as inconsistent for Andy to promote singers with homophobic backgrounds.

    Andy seems to have a blind spot when it comes to singers from the pop music business.

  3. nuflux says

    WTF is he wearing? And did no one tell him you can’t do the audience participation thing and stop “singing” into the mic if you’re actually, um, not singing?

  4. MateoM says

    Why does Adam so persistently troll Towleroad? I know he’s just another alias of Rick/Jason/Ratbastard/David Hearne, but seriously he seems to just copy and paste the same damn rant everywhere. Oh wait, that’s exactly what this troll does under all his other aliases too.

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