1. KuMiCu says

    On one hand I can understand their paranoia against the government but the other hand how do you explain photographic evidence and the fact that they are throwing bombs at police officers? And you have a bomb strapped on you? When was the last time the aunt talked to them? Kidnapped a man, killed a police officer and I’m sure their home is booby trapped with explosives… ????

  2. Kevin says

    There is currently a documentary on PBS about the Central Park 5. In this case, confessions were coerced to create an “airtight case.” I think it is especially important in cases like this, where the case seems “airtight,” to hold to the simple concept of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The evidence still needs to be examined, questioned and found worthy.

  3. Zlick says

    Yeah, because in this country, people are never set up for crimes they did not commit. Just never happens, right.

    So either these are the stupidest criminals who ever managed to successfully detonate some bombs, or these guys are fall guys the government targeted to close the case, and we will never see any of them alive again.

    If White Cap brother turns up dead, I’m feeling the government set-up in my gut. I somehow just can’t buy two guys who were supposedly so calm as they planted bombs later falling so completely apart they decided the most subtle way to make their escape was to rob a nearby 7/11, kill a cop, and car-jack someone so they wouldn’t have to drive in their own car – lest suspicions be aroused. This whole thing is not passing the smell test. Something’s rotten.

  4. Joseph says

    Thanks, Kevin, for providing some comfort of knowing that i am not the only sane, reasonable person left in the world. I otherwise have been feeling like i’m in 17th century Salem.

  5. pedro says

    It is amazing to me how trusting some gays are of government. The only proof we have that these 2 guys did it are blurry pictures of them….Why dont they release the footage of them placing their backpacks in the vacinity of the explosions? However the zenophobia crowd are celebrating today…they feel justified in their hatred of foreigners. These people come from countries where the oppressors do not wear smiling masks. They understand that anything is possible for the men in power.

  6. Derrick says

    If they felt they were set up, why not say that? Why not try to contact the media and get your story out there before the officers do so if anything seems off you have the upper hand? No, instead you kill a MIT campus police officer, rob a 7-11, hijack a car and throw bombs at your pursuers. They made it really REALLY hard for anyone to believe they were set up.

  7. jaragon says

    The uncle was the only one who gave an honest interview- but it’s really hard to understand why a 19 year old boy would throw away his life committing such an atrocious criminal act?

  8. HkFca says

    @Zlick I thought you were koko until i remembered the TRILLIONS that our government pumped into our military-industrial complex after the last terrorist attack. The BILLIONS that it spent on body scanners after the unsuccessful underwear bomber, the BILLIONS it spent on missile defense after North Korea sent CNN into a 24hr BREAKING NEWS MISSLE ATTACK IMMINENT! panic mode.

  9. Zlick says

    I have to say, so much of this does not look like a set-up. As was pointed out, why last night’s crime spree WITH explosives if these are not marathon bombers? Makes no sense. But then again, neither does last night’s crime spree in the first place – unless it was their elaborate method of suicide by cop. The whole thing is crazy.

    Well, I hope White Cap is taken alive. I wonder why I’ve heard no news about this for hours. I’m at work, so no TV to stare at. But nothing on facebook since this morning. What’s happening???

  10. Zlick says

    Now authorities are saying the bombing suspects did NOT rob that 7/11 … they just happened to be there when SOMEBODY ELSE came in and robbed the joint. Wow.

  11. mike says

    Like many parents these days, they have no idea what their children were into. They are partially to blame for being blind to what was probably going on with their kids, especially the older one. What’s really sad is that the US gave this family asylum, only to have their kids strike back against the very people that welcomed them.

  12. MIke says

    I saw the photo of the body of the killed brother online. Oh just Google his name and “death photo”. That’s an interesting story in itself. The hospital swears it was not an employee, that the body was in their morgue area and there were hundreds of “authorities” there. Apparently it ended up on “reddit” first posted by someone with “a friend sent me this!” Anybody think it may have been released to satisfy some of the anger in Boston? Like Sadam Hussain’s sons death photos.

  13. MateoM says

    I still think that this is just a way for Obama to look tough against Muslims, and try to “make his bones” with the Republicans. It’s clearly a setup. Obama should be ashamed.

  14. Sean in Dallas says

    The psycho commenters are thick as mosquitos. And considering how much disease mosquitos spread, just as dangerous.

    An Obama conspiracy? Get back on your meds.

    Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are furious it wasn’t a christianist right winger? Stop huffing your ReddiWhip.

  15. ratbastard says

    LOL ,,, teenage girls and gay men think white hat boy is ‘hot’. Would you think he was a hottie if your legs were blown off by the bomb he placed on the ground 10 feet from an 8 year old boy, with a smirk on is face?

  16. Bill says

    @Sean in Dallas: if you mean the U.S conspiracy theorists, I’d go further and suggest professionally administered, hi-dose meds. As to the alleged culprits’ families, they are from Russia.

    Read up on the Russian opera Khovanshchina – not the plot but the title. Political intrigue was so common in Russia that there was a Russian word ending for it – like we use “nomics” as a word ending to denote economic policy pushed by some worthy. The title was from a line roughly translated as, “I will get to the bottom of this Khovanshchina,” i.e., the plot that Prince Khovansky was responsible for or associated with – in real life a rebellion against Peter the Great by Prince Khovansky, a group of religious fanatics called “The Old Believers”, and the Streltsy (Russian guardsmen in the 16th to early 18th centuries who had firearms).

    With a national history like that, it is surprising that the family didn’t propose 5 conspiracy theories.


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