Rick Santorum: Gay Marriage Discourages Straight Marriage – VIDEO


Bill O'Reilly invited Rick Santorum to appear on his show following Grosse Pointe High School's decision this week to re-invite the failed presidential candidate to speak after a cancelation and complaints from Santorum that his "free speech rights" were being trampled on.

Santorum said it was "disappointing" that parents were being made to sign a permission slip for their kids to see him speak "as if there's something that that person could do to harm your child."

After a discussion about how marriage equality is winning because it's being framed as a civil rights issue, O'Reilly asked Santorum if he believed that gay marriage would be "discouraging heterosexual marriage."

Said Santorum:

“Yeah, I believe we would. And because we'd be saying that marriage isn't about children. Isn't about having children. Isn't about raising children. And when we say that, then of course, the consequences are you're probably going to have less children. It's happening as we see it. It's already happening in America. Before this whole gay marriage debate, we really have seen a change in what marriage is in America."


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