1. PAUL B. says

    Isn’t it time we sent Bill flowers? He’s doing such a great job for us !! It took him time to realize that given enough rope…they do it for us.

  2. Patrick Hogan says

    People who oppose allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry don’t seem to get it — marriage in the US has never legally been about procreation, since neither marriage nor procreation is a necessary or sufficient condition of the other.

    It’s not gay and lesbian couples that separated the two; straight couples did that when they started marrying for love rather than solely to procreate. Once marriage became about sexual and romantic pair bonding, there was no reason not to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

    And, of course, we are procreating these days, and adopting kids. So even if procreation and child rearing were necessary conditions of marriage, there still would be no reason to deny us the right to marry.

    Santorum’s only reason to bar gay and lesbian couples from marriage is his own moral disapprobation, and, while he is entitled to hold that view, it should carry no weight in a discussion of civil marriage.

  3. Jay says

    “as if there’s something that that person could do to harm your child.”

    But it is okay to fire gay teachers. The hypocrisy in Santorum’s speech is indecent and eroding of whatever moral he attempts to hold on to.

  4. Bill says

    Let’s see. Santorum complained that animus was raised as an argument against same-sex marriage bans. If you need a real life example of animus, read up on William Tam, one of the Prop 8 sponsors and a defendent-intervenor in a Prop 8 case, which you can find at .

    Tam was a poster boy for animus and ended up being used as a hostile witness. The campaign literature he put out includes a series of lies: an alleged gay agenda to “legalize having sex with children,” a false claim that “homosexuals were 12 times more likely to molest children,” and a Ghostbusters-like claim of a disaster of Biblical proportions in which, if Prop 8 did not pass, “one by one, other states would fall into Satan’s hands.”

    His lies came back to haunt him as Olson and Boises used Tam to show that Proposition Eight was motifivated by homophobia and animus.

  5. Maguitac says

    Is Santorum finally admitting regret that when looking for a lifepartner in his youth, he was never given the choice to marry gay, but rather was under the obligation to marry straight?

  6. Bob says


    Replying to these idiots who make their living spouting hate and are really just trolling for donations and speaking fees.
    Especially batshit people like the Sanscumscums, who had a baby from a 49yr old womb, then play for sympathy that the baby has problems.

  7. Moz's says

    seeing as how a species only really needs about 36 non related matting pairs to ensure survival and a healthy gene pool……..Humanity at 7 billion + people is way past the need of ensuring we have more children

  8. Paul R says

    Wow I really couldn’t care less what he has to say, and it’s really a shame the school invited him back. But he’s such an ass that it’s like Westboro Church, where he probably ends up helping gay people because he’s so insane and any normal person can see that.

  9. Bart says

    I’ll frame this a different way: who cares what Rick Santorum says or believes about anything. He isn’t relevant to 95% of the people in this country, I would hazard a guess that 70% think he’s at least a little off his meds. He is simply someone who is predictable which makes him fodder for shows like O’Reilly’s.

    Santorum isn’t making law. He isn’t influencing anyone who doesn’t already believe what he believes. He’s irrelevant in the worst way: he’s predictable.

  10. woodroad34d says

    Crazy God complex. That picture of him really does say it all. “as if there’s something that that person could do to harm your child.” Yeah, hate speech hurts and you should be locked up for criminal behavior.

  11. Lymis says

    I wonder what the kids who don’t go to see him have to do? If they have to sit in a study hall and do homework, they’ll probably opt in. If they get to go home early, they’ll probably opt out.

  12. Douglas says

    Foolish as is his supposition, fewer children on a planet that is already overburdened with too many people would actually be a good thing. So by Frothy’s argument, score another reason to support marriage equality

  13. Ninong says

    Rick Santorum is such a hypocrite. I guess the “sanctity of marriage” wasn’t harmed by his wife Karen living with her abortion-doctor boyfriend for several years before she met him. Isn’t that what the Catholic Church calls “living in sin?”

  14. DannyEastVillage says

    oh. yeh. I see his point: why would a straight guy want to marry a woman if he can marry a man? Think Frothy is projecting or something?

  15. DannyEastVillage says

    @ Patrick Hogan – dude, marriage has never been about procreation ANYWHERE – not just in the US. It has always been about making sure that when you die your property goes where you want it to go. People can make babies in all kinds of situations with all kinds of people, and in the main nobody’s really interested except when somebody makes babies that potentially imperil a family’s money, power or position in society. In Medieval Europe the institutional church didn’t care if poor people were married before a priest or not because they had no property to pass on–so most people didn’t even bother. This is well documented. But I an assure you, that made no difference as to whether or not they had children. Santorum is so ignorant one wonders where he went to school. And I know his children were home-schooled, but I STILL bet they wince every time they see him on TV.

  16. DannyEastVillage says

    oh and btw–it was the availability of The Pill beginning in the late 50s that created the change in straight couples’ attitudes towards sex, marriage and having children. Saying that gay people were players in that shift is quite a stretch.

  17. Swiminbuff says

    God I just love the wingnuttery of the American right. I don’t know how you do it but you guys seem to breed these nutters like no one else. At least it is good for a daily laugh but I still dont understand how you manage to elect so many of these kooks to public office. Best to just let them alone living under their rocks.

  18. Kevin says

    Sick Rantorum continues to display no sense of reality. Straights won’t have kids because gays get marriage licenses from the state?! His imaginary world is so bizarre!

  19. graphicjack says

    So when your wife becomes infertile, should you divorve her, Rick? And is gay sex just so amazing that all the straights are suddenly going to want to go gay and marry a same-sex partner when they are finally able to? What about gays who are already raising kids or want to? Damn, this guy is just so beyond stupid, it’s not even funny… it’s just scary.

  20. Mark says

    As soon as Little Ricky (don’t you just know he’s under-endowed?) makes clear that he is 100% opposed to infertile heterosexuals marrying *and* explains how my being gay precludes me from procreating, I’ll give him a gold star. His argument is absolutely staggering in its inconsistency.

  21. William says

    Points this idiot just made:
    1) Het marriage was on the decline long before gay marriage came about; 2)Santorum agrees that children adopted out of the foster care system by gays and single parents are far better off; 3)Wants to promote 2 parent adoptions, but NOT cut off single parent adoptions as they can be just as beneficial to kids ;4)Says that gay marriage will discourage str8 people from procreating, forgetting that gay people also procreate (but the 10s of thousands) but since he finds their parents icky, the two parent ideal doesn’t count for those kids…SO SCREW THEM. THIS GUY NEEDS SLAPPED SO HARD.

  22. taxpayer says

    I see others have already made this point, but I want to reiterate that “less” (he means “fewer”) children is crucial for the sustainability of both American and global civilization.

    What a freakin’ idiot.

  23. EdA says

    Well, yes, it IS the case that listening to Frothy speak and trying to make sense out of it could be harmful to a developing mind.

    And if parents want to have a say as to whether their young ones learn about comprehensive sex education, then they should have the same say in whether their children risk getting exposed to notoriously false disinformation.

    And if marriage is really supposed to be primarily about procreation, then why hasn’t any Christianist or even Paul Clement, who attempted to defend DOMA for the Republiscum at the Supreme Court, declared as illegitimate the marriages of George and Martha Washington, Senator and Senator Dole, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, who was only 40 when she married Mitch McConnell, and Virginia Thomas, who was only 30 when she married Clarence Thomas. (Senator Dole was only 36 when she met Senator Dole and his first marriage broke up and 39 when they got married.) They ALL had ample time to do their wifely duties had they wished to.

  24. says

    Sorry, Frothy, but we gays aren’t going to use up all the marriage or force straight couples to get divorced and marry someone of the same gender. I know that’s one of your secret fantasies, but it’s not going to happen.

    You’re better off buying a strap-on for your wife to use on you and keeping your mouth shut (except when the wifey is putting her she-nis in it).

  25. Jim says

    Frothy Mix can’t deal with gay people, period, so his views mean absolutely nothing. He was voted out of office because his constituents hated him and he used his office to promote a religious fanatic agenda. He’s over. No one cares.

  26. Caliban says

    I would like to think that even Fox News viewers watched that and said, “Wait. Now WHAT?!” Because that didn’t make a bit of f*cking sense.

    But I’m sure some of them did see that and say, “You tell ’em, Ricky boy!” Then they went back to drooling in their strained peas and wrapped their arm protectively around their Jell-o, lest one of the other rest home denizens snatch it away.

    Santorum, like the WBC, really throws me off. A big part of me would like to smother him with a pillow but the rest thinks he may be one of the best voices for gay rights out there because his “arguments” make it clear he’s f*cked in the head. Rick Santorum, (R) Crazytown.

  27. FlexSF says

    Dear Rick Santorum, the SCOTUS is going to rule in favor of the gays, and you can’t do a god-damn thing about it, you absurd, Christian lunatic. Go choke on a bible!

    Your family sucks too!

  28. Burt says

    Shame on the high school for re-inviting that wingnut. Trampling on his right to free speech? Phooey. He can hold his speech out on the street corner. The high school should have stood its ground and told him to sue them.

    The good news is that his message is falling on ever more deaf ears, even as he gets more and more shrill in its delivery. He’s doing us all a favor!

  29. Caliban says

    What’s amazing is that Santorum’s speech was mandatory in the first place. It’s a PUBLIC school. Parents have to give their permission for their kids to have basic sex education. If I wanted my kids to be exposed to some Catholic obsessive like Santorum I’d drop them off with the local Priest and tuck some lube and condoms in their pockets just to be safe.

    Because let’s not kid ourselves. The Catholic Church is nothing but a haven for and protector of child molesters. You read about these gay people who are SO offended because they’ve been rejected by their Catholic diocese, school, etc. What do you expect? Why not just coddle up to a rattlesnake and get huffy when it bites you?

    You’re a member of a church that believes that that its “priests” are more holy than you are, and the Bishop is above them, etc. etc. etc. And of course the Pope is the holiest man alive! Jesus f*cking Christ, does none of that ring any warning bells?

  30. philip says

    Ahhh, the Republican effigy. That’s great that you guys are all dog-piling on Rick to fuel your hatred toward the GOP, but Rick has been solid in his beliefs. He does not flop like other politicians. In fact, his fiscal policies are solid.

    I happen to disagree with Rick on this one. But whatever you believe, you gotta respect his commitment. Rick is Catholic (I’m not), and if you ask the pope(s) about this issue, they’ll say the same thing. Try asking Muslims, they’ll prob say worse. Stop hating religions that don’t approve of gay marriage.

    I support gay marriage AND support religions that disagree with it. This is America.

  31. Rob says

    The left needs to shove a microphone in this man’s face as often as possible. He discredits himself and rightwingnuttery with every syllable.

    He is also not what I’d call traditionally masculine, so it’s not hard for anyone to imagine why he is so laser focused on same gender desire. I want his time in the public eye to last and last.

  32. Drummond says

    Point 1: UNMARRIED women have been getting knocked-up and producing children f-o-r-e-v-e-r. It’s not illegal, they’re not whisked-off to prison immediately after the birth … so apparently marriage isn’t so much a requirement.

    Point 2: *EVERY* MARRIED heterosexual couple does not, is not obligated by law, to produce a child. If the State (or Nation) legislates against same-sex marriage on the basis that opposite-sex marriage is for the primary purpose of producing children, then the State or Nation reasonably has an obligation to test *every* prospective heterosexual couples for ability to reproduce, and DENY marriage to those who CANNOT, and VOID the marriage of those who WILL NOT / DO NOT within an allotted timeframe.

  33. ThomT says

    This man becomes more and irrelevant every day. I’d love to see a Rick Santorum & Paul (let’s not just outlaw abortion let’s not even make it a consideration) Ryan ticket in 2016. Between the two of them they will drive every Republican moderate out of the party and force independent voters to look elsewhere for a rational, reasonable and sane candidate. If clowns like these are allowed to continue running the party the GOP is beyond hopeless.

  34. Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui says

    Same-sex marriage is an injustice, an insult to the noble faculty of reason, and an absolute mockery of: the Laws of Nature, civil society, and the preservation and perfection of mankind.

    The broken families which same-sex marriages purposely create are necessarily vicious toward those naturally occurring consanguineous obligations between family members from which nations, sociability, and benevolence have naturally emanated.

    Children are not pets one purchases from rescue shelters (adoption clinics) and puppy mills (insemination and surrogacy). Children are human beings endowed with a natural desire to be procreated from an act of love between a husband and a wife. Same-sex marriage is adulterous by nature and thereby destructive to civilization.

    In fine, same-sex marriage is an unnatural extravagance which the supporters most ignorantly claim to be a “right”.

    “No one has a right to do that which, if everybody did it, would destroy society.” —Immanuel Kant

  35. Armando says

    If school is compulsory in Michigan like it is in most states then there is a real issue in having him speak to minors who are required to be there. What is the educational benefit?

  36. Cycledoc says

    An orthodox catholic is as out of step with reality as an orthodox Jew, fundamentalist Christian or and fundamentalist Moslem. Having him be openly about his prejudice reveals the emptiness of his views.

  37. Caliban says

    No, JJB, it’s just against Catholic and Evangelical dogma. So f*ck off and take your Kant cant with you.

    Are you divorced? Many “Religious Right” figures are so they should really STFU about the Bible. A culture in which pre-nups and “trophy wives” are an actual *thing* has no business getting high and mighty about the “sanctity” of marriage.

    The fact remains that children adopted by gay couples are far better off than they would have been with the parents who rejected them. Unlike straight couples there are no accidental children born to gay couples so more planning
    is involved.

  38. says

    that’s ironic, consider he’s gone across the country telling folks that when a PFLAG mom comes to their kid’s school to talk about diversity, it’ll harm their kids.

    Santorum, you’re priming your family for a Rick Warren experience. Hope you’re prepared for it.

  39. Tre says

    This is a fantastic example of when stupid gets a little power… Btw, when Santorum speaks about the greatness and necessity that is procreation, I guarantee that only holds true to white people.

  40. Acronym Jim says

    JJB, you can take your faulty assumptions and shove them up your misplaced colon.

    Santorum’s arguments are both pro-divorce AND against heterosexual procreation (as he sees it). If a married couple whose loving relationship has devolved into mutual hatred stays together out of a sense of “duty”, it’s detrimental to both parties as well as their children.

    Similarly, if married heterosexuals have children solely out of a sense of duty, it’s not likely that the children produced of such a union are going to be raised in a healthy loving environment.

  41. Bernie says

    Even under normal circumstances, Mr. Santorum makes no sense to me, but he has taken his ignorance, stupidity,lack of logic and irrationality to a new level with the above comments he made on heterosexual marriage. Straight marriage has been in disorder and disarray long before the issue of marriage equality.

  42. jamal49 says

    Rick, honey, get this: since NY State legalized same-sex marriage, I know seven couples of have gotten married. Their average time together prior to marriage was 9 years. One couple has been together 27 years before legalizing their relationship in marriage! Now, of those seven couples, one couple is in their mid-twenties. They are the only couple who are not, at this time, planning on starting a family. Rick, dear, same-sex marriage is all about family. Four of the couples have adopted children. So, Rick, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. My advice: sit down and shut up. Or, go have some more of your favorite frothie.

  43. says

    So he says that gay marriage discourages heterosexual marriage because it diminishes the importance of child bearing and raising from long-tern relationships? As he even said, the redefinition of marriage started way before the same-sex marriage debate even started…so he just defeated his own argument, lol.

  44. DC Arnold says

    Is it me or does semen/fecal look more looney than usual? Nice that repugs are placing all the crazies front and center as the party goes kablooey. The 2014 elections can’t come soon enough.

  45. Rick says

    Santorum said he believed that gay marriage would be “discouraging heterosexual marriage.” Sounds like someone secretly would LIKE to go Gay. (Once you go Gay – there’s no other way !) PS – Not interested Rick, send over that buff little Hitler Youth member- Paul Ryan.

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