The OXD Mirror: New Music for 4.19.13

Empire of the Sun: 'Alive'

Empire Of The Sun's 2008 album Walking On A Dream was critically acclaimed for its unique, slightly cheesy, yet sophisticated sound.  It spawned some amazing singles like 'We Are The People' and of course the track the album is named after, 'Walking On A Dream'.  This visually and aurually inspired Australian duo is back with their sophomore album Ice On The Dune, with 'Alive' acting as the lead teaser single. Their sound is still rife with their distinct, robust choruses and falsettos.  I have a feeling their upcoming album will serve as the "it" soundtrack for the summer if 'Alive' is any indication of their direction.


Capital Cities: 'Safe and Sound (RAC Mix)'

Capital Cities' frontmen Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian formed in an unconventional way: both were jingle writers based in L.A. who met via a Craiglist ad.  Their brand of electronic pop rock, showcased on their debut self-titled 2011 EP, caught the attention of Chromeo and The Killers as well as countless music bloggers and magazines.  Currently finishing work on their first full studio album with a full band,  their latest single 'Safe and Sound' has gotten the remix treatment by RAC (Remix Artist Collective).


Ejeca: 'Alone'

Irish producer Ejeca is relatively new to the music scene but has been consistently putting out some of the best electronic tunes out there.  He's been experimenting with tracks that range in genre from garage to disco and techno, and his deep house effort 'Alone' is featured on the compilation Moda Black Volume 2.  The element of surprise, due to Ejeca's breadth of taste this producer has, keeps us coming back for more with every new song.


This Sunday: Paradisco at THE OUT NYC

As our Sunday daytime party Paradisco continues to grow and evolve, we're excited to announce that we'll be moving outdoors to the great lawn at THE OUT NYC this Sunday, April 21st.  This week we are featuring Sean B as our guest DJ, who has been spinning in NYC clubs since 1996, including legendary spots like The Limelight and Mr. Black, as well as other popular places like Chelsea Hotel’s Clubber Down Disco, Santos Party House, Le Bain and countless loft parties throughout the city.  Come out and enjoy the beautiful sun and some great music with us on the second floor of THE OUT NYC from 3-8PM!


This week's post was written and curated by Josh Appelbaum.

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  1. OXD_Josh says

    Hey Kirk!

    Agreed about RAC, but I’m always conflicted about their existence. Since it’s a a collective, it gives unknown artists the opportunity to get work under a big name where they normally wouldnt get a chance, but then again also whitewashes their name.

  2. NE Rich says

    Everything old is new again. Love all these tracks. I’m much older than these boys and to me it’s back to a better time musically. Glad they hear it too.

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