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    stories like this should force anyone living in a perceived-“enlightened” country to ask ourselves what the HECK is holding us back from owning and claiming our lives as our own, given the freedoms we have and the doors that have already been bloody opened for us.

    you read stories about brave young men and women coming out in far more hostile country’s and cultures, and yet still the cowards and trolls will refuse to do ….you know…what these people in the bloody Third World are doing!

    whether it’s wealthy, tall, buffed-the-hell-up pro-athletes worrying about endorsement deals or “backlash” to the internet-trolls who trumpet how great their own country is, while still living wholly Closeted live as adults….. what excuse do you have anymore?

    if you’re so tough and you’re so strong and your country is so bloody great, why the hiding, why the anonymity, why the excuses? put up or shut up. and for the love of GOD attempt to get some perspective and realize that there are millions of people in FAR WORSE place and conditions than yourself who still manage to see the bigger picture and actively work toward ending a culture of anti-LGBT prejudice by Coming Out, and refusing to hide.

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