1. Kevin says

    So great on so many levels.

    Can I just express how proud it makes me feel knowing we as an LGBT global community have a universal symbol known as the rainbow flag and rainbow colors that represent so much unity, love, and equality and without even saying ONE word…we share that flag with each other and are instantly bonded.

    Proud to be a part of LGBT

  2. Jose says

    Now this is awesome!
    I also heard Pride will be very special this year in the states. Focusing greatly on our rights, our leaders, our youth, and celebrating as always. Can’t wait.

  3. fefere says

    Fabulous, but was there anyone there who wasn’t in drag? I adore and honor drag and their leadership in the community but I’d also love to see everyday Japanese people enjoying the week too – can we have an upload of that as well?

  4. T.J says

    this was amazing. Gays…be you butch lesbians, feminine gay man, drag queens or motorcycle drivers…be proud to be you and be in such a diverse and strong community as GLBT

  5. N says

    Fefere, I was there, and the majority were not in drag. It’s just that the ones in cosplay are more interesting to photograph, and they go around enjoying the attention.

  6. Mike says

    I’m a little surprised that they decided to hold this Rainbow Week on the week that probably has the most national holidays out of any other week in the calendar. “Golden Week” tends to be very sacred and people travel back to where their grandparents and other older family members grew up. Travel is hell and most everything is closed.

  7. Hidesato Sakakibara says

    There were many NOT in drag. In fact, I would say that about 80% or more were not in drag. It was also te first gay parade in Tokyo that had so many sponsors. I am surethat next year’s event will be even greater. It would also be great if our wonderful Tokyo Governor would participate.

  8. ratbastard says

    Nice to see Japan moving forward on gay issues. It’s a fascinating country with a wonderful culture and people, well worth a visit. Beware it’s also very expensive.

  9. woo says

    It’s a shame that Japan is further moving to the right since like forever and has gained tremendous support from the populace. On the other hand, it’s refreshing to see Japan’s local gay community grow more vibrant, too.