1. NotA says

    Thank God you managed to call it “stunning.” Please never, never come up with a synonym, or another way of complimenting something visually; just keep calling everything “stunning” until you’ve drained the word any meaning whatever.

    Also, if you could continue to use the phrase “hits his desk” in every single story about same-sex marriage in Delaware, that would be great.

  2. UFFDA says

    This is nice, it is certainly striking, but I guess I knew all along that it happened this way. It’s always good to appreciate the marvel of the cosmos and our consciousness in it which brings us such pictures of it.

  3. Buster says

    If you want to get an even stronger sense of the vastness of what goes on around us, try watching the post here containing the Joe Hanson Pollination video right after this one. From the very small to the vast all in 10 minutes

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