1. Seattle Mike says

    If they ever break up, that gay couple is going to rue the day they decided to get married in every state. They’ll have to get divorced in each state, each of which has different rules, and some of which don’t yet allow same-sex divorce.

  2. matt says

    I would have thought they couldn’t get married in every state.

    All of those states respect the marriages of other states (both same and opposite sex). So, in the eyes of those states they’re already married, and would be entering into some sort of second/simultaneous marriage. Seems an incredibly huge waste of time and a problem.

    My assumption would be that the first marriage is valid, but all the following 7 are void because states bar people who are currently married from entering into additional marriages (polygamy statutes).

  3. Rich F. says

    @ Matt & Seattle Mike: You’re both wrong. Essentially, they’re renewing their vows. Polygamy statutes don’t apply since each time they’re marrying each other, not other people.

    Even if they married in every state of the Union, they’d only need to get divorced once.

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