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Zach Wahls Destroys Anti-Gay Activist in Boy Scout Debate on CNN: VIDEO


CNN's Don Lemon covered the Boy Scouts' gay ban in a segment Sunday in which two Eagle Scouts appeared: Scouts for Equality's Zach Wahls and John Stemberger, an anti-gay activist with the Florida Family Policy Council who started an organization for homophobes opposed to gays in the BSA called On My Honor.

Stemberger said that opening the Boys Scouts to gay people will destroy it and there is not way that the Catholics, the LDS, or the Baptists will allow it. He also tried to argue that the Boy Scouts are actually fine with gays in their organization, and there's not a "witch hunt" against those that are in it because they are "appropriate, discreet, and not loud and proud."

Wahls, when given his opportunity, calmly destroyed him:

"When people try to say that this is about, you know, 'open' or 'avowed' homosexuality, it's really just a code word for the problem they have with gay people. Being an 'open gay person' is not a whole lot different from being a closeted gay person except for the fact that you have somebody trying to lie and violate the very first part of the Scout law which is that a Scout is trustworthy."


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  1. There has been a concerted 25 year effort to "brainwash" the American people to portray homosexuals as "victims" and to treat opponents of "Gay Rights" as Nazi/KKK-like "bigots". An entire book (After the Ball: How Americans will Conquer their Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990's) was written by an advertising man and a media psychologist to concoct a propaganda campaign only Josef Goebbels could admire. You can read an abbreviated version of the strategy written in 1987 called “The Overhauling of Straight America". Among other things, the authors said that Sodomites must be constantly and persistently portrayed as "victims" to elicit Americans' natural tendencies to protect the oppressed.

    For that reason, the pedophiles in the "Gay Rights" movement must stand down from visible participation in the movement -- at least until low-hanging fruit like "marriage" and military service were achieved -- because nobody would consider a pedophile to be a "victim"..

    Posted by: Bot | Apr 24, 2013 9:07:42 AM

  2. You're less a Bot than a Bot-Fly, a parasitic organism that bores into healthy flesh until it springs forth in full-born ugliness.

    A Catholic leader blamed ALL the churches problems on gays? Well now THERE'S a shocker! /sarcasm I've read extensively about the Catholic Priest child sexual abuse scandal and there are many factors at work. First off, not all the victims have been male. Priests used Catholic orphanages and other institutions as their own private brothels for boys AND girls.

    Sexual repression played its ugly role in it as well. On top of that it became well known in pedophile circles that the Catholic Church was a "good gig" for those of that ilk because it not only offered plenty of opportunity but, even better, the church would cover up your crimes AND pay for your legal defense should you get caught and it wasn't swept under the rug!

    And study after study has shown that openly gay men molest children at a FAR lower rate than straight men. There's a very good and logical reason for this. Gay men have already told you what they're sexually interested in, other adult men. Pedophiles are interested in children and in order to get closer to their prey they present the most benign front possible. Thanks to erroneous stereotypes parents tend to watch the interaction between gay men and their children more closely, so that it's not a good hunting tactic for pedophiles.

    Most child sexual abuse is perpetrated by family members and close family friends, people both the parents and child trust. Parents have FAR more to fear from people who present themselves as "so good with kids" and who go out of their way to spend time with them, particularly time alone. (Like Sandusky for instance.) They are often married and have kids of their own since that's a perfect cover for their real interests.

    So in other words, you're talking out your @ss!

    Posted by: Caliban | Apr 24, 2013 9:30:33 AM

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