1. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    Very powerful. Every church group in America should be forced to watch this.

  2. nick says

    I strongly urge anyone to watch this. I thought the message was very powerful and that the film was very well produced, cast, and acted. Also, it very timely and can give an average person a window into why children can become so overwhelmed that tragedies occur. The message is so simple, everyone needs a sympathetic ear, kindness, and nurturing that transcends the brutish world in which we must exist, without it we are truly lost.

  3. will says

    I’m all for good propaganda when it comes to gay issues, but this is lazy, simplisitic, beyond-obvious, dumbed-down satire. I felt resentful being stuck at this simple-minded level. Everything is spelled out. The film made me feel I was trapped in a lecture, preached to by a bore.

  4. Billy says

    oh boy. that was pretty amazing. i’ve toyed with that concept in my mind as well (breeder season is a nifty touch). it did seem a bit over the top at times, but still so incredibly moving. well done.

  5. NullNaught says

    It is a sad commentary that most straights require something like this to be able to relate to bullied gay kids. They can’t seem to empathize unless it is one of their own being picked on. They lack simple things like empathy and sympathy. Straight people alternately disgust and sadden me.

  6. Geoff says

    Churches cannot deal with reality. They wouldn’t be churches. The folks who most need to see this never will. Remember: to them the earth is flat and only a few thousand years old.

  7. PAUL B. says

    I know that there are those who can’t dig deep enough to feel this girls pain…but I certainly did. It’s a fine piece of work with a difficult but important message for everyone.
    Brickman…what’s there to say to you? I feel sorry for you.

  8. PAUL B. says

    Will…two options…
    1)you’re 12 yrs. old so I excuse you.
    2)you’re a trolling hetero with no grace.
    My educated guess is #2 since there’s so much of that going around these days.

  9. tom says

    I understand what they were trying to do with the film, which is clever. However, I am torn on if any child should see this if they are questioning their sexuality. The films basically is telling them your life will be filled with bullying, non-supportive parents and you wil end up killing yourself. Not sure that is the message I would want to send when coming out should be an empowering experience.

  10. Duration & Convexity says

    The people who don’t like this don’t like any positive message about gay rights and messages combating homophobia.

    IN EVERY STORY about a campaign eliminating homophobia, you’ll see a poster ridiculing it on here. That poster is the same poster…a troll who resents his homophobia being called out in society.

    They pretend to be one of us LGBT in their post, while also pretending to be some pseudo artistic visionary while they proceed to bash the film/clip/series.

    Happens every time anything pro gay is featured on here.

    Time to spot the trolls and sniff them out.

  11. Klien says

    @ Duration & Covexxity

    I have the same sneaking suspicion as well. I’ve noticed, no matter how poignant and powerful a fay friendly materiel shown on here is, you’ll get the perpetual negative comment about it. I’m starting to believe that said posters have an issue with these materials being pro gay, and that’s what is bothering them. Of course, they are too cowardly to admit it.

  12. Steve-ATL says

    This was wonderful. Absolutely needed given the homophobic climate we live in with gay couples being beat, kicked out of hospitals, teachers fired, gay kids homeless at alarming rates. Homophobia must be confronted with a national dialogue. Now is the time.

  13. Jeffrey TX says

    I loved everything about this.

    @ Will. You’re not fooling a single one of us. You went in to this clip wanting to hate it. Iron out your issues with gays before camping out on a gay blog.

  14. Jesse says

    Superb and really touched me. Amazing how many heterosexuals you run into who feel entitled to their homophobia. Why are community needs to continue our wonderful unity and being galvanized! Keep it up LGBT! We are a proud, strong, amazing community!

  15. Micah says

    Wiil: you’re not even a GOOD troll. You’re like Alan Brickman who is sooooooo pathetic at his trolling that everyone on here who see’s his screename automatically moves on to the next comment without even so much glazing over his. C’mon bud…keep it fresh.

  16. Scott Johansen says

    Considering that most LGBT face severe belittling from a very young age, then are met with discrimination in adulthood…..and yet it’s NOT our demographic violently killing people. It’s not our demographic raping people. It’s not our demographic responsible for killing our own children. It’s not our demographic creating chaos and violence throughout society.

    LGBT have so much to be proud of. Not the least of which being how well adjusted we are as a people, especially considering all most of us have endured.

  17. ble.d_out.colo.r says

    Ugh. I don’t like this. Its been done before (remember the movie Almost Normal?), it is full of logical holes (breeding season?) that will undoubtedly be used against us by Christians who say “See gays can have sex with the opposite sex when they need to or they try hard enough!”, and it gives legitimacy to the term “heterophobia” which is about the stupidest invented word in the English language. Plus, do gay kids being bullied and telling their ACTUAL REAL LIFE STORIES not have e ouh merit for the privelidged straight people to bother listening, but they suddenly will if its a poor straight kid telling the exact same story even if IT DIDNT REALLY HAPPEN TO THEM?!?!

    Offensive. Full stop.

  18. Jonathan says

    This is pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It was done before in a movie with John Travolta about black and white being switched called “White Man’s Burden”. That was dumb enough but somewhat plausible. Anybody who thinks this is powerful has half a brain. After 5 minutes I wondered if the person who conceived this was still in elementary school.

  19. Dire Rea says

    What a load of rubbish. It’s like a creative writing exercise for a 9 year-old. I feel embarrassed for everyone connected with the project and angry that this is the way gays try to highlight real issues such as homophobic bullying in schools. Instead of this empty fairy-story we need to hear from actual cases of actual homophobic bullying so that we can learn from them and actually change the real world. This is a complete disgrace.

  20. 2 Dads says

    bled out color,Dira Rea, and Johnathan sound like the same poster. Same exact writing style and extremely dramatic exaggerated anger over something that’s meant to promote respect for gays. Only people who get THAT angry seeing this is self hating gays who hate that gay culture and gay community is everywhere, and secondly…homophobes. Phobes make me laugh over how dramatic they are. lol. They’ll give themselves a stroke or cancer soon enough :)

  21. Steve-ATL says

    Dire Rea and Johnathan both have a Rick quality to their writing.

    He goes off the deep end and is livid over silly things in his commentary much like them. I think we all know Rick goes by many a names on here.

  22. J.J says

    It’s a beautiful piece and yes, straight people are often thick skulled and entitled to their ignorance so much that it sometimes does take things like this to point facts to some of them. As for you Dia Rea, you’re not fooling anyone troll.. Go on a date with your friend Will from the post above talking about gay propaganda. I love when trolls try to pass themselves off as gay. Cute.

  23. Heplip says

    Whats with the complaining? it’s a positive message meant to elicit and highlight the pains LGBT go through. Do some of you all ALWAYS need something to complain about? ALWAYS?

  24. George says

    Loved it. If you don’t like it, what are YOU doing to help gay bullied youth? What have you personally done to help LGBT causes? List them all, with references, and then you’re qualified to bash someone else actually doing something to combat homophobia.

  25. George says

    Loved it. If you don’t like it, what are YOU doing to help gay bullied youth? What have you personally done to help LGBT causes? List them all, with references, and then you’re qualified to bash someone else actually doing something to combat homophobia.

  26. T.J says

    If you don’t like it, why not make your own video? Of course, we all know the complainers won’t and it’s so much easier to complain about someone else’s work while you yourself sit on your behind.