ABC-WaPo Poll Finds Strong Support for Gay Rights Issues


A new ABC/Washington Post poll (read it here – PDF) finds a strong majority of Americans (68 percent) support Jason Collins' decision to come out and also want the Boy Scouts to allow gay scouts (63 percent) and oppose banning gay scout leaders.

ABC News reports:

Backing is widest and deepest for Collins, with 68 percent of Americans saying they support the NBA center’s decision to announce his sexual orientation. Those who “strongly” support his step outnumber his strong critics by a 3-1 margin.

A substantial 63 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, also support the Boy Scouts’ plan to begin admitting gay scouts younger than 18, while 56 percent oppose its intention to continue to ban gay adults. Again strength of sentiment favors gay rights, by 16- and 12-point margins, respectively.

Both policies go to a vote of the group’s governing council, meeting the week of May 20 in Grapevine, Texas.
Some of these views even overcome political sentiment to some degree. Majorities of Republicans and conservatives, 52 and 54 percent, respectively, support Collins’ step, and 53 percent of Republicans support admitting gay scouts. These groups are much less apt to support admitting gay scout leaders or legalizing gay marriage.

A question asking if people support or oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry found that 55% support and 40% oppose. 5% had no opinion.

Read the full results here.


  1. gregorybrown says

    This is nice, but yno query about ENDA? Employment protection is beneficial to many more people that marriage equality, and the BSA and out sports figures are sideshows. Those may lead to some kinds of social progress but….

  2. ratbastard says

    If those non-gay supporters interacted with the Toronto-based psychopathic troll known as little kiwi [‘actor’ Raymond Miller] on a regular basis, their opinion of gays, and support for gay civil rights, would plummet.

    Just saying.

    Raymond will now make an odious post in my name about my dead father, because that’s just the kind of narcissistic, bullying, controlling psychopath he is.

  3. Francis #1 says

    Awesome numbers, but I’m more interested in seeing the “strong support” numbers because those are what matter more when it comes to politics. On issues like gun control and climate change, there’s also overwhelming support but because most of that support is soft and most people really don’t care too much about these issues, progress isn’t made on those issues legislatively. A loud, vocal minority can really impede progress if they’re given a voice and power.

  4. Jesse says

    I really think those votes in Maine and Maryland have done huge things for us. Sure court wins are great, but the voters in Maine and Maryland showed those cowardly politicians there is nothing to worry about with this issue anymore. We owe a lot to the voters in those states…

  5. will says

    ratbastard: Are you really that hard up for attention? Your posts are simply not interesting enough for you to be commandeering everybody’s time like this.

  6. Francis #1 says

    I agree, Jesse….to a certain extent. I would agree completely, but there’s been little movement on LGBT issues in Congress, part of that due to Democrats in Congress not being active in fighting for it. What is clear, though, on the state level, backing marriage equality and other LGBT issues has become a political winner for Democrats and many moderate Republicans as well and it’s true that had Maine and Maryland had been losses, that wouldn’t be possible today.

  7. MateoM says

    Ratbastard, the troll which everyone on Towleroad despises, is OBSESSED with LittleKiwi. Jealous, I suppose.

  8. jimmie says


    So, it’s official. You suffer fom the exact same cognitive dissonence that the entire republican party suffers: Projection.

    Troll, know thyself.

    Isn’t there a chick-fil-A trough you could be feeding at, you fat misguided moron.

    Cause you be one hell of an effed-up, Hysterical, Sky-Is-Fallin, Lil’chikin’ Queen.

  9. ratbastard says

    will+jessie=Raymond Miller. The ‘tury’ [READ: Tory, i.e. conservative for Canadians and Brits]

  10. says

    ….before I’ve even made a comment I’m being talked about.


    the polls are, of course, encouraging news. the world only spins forward. the more people realize that they know, love, interact with, and DEPEND on LGBT people the more they realize that there are not logical or intelligent reasons to be discriminatory.

    the person comes out. the family “Comes Out” with them, as do their friends. ripple effect.

    it’s what happens when you stand up strong and refuse to cower to the bigots of the world. more and more young non-gay people are embracing us and standing in solidarity with their LGBT friends. every year more and more of my straight friends join my family to march with us in the Pride Parade. they make their own signs, they want people to know that The Work is not just to be done by LGBT people, but by non-LGBT people with working hearts and active consciences.

    i’m raymond miller, and i’m very proud to be a member of our community.

  11. Brian says


    Are you so delusional to think the only person who doesn’t like you is little kiwi, and therefore the two anti-ratbastard comments you received must be him using an assumed name? I can assure you the vast majority of towleroad readers find you consistently annoying. It’s just that most people tire of reacting to your nastiness all the time and just ignore you.

  12. says

    Man, the left is ignorant. The strong majority of Americans strongly oppose gays. That’s why left-wing rags, like ABC/Washington Post, only poll their readers. If they polled the majority of America, the anti-American left would get their feelings hurt.