ACLU Urges ‘Modern Family’ Producers to Marry Mitch and Cam


A new initiative of the ACLU, ACLU Action, has launched a campaign urging Modern Family writers to marry Cam and Mitch.

ModernfamilyThey write:

"The freedom to marry is being advanced in American living rooms as much as in court rooms," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. "As we wait for the Supreme Court to rule, we want to keep this issue on the minds and screens of Americans everywhere."

ACLU Action aims to activate the ACLU's 750,000 online supporters to have a political impact through social media and new grassroots organizing tools, and to reach out to new audiences, with its message of equal rights for all. By calling on Americans to "RSVP" that they will watch Cam and Mitch get married, the campaign will let the "Modern Family" producers know that a wedding episode would be a ratings hit. The campaign will put marriage equality before new and younger audiences through social media channels.

ACLU Action plans to deliver the "guest list" created by this RSVP to the producers of "Modern Family," Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd. The delivery will be timed to capitalize on the energy arising out of the landmark Supreme Court cases to be decided this summer, as the writers and producers are scripting the next season of "Modern Family."

Should you wish to join that list, you can do so here.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reacted to the campaign via Instagram: "Love this! Thank you ACLU! Maybe once Prop 8 is overturned"


  1. Houndentenor says

    This would be a great episode for the show but should only be done once it is legal for Cam and Mitch to marry in California. We’ll see what SCOTUS does by next month.

  2. lotusmoon says

    This is pure list development on the ACLU’s part, and rather noxious list development at that.

    Seriously? This is what the ACLU cares about? No, of course not. But they know that hundreds of thousands of people will sign up as they watch Modern Family, meaning hundreds of thousands of new funding potential.

    Ok, it is noxious and brilliant at the same time.

  3. QJ201 says

    If Prop 8 fails at SCOTUS as we hope, the season opener should be Cam and Mitchel’s wedding…of course in Modern Family style…Cam getting all wacking, driving Mitchel nuts…over the planning and in the end, they just get married in the back yard with the family present.

  4. Nino says

    So now ALL gays must get married, even the TV fictional ones? We have gone way off the rails on this issue. People, please! Not all gays want to marry!

  5. Sushi says

    They live in California. It is currently not legal for them it marry. Hence, this is a waste of time, ACLU. Please do what people donate to you WANT you to do: defend the rights of REAL people.

  6. Randy says

    The ALCU has evidently run out of issues that matter, and I guess there are no neo-Nazi groups who need their help at the moment.

    I support People for the American Way. All the good work, none of the crazy.

  7. Jack says

    So obviously designed to farm contact info…

    Now we’re telling TV producers what direction they have to take their plots in?

    Things like this only give legitimacy for accusations of a “gay mafia” pushing a “gay agenda.”

    The producers will decide where their own story should go, and I’ll thank the ACLU to mind their own goddamn business.

  8. rick scatorum says

    I asked the glaad ed years ago to press for cam and Mitchell to refer to each other as partners rather than bfs. A house and a child together certainly warrant at least that much recognition

  9. rick scatorum says

    I asked the glaad ed years ago to press for cam and Mitchell to refer to each other as partners rather than bfs. A house and a child together certainly warrant at least that much recognition

  10. David Hearne says

    I fail to see how this is a legitimate use of my donations by the ACLU. The ACLU is supposed to be dedicated to free speech. I wasn’t aware that that included promoting story lines in television sit coms.

  11. David Hearne says

    I love the ACLU and I love Modern Family. Therefore, I support both in whatever they do. Cam and Mitch are an adorable committed loving couple. They deserve to be married and its a great example for viewers!

  12. rick scatorum says

    Fiance and spouse are terms that can’t apply to most of us. After 25 years together, my nonoffice partner and I will unfortunately have to wait until other people, the supreme court, a governor, or voters give us permission

    If the Sc decides that only marriage states are recognized at the federal level, civil union couples (8 states) will still be discriminated against.

  13. finkles2000 says

    It’d be nice if they had a ceremony (and yeah, they’re in California, so they can’t legally be married), I suppose. But they seem to be the most neutered gay couple on TV.

    They’re just going to get into a car accident on the way to the ceremony anyway. Isn’t that what happens to them every single week? And then Cam will do something “crazy,” Mitchell will get high and mighty and uptight about it, and then (GASP!), it’ll turn out Mitchell is just as “crazy” in his own way. Hugz!

    I hate this show. So. Much. And it pisses me off that it keeps winning Best Comedy Emmys while Parks & Recreation deserves them so much more.

  14. GregV says

    Waiting for CA to get ridof Prop 8 is not the only way to do this story line.
    They could plan an away wedding in Iowa so that Cam’s relatives can drive up from MO.
    Or they could get married among their friends and/or in their church in CA, begin referring to the other as “my husband,” and then highlight the inequality inherent in not being treated as such by the state and federal government.
    I could imgagine Mitch looking at his retirement plans and saying, “Cam, do you realize the taxes you’ll have pay if I die just because of my gender?”

  15. ajax2828 says

    Hey, Towleroad-readers, take a chill pill! What is with all this scathing criticism of the ACLU? The idea isn’t a bad way to get more attention and seem more relevant to a group of younger people instead of appeared to be some obscure, dust-encrusted legal organization that pursues abstruse lawsuits. As a concept, encouraging the most popular television show, which happens to have gay characters, to have those characters marry instead of appearing to be roommates who don’t particularly like each other would be a great stride in good will towards same-sex marriage. Finally, I hardly think that asking ABC to marry off Cam and Mitchell will sap ACLU funds or distract them from their usual litigation strategy. If conservatives spent half as much time excoriating the organizations that support them as we do, we’d be way ahead of the game.

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