1. neonzx says

    It’s too bad they still are using the unmounted, shaky camera technique. I’ve never been able to watch this series because of this. What’s cool about making viewers dizzy and nauseous?

  2. Dback says

    So if we don’t have Netflix but we do have Comcast, will we be able to see this eventually via On-Demand? Or will we have to pony up for Netflix on top of cable? (Too much money being spent on entertainment in all of its forms/platforms….)

  3. Chrisme says

    @Dback , Why do you still have cable? I’m always confused when people still have cable, in addition to the fact it’s $100-200 a month! BTW Netflix is only $8 a month which is a fraction of what I’m sure you’re already paying. (Personally I’d ditch the cable and just use Netflix and/or Hulu)

  4. Dback says

    Because we watch any number of different channels (all the basic networks, plus Food network, Cooking channel, Logo, Bravo, Ovation, MSNBC, CNN, Showtime, HBO, TCM, TMC, Discovery, E!, etc. etc.), so until a la carte pricing shows up and we can dump the 100 channels of sports, we deal with it. (Comcast also bundles our phone and internet, so that’s a plus.) My partner is really resistant to us getting yet another entertainment package like Netflix, but if these episodes hit DVD, I’m definitely willing to consider renting them.

  5. bcarter3 says

    @Dback The first month of Netflix is free. If the $8/month is a budget buster for you, you can always cancel at the end of the free ride.

  6. Paul R says

    I’m sure that you’ll be able to torrent them within about 5 minutes of them being posted on Netflix.