1. says

    Great beat and everything, but it’s missing that big “moment”. It just keeps going and then ends. No wonder they haven’t released it, it wouldn’t sell in the US.

  2. C.J. says

    Agreed, it is not her best. But it’s not horrible. This is also a remix, so I would like to hear the actual song without the added beats.

  3. hmmmm says

    Idk…its not bad…but its not exactly her greatest. She says she is looking fir that nostalgic “Single Ladies” vibe but this wasn’t the best way to go. She would have been better off completing Standing On The Sun than this. Idk…I’m on the fence but hopefully this isn’t the final version

  4. nikki says

    This cover reminds me of something Santigold did a while bad. Boy, Beyonce sure does take a lot of “inspiration” from other artists a lot…

  5. Ian says

    Aside from the rambling last two minutes, I think it’s great. A throw back more to Get Me Bodied—lots of build up without a payoff, per se, but plenty of upbeat excitement.

  6. M. says

    Agreed. Pretty dull. No hooks whatsoever and she can work with anyone she wants producer-wise. I thought her last album not quite measuring up and its comparative chart performance would have shaken her up, but I guess not.

  7. You stoopid queens says

    I just don’t see what the mass appeal is of Beyonce. She is amazingly talented, I’ll give her that. But her music is absolutely terrible!

    Posted by: Dr. Christopher Blackwell | May 21, 2013 10:40:02 PM

    Also is your body of work Miss Blackwell its terrible. I forgot you like that drugged out dragoon Mr GaGa! Says a lot about your taste!

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