1. Paul says

    All that commotion and yet Justin Bieber’s voice continues to sing out as if nothing were happening. How does he do it??!?! Today’s young performers are truly talented. 😉

  2. Jim Brown says

    All of the headlines of this story keep using the word “attacked”. Although the advance on the pop star was completely out of line, it is not rally an attack. It makes it sound like he was mugged or worse.

  3. CC says

    yeah – and I love the way the baby grand piano tips over so easily and bounces – almost as if it were just an empty prop piano…just sayin

  4. Lucas H says

    I also find it interesting re: the subject of fame (tho not a Belieber myself). It reminds me of the video of that overzealous Lady Gaga fan in, where was it, Romania? He RAN up to her for, IDK, a hug or autograph or something, and got seriously beat down by her badass (hot as hell) bodyguards.

    The lesson? Let’s just enjoy our entertainers from a distance :)

  5. says

    This would have been interesting if the hugger had a knife and the lesbian Bieber ended up in the floor having leg spasms as blood spews on to the front row of believers.

    *sigh* maybe one day. One day.

  6. Sorly says

    Great story! By any chance do you know the name of the fan? I want to congratulate him and show him my support. Gee, I wish there´s more REAL fans like him everywhere this dirtbag singer kiddo go.

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