1. Brian says

    If this movie were about 2 men in love and featured them performing extended love scenes, it would never have won the top award at Cannes. Not in a million years. The sad fact is that Cannes is homophobic to the idea of male-male erotica but is highly accepting of female-female erotica.

    Interestingly, there was one movie about two men in love – Stranger At The Lake – but it was relegated to the queer section at Cannes. Why was the movie about two men in love confined to the queer section and not allowed to compete in the main section?

  2. Brian says

    Will someone please engage me in discussion and pay attention to me? I’m running out of male names to use on this site. Please, someone, pay attention to me. I have no life.

  3. Chris says

    LMAO, I was coming here to write: “Jason will loose his sh!t over this in 3, 2, 1…”, but I can see that he or one of his friends has me beat. Women being more open to girl-on-girl love scenes, and straight men loving it!? You don’t say!!! Lets just be happy for the LGBT visibility. Gay men in general have more mainstream attention than lesbians, so lets let them have stuff like this. Progress is progress.

  4. Brian says


    It isn’t progress, sweetheart. It’s a phony acceptance based on titillation. Lesbianism appeals to men who call us “fa@@ots”. Lesbians in movies have been around for decades. No progress here, son.

    The only time that liberals give awards to movies with two men in love is if the men are camp or tortured, or one of them ends up killing himself.

  5. Chris says

    @Brian So you admit that you are really Jason? Your writing style and words is exactly like ‘his’. Furthermore, are conservatives rushing to embrace you with open arms? No. So keep telling your self-loathing, conservative, self that because liberals allegedly don’t shower gay films with awards, that they must be homophobic. Whatever it takes for you to convince yourself that your family views you as anything other than a f@g.

  6. Samuel Saad says

    I have to agree with the Brian who said that if this movie had been about two young men, it would not have won Cannes’ top prize. The media would have called it controversial and not a coming of age story. When it comes to sex between men, homophobia lives on at Cannes. Vive la homophobia!

  7. MateoM says

    Samuel, any facts to back up those claims? If not, you’re just as bad as Jas…I mean “Brian.” Sorry, I have trouble keeping all of his aliases straight.

  8. Adam says

    There’s a lot of negative comments about this movie over at Huffington Post, including some by gay men. They point to the same observation that Brian made.

  9. MIke says

    Just got done looking at the big write up at Daily Mail and the “explicit sex scenes” with these two hot French actresses who were photographed hanging on to each other at the festival. You can go look. It’s obvious what the push is here, and being in French, your average JimBob can just Fast forward with the sound off to fap.

  10. Adam says

    If Blue IsThe Warmest Color had been about two hot guys, the Cannes jury would have said it’s too gay. Only girl-girl is hot. Guy-guy is vomit-inducing, or so says my liberal straight male acquaintance.

  11. JMC says

    @MIke: Yeah, I’m sure that with the endless amounts of instantly accessible girl on girl porn produced for the male gaze around that every straight guy looking to get his nut off is going to go to the trouble of downloading/streaming some independent art film and then spending a bunch of time skipping around for the sex scenes.

    Why are so many of you bitter and resentful about this? Why does a great film being made about lesbians getting recognized upset you? Are you all just misogynistic or genuinely envious of the way lesbian and bisexual women are regrettably fetishized by straight men as if that’s actually a positive thing?

  12. Adam says

    JMC, I think the point being made is that there is a homophobic double standard at Cannes. Lesbians are now seen by many gay men as siding with the enemy.

  13. Brian says

    Do you guys know how hard it is for me to jump back and forth using different screen names so I can make it seem as if there’s outrage when really it’s just me, being insane as usual?

  14. Adam says


    So true. Two straight guys playing gay roles would never be asked to pose like that with their arms all over each other while wearing tiny bits of clothing. It simply confirms my view that the two actresses in this
    movie are simply in this to titillate sleazy straight guys. There is an incredible air of fakeness to their behavior as women.

    Any gay guy who thinks this is good for our community probably thought that I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry was about gay rights.

  15. MateoM says

    Adam and Brian are the same person, you guys. They’ve both been confirmed to be aliases of our resident troll Rick/Jason. Please don’t reply to them.

  16. Rick says

    “Why are so many of you bitter and resentful about this?”

    The anger is not due to a film about lesbians being recognized; the anger is about the double standard. It is a double standard that has existed for a very, very long time….and it is not just about straight men being titillated by lesbian sex (although that is part of it).

    It is about women, in general, being allowed the emotional and sexual freedom with each other that men, in general, have not been allowed. It is about feminists holding lesbianism up as a laudable ideal at the same time that they have been, at best, lukewarm in their support of gay men….(and will no doubt become hostile if we ever get to the point that men actually become as free with each other emotionally and sexually as women are, because it will threaten their base of power, namely the emotional and sexual dependence of men on women).

    It is about lesbians being accepted into the power establishment while gay men continue to face great resistance to being so accepted (it continues to be the case that unmarried women have an advantage over married women in the corporate world, while the opposite is true for men: married men are routinely given preference over unmarried men).

    It is not hostility to lesbians that is driving the anger; it is the double-standard applied to women vs. men when it comes to homosexuality.

  17. says

    Looking forward to seeing this! And kudos to the Spielberg-headed jury for their choices for the festival’s awards.

    And massive blast-laughs at RICK and the other cowardly trolls with no balls once again blaming lesbians for their inability to get laid.

  18. Rick says

    Let me add one thing to that, and that is that a lot of the double standard–not all of it, but a lot of it–can be blamed on gay men, themselves. Lesbians embrace being women and try to find common cause with straight women. Gay men, on the other hand, seem to go out of their way to alienate straight men by embracing the culture of effeminacy rather than embracing masculinity.

    Granted, straight men started the hostility that exists between straight men and gay men, but at this point, I would say that gay men are more responsible for the disconnect than straight men are. Straight men want to be friends with gay men–at least a lot of them do–and you are seeing that in the advocacy role that many of them are starting to embrace when it comes to gay rights–but gay men need to make them halfway by embracing a masculine identity and discarding the culture of effeminacy. Only then will the double standard disappear.

  19. says

    That’s funny, Rick, because every straight man in my life, be it friend or family, is in no way “anti-effeminacy.”

    in fact, my uber-gay self has posted countless videos and photos of my straight male friends proudly embracing people in the LGBT community, no matter how “femme” a closeted wimp may deem them to be.

    so my truth sorta proves your lie wrong. maybe this is the day you put a face to your claims and show us just how you and your straight male friends embrace each other? is it? is today the day?

    no? it’s not. didn’t think so.

    stop blaming the effeminate me your dad taught you to hate for your own inability to be Out.

  20. Brian1 says

    Wow, I think it’s quite an honor that Rick/Jason swiped my name for one of their aliases. I think Rick’s Brian popped up after I called him out on his stupid statement that all gay bashing attacks are done by one attacker only, and the victims are all effeminate. Rather than reply, he became Brian and started yet another alias to add to the Rick/Jason/Adam menagerie. Good luck with that.

  21. JMC says

    Rick, much of your obvious self loathing would be alleviated if you just examined the veracity of the claims from those who regularly insist you’re a misogynist. Sexism is very closely linked to homophobia and we will never be fully accepted until misogyny and archaic gender roles in general are eliminated. I don’t know how old you are, but unless you’re a particularly bitter high schooler you’re way too old to be reasonably pandering to straight men and contributing to your own oppression.

  22. MateoM says

    JMC, Rick is probably not a gay man. He hates LGBT, and only says the worst things about them. He’s a troll. his only agenda is to anger us all with extremely ignorant and offensive comments. It’s a game for him.

  23. says

    Gay Rosetta Stone:

    “I hate effeminate gay men!” = “my family hates that i’m gay and i blame effeminate men for that, and need to join in hating effeminate men or else they treat me worse than usual”


  24. Adam says

    Y’all are so dumb. They gave the Best Director ‘Certain Regard’ prize to ‘Stranger by the Lake’ — which is about a cruisy remote cabin and itself contains a lot of explicit man-on-man sex. This was by far the most wonderfully queer (and queer-celebrating) Cannes of all time.

  25. ratbastard says

    It is lame,but what do you expect from Cannes? ‘Sensitive’ European directors have been milking sexual titillation, especially stuff like lesbianism, S&M, orgies and mistresses since the effing 60s, even earlier. You’ll notice it’s usually older Latin directors [in this case French of North African background…a double whammy so-to-speak] from Italy, France, etc. You don’t need to know anymore.

    What Brian posted is basically accurate.

  26. ratbastard says

    For example, when I told my family I was gay the first thing my dearly-departed father did was make me put on a dress and perform analingus on my mother, because liberal-lefty europeans who favor lesbians over strong gay men made him think that that’s what it means to be gay.

    You can see how much it’s damaged me.

  27. gomez says

    scoff away but brian and rick make fair points, even if they take it too far. but there is clearly a double standard

    and kiwi, you are a disgusting individual with your fake comments in other names. you are the most insufferable presence I’ve ever seen on the internet.

  28. NewGay says

    You remember how close “Brokeback Mountain” came to an Oscar? It was defeated by some forgettable film called “Crash.” Hollywood couldn’t vote for a gay male movie. I’ve heard a lot about the turn on of lesbians for straight men. My knowledge of lesbians stops at Ellen and Portia. The best news I’ve heard from them is that they don’t want kids. The rest…..yawn…

  29. NewGay says

    You remember how close “Brokeback Mountain” came to an Oscar? It was defeated by some forgettable film called “Crash.” Hollywood couldn’t vote for a gay male movie. I’ve heard a lot about the turn on of lesbians for straight men. My knowledge of lesbians stops at Ellen and Portia. The best news I’ve heard from them is that they don’t want kids. The rest…..yawn…

  30. no-no says

    Slightly wrong about the male/female agenda. There was another gay “love story” with explicit sex scenes in Cannes. The thriller “l’inconnu du lac” features real blow jobs and the scenery is in a nudist cruising spot. It was presented at “un certain regard” the competition for more edgy or less famous directors. Guirodi got best director for it.
    The movie also got the Queer palm, from the selection of every LGBT oriented movies presented between the 4 different selections.

  31. no-no says

    Sorry, Adam. Didn’t see your post. “Stranger by the lake ” is amazing.
    “Blue is the warmest color” is excellent. And “Behind the Candelabra” has its moments. A good year indeed…

  32. NewGay says

    Gay males love to whine. I loved “Behind the Candelabra.” It demonstrated why gay relationships have a hard time surviving. Sex usually does them in. Matt Damon had my hair.

  33. MichaelJ says

    I would love to know what was the backroom drama about the award for “Blue…” I am looking forward to seeing it with a certain amount of reservation because of the director’s previous film, “Black Venus.” BV struck me as being rather voyeuristic look at the suffering of the title character, in spite of its clear sympathies for her. [If you don’t know about this film, you can look it up on] I hope the film and its leads deserves to be rewarded for something other than its explicit woman-on-woman action, which I am sure is appealing to many people’s voyeurism.

  34. kirt says

    The thing about lesbianism is that it has been taken over by women who use it to appeal to straight guys. Lesbianism has become a sign of straight male supremacy. Maybe it’s time to take the L out of GLBT.

  35. JMC says

    @NewGay: Crash simply out Oscar-baited Brokeback Mountain. Showering a gay tearjerker with awards was a tempting avenue for Hollywood to try and fool us into thinking the film industry isn’t bigoted and all.. but a movie about racism that was framed in a way that it reassured white people (read: the Academy) that minorities are just as bigoted as they are themselves?? Even better! It was a no brainer really, Brokeback never stood a chance and not because it’s a gay film. It still won Best Director at the Oscars and won Best Picture at the Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

  36. Avenger280 says

    This whole post saddens me beyond words. Not just because a film about two lesbians won the Palm D’ Oro (if the film is that good, the orientation of the characters should be irrelevant. But I digress.)

    My heart breaks mostly from the mean-spirited hateful comments from gay men whom I have always considered allies. We are all in this battle together. NONE of us has it easier than the other, OK???

    Lesbians are NOT favored. Please understand that there is an enormous difference between lesbians (true women attracted to women) and girl on girl (sleazy fantasies catering to creepy straight men). Before you start taking sides, understand that for every straight-male “hot chick” fantasy, there are 100 ordinary lesbians just trying to live their lives like you. Keep in mind that those assholes hate us just as much as they do you. To them, we are ugly, fat, manly bitches that give them the shrinks. NONE OF US has it easy, OK??????? Quit taking sides and look at the big picture. Maybe you should remember some of the lesbians murdered in hate crimes over past year….

    Think lesbians have it easy???? Think again. As long as we are real gay women and not “hot” straight male fantasies they hate us with just as much vitrol as you.

    Please don’t focus you hostility on lesbians. We are on YOUR side.

  37. Linda says

    So why are straight men who enjoy woman-on-woman sex “sleazy” or otherwise contemptible? Is it so deep in human nature to be contemptuous of anyone who doesn’t share our personal traits that people who are the recipients of hate for that very reason turn around and serve it to someone else? Unless there is an element of hurting someone, sexual attraction is completely without ethical stigma.

  38. duh says

    The sheer hypocrisy of gay men and “concerned straights” alike protesting against the contested “favorable” treatment of lesbian representation in the media is maddening. Hello, remember Brokeback Mountain, A Single Men, Sommersturm, C.R.A.Z.Y, Le Grand Ecole, Walk on Water, etc? All are wonderful and internationally acclaimed films while AFAICR the first two even garnered unprecedented media attention and interests of the average moviegoers the world over, no?

    On the other hand, when is the last time a lesbian-themed film isn’t responded with kneejerk conditioning from the aforementioned group accusing a genuine movie about lesbians of tantalizing hetero males sexually? It’s unfortunate that some hetero guys find lesbian action hot and films made to solely please them, but I don’t believe those types of films have represented how lesbian live, love , make live and make love truthfully, let along be counted as media “VISIBILITY.”

  39. Bryan says

    Ignoring the trollish nature of Rick/Brian’s posts. They DO have a point that there is a double standard regarding lesbians and the typical straight guy reaction than there is with gay guys.

  40. millerbeach says

    Happy for the ladies in the film, happy for my lesbian friends. Very sad over the double standard applied to gay men vs. lesbian women…not just at Cannes, but everywhere. I see it all the time. If two girls kissed on Michigan Avenue, no one would bat an eyelash…change it to two men passionately kissing on Michigan Avenue, and they dispatch the vice squad for deviant sexual behavior. Yes, there is most certainly a bias against gay men. If you can’t see it, get your eyes examined.

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