1. Bully-Less says

    So let me get this straight, a long a everyone says it’ ok for Scout Leaders to “come out”, it’s ok? Ha anyone really though about this? The Boy Scouts of America is NOT about ones personal agenda, but instead, it’s about the children. Sexuality has NO PLACE in the discussion of Boy Scouts. I’m sorry but there are too many perverts out there that our children need to be protected from.

  2. QJ201 says

    So are the boy scouts promoting “abstinence til marriage” among their ranks

    and sir…did you wait for marriage til you had sex with your wife?

  3. Onnyjay says

    Like the “right” is a bastion of tolerance?? And demanding equal rights is bullying? Hell, the Conservatards INVENTED bullying and intolerance. Bridey has clearly had his requisite lobotomy and should just STFU.

  4. Edward says

    “Today I’d like to speak to you about right and wrong while thousands of the people in my home state work to put lives back together after a massive natural disaster. Because bit*hing about gays is way more important to me as a Christian than helping people. Also: ping ping ping.”

  5. Continuum says

    Generally, this is the kind of a Republican speech that they say just before they’re caught paying for their mistress’s abortion, or are caught tapping their foot in an airport restroom stall.

    I fully expect him to give another speech saying that he’s prayed to God and now has God’s forgiveness for all his whoring about, and that his wife has forgiven him. Generally, just before she kicks him out of the house and files for divorce.

  6. Michael says

    It’s like they have a conference every year with new talking points handed out to everyone. This whole “you’re so intolerant of my intolerance” is the lamest line yet.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    Oh noes, how will anyone ever counter the Congressman’s easily refuted argument that he thought up all by himself after every single other anti-gay bigot already tried this kindergarten-level-of-logic argument eighty-kazillion times? I say we of the GLBT Rights movement just give up now.

  8. David in the O.C. says

    Just posted this on his Facebook page. Not sure how long it will actually stay up:

    Seriously… how many times have we seen fanatically religious self-loathing gay men desperately trying to live a “straight lifestyle” to please their God? Of course, the only way to prove how “morally straight” they are is to be as anti-gay as possible. So, yes, you get a big thumbs up for proving how moral you are for being so anti-gay. I’m sure your God is very proud of your bigotry and intolerance. If you want to live your life based on a lie, that’s your choice. But harming other gay people in the process is not acceptable.

    Let’s clear up a few things: The government is NOT silencing opposition. You just posted this video on YouTube and Facebook, and the government didn’t stop you from doing that. The Supreme Court already ruled that the Boy Scouts have a right to discriminate against anyone they want since they are a private organization. They also have a right NOT to discriminate against (gay) people. That is also their choice, and their choice alone. Your position is that the Left should be tolerant of your intolerance, just because you happen to choose to become religious. That’s an unsupportable position that has a long history of bigotry: blacks, women, Jews, ethnic groups. In a secular society, you are obligated to tolerate those that you might disapprove of, as long as they aren’t bringing harm to you or our society. THAT is what tolerance means.

  9. ratbastard says

    Bridenstine is of course a hypocrite. But, after reading TR posts who on here is telling me with a straight face [no pun intended] there are no intolerant bullies on the ‘progressive’ left? The Toronto Troll and sh*t stirrer quickly nips that fallacy in the bud.

  10. ratbastard says

    @David in the OC,

    I’ve met many ‘blacks, women, Jews, ethnic groups’ [ALL humans belong to an ‘ethnic’ group{s}] who’re are bigoted, irrational haters. It’s not a phenomena unique to white heterosexual [allegedly] men of un-PC northern European extraction. By far the worse and most pernicious bigot and hater I’ve ever encountered in my life was a Russian Jewish guy who owned a dental supply business. This guy would have made Archie Bunker wince.

  11. esperando says

    Oh noes! I sure hope “sexual morality” doesn’t get kicked out of its home by its parents or become suicidal because of relentless rejection. That would be just horrible! Can you imagine it?

  12. Scott Rose says

    He misrepresents the social make-up of the Boy Scouts today. Many within the Boy Scouts *want* for openly gay people to be included. The Girl Scouts already include gay people. He is a scared little narrow-minded bigot.

  13. says

    well, it’s the tactic the conservative-right has done for years, and their pathetic gay right-leaning lapdogs follow suit.

    they support, condone, and promote bigotry and prejudice and discrimination.

    then they cry “VICTIM!” when they get called out on it, and challenged on it.

    “war of northern aggression”, anyone?

    yes. we of the Intolerant Left. hatefully intolerantly refusing to tolerate intolerance and prejudice.


  14. Caliban says

    As I understand it, the BSA is a largely (exclusively?) “Christian” organization. (Though personally I think it’s a stretch to call Mormons “christian.” The mythology is far too different.)

    But Christianity, past a few basics, isn’t a monolithic belief system. That’s why there are so many different denominations. And some of those denominations ARE accepting of gays, even have gay clergy. So why is it ONLY the religious beliefs and “values” of Southern Baptists, or whatever Jim-Bob Sheepfvcker is, that are reflected in BSA rules?

    In any case he seems to have forgotten about the right to Free Speech. The BSA has the *right* (as defined by SCOTUS) to deny membership to gays, but gays and our allies ALSO have the right to speak out against that policy and pressure them to change it. Nowhere in the Constitution is Freedom From Criticism guaranteed.

  15. David in the O.C. says

    Yes, ratbastard, white religious people aren’t the only ones who are bigots. But this self-loathing gay man is a cliché we’ve seen over and over again. We have an obligation to call these hate-mongers out on their hypocrisy and bigotry.

  16. Geoff says

    I call major BS! The BSA is NOT being bullied or oppressed simply by no longer being allowed to bully and oppress. “Morality” is just another word for hate! They keep trying, though. We’re not stupid!

  17. says

    God, how f***in’ STUPID these people are. We couldn’t care less if the Boy Scouts discriminated as long as they got their bigoted a$$es off taxpayer-owned property. These little weasels have finally been told they can’t have it both ways and now it’s whine, whine, whine.

  18. woodroad34d says

    The real bullying comes from this immoral nobody. I would love to see a major group start up that wouldn’t allow anyone in who’s a conservative religious freak. I’d guarantee there’d be a gnashing of teeth and great wailing. I used to think conservatives were a necessary evil, now I feel they’re a drowning milstone around good people’s necks that will drag our society down and kill us all. Let them keep their deathwish and go somewhere else where they can delight in the lack of sun and cheer…you know someplace that matches their hearts.

  19. Ripped Mittens says

    The Honourable Representative from Oklahoma says, “sex is intended for one man and one woman within the institution of marriage”.

    Which begs the question, “Were you Sir a virgin until you got married?”.

  20. Ricky says

    Since he was one of the two Oklahoma House Representatives that voted against Hurricane Sandy relief – and since Oklahoma has not paid federal taxes since 1986 – getting back more every year from the federal government than they pay in – with a high of $1.41 return for every $1 paid in taxes and the current return of $1.30 for every dollar – I do not even know why Oklahoma is allowed a federal Congressional delegation – no representation without taxation is what I say. But regardless – I am going to need him to sit down and shut up – I will not be lectured to – ever – by anyone from Oklahoma – my hard earn tax dollars going to that state have certainly earned me that much.

  21. db says

    Caliban, the Boy Scouts is an international organization. The BSA is the only one that bans gays. Also, the ban didn’t go into place until the 1990s. The idea that the Boy Scouts is a religious organization is pretty new–there was no religious test before the 90s. And no, it’s not an exclusively Christians organization. There was a time it was for all boys–their discriminatory policy is pretty recent.

  22. db says

    And Caliban, I love that you want to exclued Mormons from being Christians–I’m sure they’d have an issue with that. I mean, Christ is in the name of the church for Christ’s sake.

  23. Jim says

    Dear golly, and here I was thinking that Inhofe and Coburn were the slime at the bottom of the barrel of Oklahoma politics. Guess I was wrong.

  24. Caliban says

    @db, I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to question whether Mormonism is “Christian.” Jesus is IN the Book Of Mormon, but the rules have changed and He’s in the US almost 2000 years later that the events of the New Testament. The cosmology is different and you’ve got some new characters and “history.” If it were a movie a newly released book you’d call it a “re-imagining” or a reboot.

    AS a comparison, if I write a book with Bilbo Baggins as a sheriff in the Old West battling the cattle-rustling Smaug gang it MAY be a good story but that don’t make it part of the Middle Earth “canon” or me J.R.R. Tolkien! I’d have just used some characters (and the fan-base!) to grab some attention for myself, much like a 19th century convicted con-man I can think of.

    To me Mormonism is more like the Beta version of Scientology than it is Christianity. L Ron Hubbard probably kicked himself later that he didn’t put Jesus into “Dianetics.” Fleecing people would have been SO much easier if he had!

  25. Dennis says

    Well, we see Satin’s demons are all over Jim Bridenstine! I for one, salute you Mr. Bridenstine! In a nation seemingly full of immorality, self indulgence and disrespect, Mr. Bridnstine stands out like a light house in a storm!

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